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Dark Avenger

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Stuart Dunstan

Dark Avenger Template

It is said that on occasion, when someone suffers a wrongful and unjust death at the hands of someone else, a stranger cloaked in black and red robes will visit the victim's grave. The stranger will burn a candle made from the blood of a murderer, and he will begin praying and chanting, asking his god to return the victim to life so he may seek the vengeance with which his spirit burns. If the spirit of the murdered is strong enough, and it is totally consumed with a desire for vengeance, the spirit will return to the restored body, and will rise up and begin its bloody quest.

Commonly called Dark Avengers, these are individuals brought back from the dead by a cleric of Sargonnas, using a Raise Dead, Resurrection, or True Resurrection spell. A Bloodcandle (see Magic Items and Artifacts) must be burned during the casting of the spell, and then upon completion, the Dark Avenger template can be applied to the newly restored individual if the cleric so chooses.

This template can be added to any humanoid creature. The creature's type remains the same and it uses all the base creature's stats and special abilities, except as noted here.

Abilities: Change from the base creature as follows: Str +4, Dex +4, Wis -2.
Skills: Gain +4 to Bluff, Hide, Intimidate, Move Silently, and Sense Motive.
Alignment: Shifts one step toward Evil on the Good-Neutral-Evil axis.
Challenge Rating: Base creature +1.
Speed: +10ft.

Special Qualities:

Damage Reduction 10/+1 (su): The Dark Avenger heals small wounds almost instantaneously.

Regeneration 5/+1 (ex): Takes normal damage from weapons with at least a +1 enchantment. If a limb or body part is severed, it will regrow in 2d6 minutes.

Fire Resistance 15 (ex): Drawing their power from Sargonnas, god of vengeance, volcanoes, and deserts, means that Dark Avengers are gifted with a resistance to fire.

Spirit Guide (su): To keep watch over the Avenger, and to provide a link between the material world and the afterlife for the channeling of his powers, a red condor is bonded to the returned individual. This is treated exactly like a wizard/sorcerer's familiar, and it has the special abilities of a familiar as if it has a master of 1st level. However, instead of Empathic Link, it has Telepathic Link, which means that at all

times the Avenger can see and hear exactly what the condor can. If the condor ever dies, the Avenger loses the Damage Reduction, Regeneration, and Fire Resistance abilities. The Avenger cannot choose to dismiss the condor, and does not risk losing XP if it dies. A condor uses the same stats as an eagle (in the Monstrous Manual).

Blood Quest (su): When the individual is returned to life, and the Dark Avenger template applied, he is immediately consumed with a desire for vengeance - the Blood Quest. This acts like the Geas/Quest spell, except that it can only be removed with a Limited Wish or Wish. The Avenger must track down his killer/s and anyone who was directly involved, and enact his vengeance upon them by killing them. If he does not, he suffers the penalties as detailed in the Geas/Quest spell description. Once the Quest is completed or removed (via a Limited Wish or Wish), the Avenger will die in 24 hours. Nothing can prevent this.

Flashbacks (ex): The Dark Avenger's mind struggles with the knowledge that it has been brought back to life, and half-forgotten memories suddenly surface without warning. Whenever an Avenger encounters something of great importance from his past life (such as a favorite object, an old friend, a familiar place, or his killer/s), he must make a Will save (DC listed below). If he fails, the Avenger becomes dazed as distorted memories flood his mind, and he can take no actions for 1 round. Immediately after this he becomes shaken, and gets a -2 morale penalty to all attack rolls, weapon damages, and saving throws for the next 1d4 rounds. Whatever set off the Will save can only affect the Avenger once, and there is a maximum of one Flashback Will save per turn.

Difficulty Class of Flashbacks
DC Familiar Object/Person/Place Examples
15 A memento of an old, relatively minor battle, the barkeep you used to brag to about your adventures, the tavern you used to retire to after adventures.
18 A favorite weapon you've had for a long time, an old friend or someone you knew well, a temple that you served at, or a place you spent much time in.
21 A family heirloom that you've carried most of your life, a family member, former lover, best friend, or the killer(s), the house in which you grew up, or spent most of your life.

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