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D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

Author's note: Darklances are designed for the War of the Dark Lance campaign setting, although DM's may use them however they please. It is recommended that they be used in the Chaos War in such a case.

Darklances are based on a concept by David Miller.

Description: Darklances came about during the War of the Dark Lance. Inspiration for Darklances came from the Draconians themselves. After all, if one could corrupt dragon eggs and produce Draconians, why not corrupt Dragonlances?

Darklances are made in a dark ceremony that involves an evil wizard (either black-robe or Thorn Knight) and a priest (Skull Knights or clerics of Takhisis). It is said that Darklances can not be created, but can be corrupted.

The heads of the lances are sharpened with a sharp edge, with barbs protruding from the sides. The silver of the Dragonlance appears tarnished, and is awful to look upon. Darklances are cold to the touch.

A footman's lance is 8 feet long, and functions as a +1 light lance. The mounted version measures 16 feet long, and functions as a +1 heavy lance.

Darklances deal double damage from the back of a charging mount.

Against dragons of good alignment, a Darklance deals tiple damage (3d6+3/crit x3 for the light version, 3d8+3/crit x3 for the heavy version). Darklances also negate a dragon's damage reduction.

If a person of good alignment touches a Darklance, he must make a Fortitude save vs. DC 15, or suffer 1d10 points of damage. A good character will feel a cold sensation coursing through his body. His hair may turn a grayish hue, and he may age 1d6 years if he fails the roll.

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