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Staff of Lunitari

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Luis Fernando De Pippo

Game Statistics

The staff provides a +3 sacred/holy bonus to armor class and a +3 to saving throws. It works as weapon with +3 enhancement bonus doing 1d8+3 damage against all creatures, doubling that for dragons. The staff always appears in the hands of the owner regardless of distance, planar boundaries and magic dead areas. The staff can be "grafted" to any body part and can still be used normally. The staff automatically protects against any kind of dragon breath by draining ten charges. Only dragon breath of divine origin (Takhisis/Paladine) can harm the wielder of the staff leaving him with 0 HP but conscious and able to move; any further damage will kill them. When the wielder is struck by an attack that would cause his death (either normal or magical), the staff keeps him alive by draining all of its charges (this does not happen in any situation that the DM judges the body is destroyed). The wielder is left extremely weak and with 1 HP; they must pass a concentration check in order to even move. If anyone pries the staff from the owner, during this time, the result is the owner's death.

The wielder can also invoke two spell like abilities: a red Continual Flame, 60' radius and Detect Thoughts once per day, each.


The staff is carved from an unknown red stone with a big ruby in its tip, held there by four columns made of the same material. The staff has two forms: weapon and transport. In its weapon form the staff is almost 5 feet tall. In transport mode it can be reduced to a length of one foot by saying "reduce".

Unique Properties

This staff has secret powers, and only a master mage can use these powers. If a mage of 8th level or higher uses de staff, the DM rolls 1d20. On a 1-5, a random effect occurs. The DM should select the effect from the list below. Once an effect has occurred twice, the mage may attempt to master the power by making an intelligence check with a DC of 15. All powers works as if cast by a 18th level wizard.

The following powers cost one charge each:
Ghost Sound, Detect Magic, Silent Image, Protection From Evil, Read Magic, Scare
The following powers cost two charges each:
Improved Phantasmal Force Invisibility, Knock, Magic Missiles (5 missiles), Mirror Image, Minor Image
The following powers cost three charges each:
Advanced Illusion, Dispel Magic, Fireball (10d6), Lightning Bolt (10d6), Improved Illusion, Spectral Forces, Tongues
The following powers cost four charges each. Then you must make a Con check or become exhausted, incapable of doing anything for 2d6 rounds:
Cone of Cold (12d4+12), Fly, Remove Curse, Teleport Without Error

The staff has 20 charges, and it recharges 1 charge per hour under the light of Lunitari (up to 8 charges per eve).


The Staff of Lunitari is one of the three Staves of the Gods of Magic. These staves were given to humans by the three gods to be used by humans. The Staff of Lunitari, was given to a young mage by Lunitari herself. Dragonbane, that was his name, was a mage from Solamnia. He passed his test and fought alongside Huma during the Third Dragon War. While exploring the Silver Dragon Monument, Dragonbane came across a beautiful young girl with flaming red hair who was trapped inside the structure. After being freed, she gave directions to a magical chest that contained a magical staff. This staff was to be his reward for a valiant deed. The staff is specially designed to protect against dragons.

Dragonbane was later forwarded in time, specifically two years after the Blue Lady´s war. Dragonbane carries the staff still and uses it to combat dragons. The last sighting of the owner and the staff was near Nordmaar, and strangely enough, Silver Dragons everywhere have a debt of honor with the owner of the staff. After that sighting, the owner and an adventuring band, apparently disappeared into a thick bank of mists.


Dragonbane is the only known owner.



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