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Honor's Face

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Damien

Time Period: Any PC.

Description: Honor's Face is a double-edged battle axe of fine Dwarven design. The edges are perfect and the steel used to create the head is highly polished to a mirror surface that can never be marred in any way. The shaft is polished, strong wood with Dwarvish runes along it that spell out the name of the weapon, Honor's Face.

Attributes: Honor's Face functions as a +3 keen battle axe and carries a few properties.

The first property is that if the weapon is somehow lost, the true owner may will it into his/her hands as a free action and it will reappear immediately.

The second property is that the mirror-finish of the head will only reflect the images of those that have honor. The less honor a person has, the more difficult it will be to see their reflection, the more honor they have, the clearer the image.

The final property of Honor's Face is that while it can be damaged, it will repair itself within 1d6 hours.

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