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D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

Author's note: The minitaurs are sort of a silly creation of mine, based off of the minitaurs found in WG7 Castle Greyhawk. This is not meant to be taken seriously by any means. Enjoy!

Minitaurs are miniature versions of their cousins, the minotaurs. Don't tell that to their faces though, or they will lay the smackdown upon you!

Personality: Minitaurs are very angry little buggers. They came to be when the Graygem came to their islands and caused all sorts of havoc. Formerly around seven foot tall, minitaurs now stand about three feet tall. Now they blame the world, and will stop at nothing to have their revenge!

Minitaurs play in the Mitey Games, where minitaur warriors will test their wrestling skills. They also very much enjoy ballet and basket weaving.

Physical Description: Minitaurs resemble a cross between a minotaur and a very short dwarf. They are strong and stocky.

Relations: Minitaurs hate everybody. Minotaurs remind them of what they once were, the smaller races are reminders of what they have become, and humans and elves are accessories to the fact.

Alignment: Minitaurs are lawful-angry.

Minitaur Lands: Minitaurs come from the islands of Mitus and Minus, off the coast of Kothas. The islands are inhabited by short trees, and have lots of ponies.

Religion: Minitaurs worship Ynit, who is in actuality Sargonnas. Sargonnas has never seen such anger in such a tiny package, and figures he can harness it to his advantage. Of course, the minitaurs have no clue to the true identity of Ynit, and would have a cow if they knew.

Languages: Minitaurs speak Minusian, which has 14 letters, 3 of which sound like phlegm being produced.

Names: Minitaur names begin with a "K".

Male Names: Klix, Klax

Female Names: Klaaccrackkgraccfraaack!

Adventurers: Minitaurs don't adventure! And if they did, they would kick some major (This word has been censored by the Nexus Censorship Committee. Let's just say that the author was going to say "donkey" or "Trampas".).

Minitaur Racial Traits

+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -4 Charisma
Small: As small creatures they, hey wait a minute! Put me down! Put me...

Minitaur base speed is 20 feet, er..., I mean 120 feet. Yeah, that's the ticket!

The sharp fangs and short horns that all minitaurs possess ensure that they are never defenseless, and you always look before you sit down.

+2 racial bonus on Intuit Direction checks: these include locating north, not getting lost in a large city, finding known landmarks in the wilderness, and escaping from mazes. In addition, minitaurs have a special immunity to the maze spell.

Automatic languages: Minusian, Kothian, Common.

Favored Class: Mitey Wrestler. A multiclass minitaur's Mitey Wrestler class does not count when determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing. And if it did, there would be a world of hurt somewhere!

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