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Dracos' Wand

AD&D (1e/2e) Rules

by Matt

This powerful wand originally belonged to Galan Dracos, the renegade mage responsible for much of the Third Dragon War. Blessed by Takhisis, this wand is a potent artifact indeed. After the destruction of his citadel near Palanthas, following the war, the wand was recovered by the Knights of Solamnia. However, the wand was lost in subsequent years after the corruption of Vingaard Keep.

The wand was rediscovered thousands of years later, three hundred years or so after the Cataclysm by the renegade mage Lyim, and recovered by the mages guarding the magical fortress of Bastion upon Lyim's death.

The wand is made of bone, with a huge emerald embedded in its head. If magic is detected, the rod will radiate powerful black magic, and the rod's true alignment, chaotic evil, will be revealed. If any character of good alignment touches the wand, they must make a saving throw vs. spell or be paralyzed for 1d4+1 rounds in addition to 2d6+2 damage from the wand's powerful wards. Neutral characters must also save vs. spell, or recieve 1d8 damage.

Dracos' Wand will benefit any wizard of evil alignment, whether they are of the Black Robes or are a renegade wizard. The wizard is able to read and understand any and all magical writing without the use of a Read Magic spell. The wand will allow the wizard to cast the following spells at will: Burning Hands, Magic Missile, Web and Darkness, 15' Radius. The wand will also cast following spells once per day: Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Polymorph Other.

In addition to these minor powers, the wand also grants the wielder the following major powers. The wand the possessor total immunity to all forms of illusion, as long as the wand is on the wizard's person. After the first use of the artifact, the mage's intelligence is permenantly raised by one point, or by two points if the mage is a renegade. Dracos' Wand bestows upon the wizard the ability to cast Temporal Stasis once per day. It also gives the caster the ability to kill, as per the Power Word, Kill spell, once per day.

However, this immense power does not come without penalties. The wielder's alignment slowly changes to match that of the wand, eventually becoming cruel and malevolent, at every opportunity. After sufficient time has elapsed, the wielder renounce his ties to the Orders of High Sorcery, becoming a renegade (assuming, of course, he was not a renegade to begin with). The renegade's existence from this point on concerns only the achievment of three goals: (1) the destruction of the Orders of High Sorcery, especially the Order of the Black Robes, (2) the destruction of the Knights of Solamnia and (3) conquering Krynn, in the name of Takhisis, of course.

To destroy Dracos' Wand, an Archmage of not less than 20th level must stand inside the ruins of Galan Dracos' fortress with the wand at his feet. The mage must purify the wand by immersing it in a solution comprised of the Essence of Evil, the Essence of Sorrow and the Essence of Magic. After this is complete, the mage must cast Enchant an Item, followed by a spell of Banishment, and finally Disintegrate. Then the caster must seal the enchantment by means of a Permenancy spell.

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