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Legends of Krynn: The Fallen

Universal Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

Based on a game played by David Miller, Andrew Miller, Kenneth Reed, and Trampas Whiteman

My Lord Astinus,

As per your request, I have compiled what little knowledge I could of the heroes known to history as the Fallen. The time period I have collected from is not very well chronicled, save for the notes of the dwarven healer Jonas Steelforge.

Part 1 - The Fall of Istar

The tale of the Fallen revolves around Lord John Dragonhelm, a Knight of Solamnia who was born approximately 25 years before the Cataclysm. John lived in his family's keep with his father, who fell prey to plague, and his brother Sir Paladian Dragonhelm, who had recently become a knight, and his 9-month pregnant wife Marilee. The family's keep lied on what would become the eastern shore of Newsea. John had heard of the atrocities in Istar, and went to investigate. He found that Istar had become a cesspool for corruption and lacked common decency. Soon enough, the army of Istar went to seize John's lands. John was charged with treason for defying the Kingpriest and for harboring "heathens" in the form of a dwarf, a Kagonesti elf, a kender, and a minotaur. According to the tales (and perhaps Kender Tales), John had gained immortality through his adventures. His own forces barely kept the Istar forces at bay, but it was all for naught, for the fiery mountain would soon descend from the sky.

The survivors of the battle reached shelter, save for two: John and his wife Marilee. A boulder had come down upon them, killing Marilee and the unborn child, and trapping John with her lifeless form to gaze upon his dead wife. When John was dug out from under the boulder, he cursed the gods for what they had done. His father had died recently of plague. Some of his friends had died against the forces of Istar. His wife and unborn child had died as well. As he looked upon his keep, all he could see was a couple of towers sticking out from the eastern portion of the Newsea. The site was a terrible one, as bloated corpses came floating on the water. It was during this terrible night that I was born.

Part 2 - The Cataclysm

The Fallen had found, in the years after the Cataclysm, that the world as they knew it was a very different one indeed. Gold was no longer a viable form of money. All money had become steel. Rumor had it that Tarsis was now landlocked! Although the histories say that the gods left the world, the Fallen claim that Morgion did not. From their accounts, plague had started creeping across the land and Morgion's constellation crept ever-closer to the center of the skyline. The Fallen soon split up into two groups. The brothers John and Paladian had argued over the years over what it meant to be a Solamnic knight. John believed in the spirit of the Oath and the Measure and Paladian believed in the letter of the law.

During the next ten years, the two groups wandered. Time had matured Paladian in his travels, and he became ever-more like his brother. There was a new threat to the land in the form of a group of wizards with mysterious abilities. They were not Wizards of High Sorcery, but a group of sorcerers that was able to cast spells naturally. These sorcerers had formed an army, led by a rogue Knight of Solamnia, whose name is unknown to history. The sorcerers were terrorizing the lands, taking what little food and supplies there were.

Paladian had organized a ragtag army made up of common folk to battle this new threat. He had gained a sun blade, which is often mistaken for the Brightblade, which he used as the symbol of the army. On the road to battle, many of Paladian's army had fallen dead to the plague. As it turns out, he was responsible for keeping the plague from spreading further amongst the group. The battle was a short one, as Paladian's army was defeated. However, John and his faction of the Fallen had rejoined the group, and the small band of adventurers single-handedly defeated the sorcerers. At least for the meantime. Paladian had lost his life in the battle, facing off against the rogue Knight who led the army of the sorcerers.

Part 3 - The Dwarfgate Wars

While most people think that the Dwarfgate Wars was only at Dwarfgate, they did not realize that there were other fronts. The records of the dwarven healer Jonas Steelforge are very sketchy here and the Fallen are understandable quiet on the issue, and so little is known. A smaller branch of Fistandantilus' army had marched on Garnet. Plague was very rampant at the time. The army of Fistandantilus knew that they were in for a long battle and the siege would be a costly one.

The army came up with a tactic that, although brutal, proved to be quite effective. The army brought up catapults and placed plagued bodies on them, catapulting them into the battlements of Garnet. It did not matter if those catapulted were corpses or still alive. Many died not of the plague, but of impact or heart failure as they were catapulted into the battlements. The army commander, another rogue knight, was asked about his brutality to the victims. His only reply was that they were dead already. Bodies were catapulted into the walls left and right, and the dwarven army was running out of options. Desperate times do indeed call for desperate measures, and so the dwarves sent a group of gully dwarves on a suicide mission against the invading army. It proved only to be a delaying tactic, and many gully dwarves died that day.

The sights of the dead gully dwarves and the plague victims were enough to drive the dwarven healer into a frenzy. The healer ran out onto the battlefield with only a gully dwarf named Bugr as his companion. They managed to get past a good majority of the invading army. Together, the two faced off against the army commander. They didn't stand a chance. The army commander easily defeated the pair. Garnet did survive, but barely. Plague would sweep through the dwarven citadel for years to come. And the gully dwarves? Their bodies were put into a pile. No grave was made for them. It wasn't a matter of time or resources. It boiled down to one thing: no one cared.


As you can see, my lord, the information is sketchy at best. Some say the tale of the Fallen is merely a kender tale. Some say there was some embellishment to keep the story interesting for history's sake. During the time of this new war, where dragons have returned to the world, it is rumored that John Dragonhelm, immortal Knight of the Crown, may yet be fighting the Dark Queen's forces.

I remain humbly yours,
Field Scribe to Astinus of Palanthas
352 AC

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