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Staff of Nuitari

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Luis Fernando De Pippo

Game Statistics

The staff provides a +3 sacred/unholy bonus to armor class and a +3 bonus to saving throws. It works as weapon with +1 enhancement bonus doing 1d8+1 damage against all creatures, doubling that for good aligned adversaries. The staff increases the potency of every necromantic spell. The character functions as a specialist in the school of necromancy with no disadvantages.

The staff has several invoked powers as well. Once per day it can create a black Continual Flame, 60´ radius. Only Black Robes, undead, and powerful evil beings can see in this light. The staff can be used to drain life from a target. The staff can drain 1d10 hit points from any person it hits, by calling upon Nuitari 3/day, and transfer them to the wielder. The staff has a powerful death zone power. It can drain life energy (levels) from all the people in a 10 mile radius, except those that the owner wants to exclude. The staff will drain 1 level per round to every creature in its radius, for up to 10 rounds. This power can only be used 1/every six months.


This staff is carved from black obsidian and it is completely unadorned, being just a black quarterstaff, lacking even a sigil. Its humble appearance hides the great power that is contained within.

Unique Properties

The staff has several secret powers that only a master mage can use. If a mage of 6th level or higher uses the staff, the DM rolls 1d10. On a 1, one of the following powers occurs randomly. Once an effect has occurred 3 times, the mage may attempt to master the power by making an intelligence check at DC 15. All spells work as if cast by an 18th level Wizard of High Sorcery.

The following powers cost one charge each:
Chill Touch, Detect Magic, Magic Circle of against Good, Read Magic, Shield, Spectral Hand
The following powers cost two charges each:
Feign Dead, Magic Missiles (5 missiles), Acid Arrow, Stinking Cloud, Vampiric Touch
The following powers cost three charges each:
Animate Dead, Enervation, Fireball (10d6), Lightning Bolt (10d6), Wraithform
The following powers cost four charges each. The user must make a Constitution check or become exhausted and incapable of doing anything for 2d6 rounds:
Cone of Cold (12d4+12), Death Spell, Fistandantilus' Black Tentacles, Magic Jar, Summon Shadow

The staff has 20 charges and recharges 1 charge per hour under the light of Nuitari (up to 8 charges per eve).


Nuitari gave his staff to one powerful Black Robed wizard that worked for Galan Dracos during the Third Dragon War. But the Staff of Nuitari did not stay with him for long, as his apprentice assassinated him barely two days after getting it. The Staff passed from black robed hand to black robed hand, usually by assassination for a long time. The most powerful black robe had to murder the current owner to gain access to its powers. Is interesting to note that Fistandantilus never expressed any interest in the staff and let less powerful wizards use it. It is rumored that this was a result of his pact with Nuitari to wear the black robes, but another line of thought proclaims that, as a lich, Fistandantilus was not able to use it. Dragonbane, however, thinks that the real reason was that Fistandantilus was inmune to all the staff´s powers and thus did not fear its use against him.

Sadly the staff is rumored destroyed. During the Lost Battles it was used by a powerful Black Robe named Zestar, in the defense of the Tower of Goodlund. Foolishly he tried to destroy the attackers with the Staff's Death Zone power, but something went terribly awry. Scholars believe that the high magical field surrounding the tower twisted the magic. The resulting explosion destroyed the tower into Ruins and, apparently the staff was utterly obliterated. Rumors have surfaced, from time to time, of a staff matching the description of Nuitari´s Staff during the War of the Lance, but they have not been substantiated.


Zester of the Black Robes
Several unknown Black Robes



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