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Creatures of Ansalon

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by James O'Rance

This is a collection of the creatures, monsters and races that exist in the Dragonlance Saga. For the sake of completeness, creatures from the regions of Krynn beyond Ansalon have been included here, and may appear in Ansalonian campaigns as travelers from exotic locations or as residents of locales that characters may visit. Creatures from Taladas, remote oceanic isles, or the polar regions of Krynn are marked with a dagger (†).

Furthermore, some of the creatures listed here are unique individuals within the world of Krynn. These are indicated with a (‡).

Creature Types

Most creature types described in the Monster Manual remain unchanged in Krynn. The following applies to all creatures in the Dragonlance setting:

Aberration: Many aberrations are the result of magical experiments or mutations by the Greygem. These creatures tend to be very rare in Krynn, and are considered mythical by most characters in Ansalon. Then again, once dragons were also considered mythical...

Dragon: All true dragons possess the spell-like ability to polymorph self at will. Dragons generally choose to assume humanoid form when polymosphed, although bronze dragons are notably fond of animal forms.

Giant: Creatures with this creature type are descended from the powerful ancient ogres of Krynn. Generally, they speak Ogre or some similar language instead of Giant, as listed in the Monster Manual.

Humanoid: There are no orcs, half-orcs, or sahuagin native to Krynn.

Monstrous Humanoid: Draconians possess this creature type.

Shapechanger: There are no lycanthropes native to Krynn.

Where are the Draconians?

You can find full statistics and descriptions for draconians in the third edition Dungeons & Dragons game in Draconian Measures—a Dragonlance novel by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin. This novel details auraks, baaz, bozaks, kapaks, and sivaks.

Statistics for baaz, kapaks and sivaks can also be found on the Wizards of the Coast website; click on the links to the left to be open these pages in a new window. If statistics for the other tpes of draconians appear on the Wizards site, I'll add the links here.

Outsiders and Elementals

Some adventures in the Dragonlance Saga will involve beings from other planes of existence—elemental warriors of flame, fiendish minions of evil gods, and strange beasts of other realms, for example. However, these beings are not commonly encountered in Ansalon, and may be unsuitable for campaigns that do not deal with planes such as the Abyss. Therefore, they have been gathered together in a section following the other creatures.

Creatures of Chaos and the Fifth Age

During the Summer of Chaos, a number of monsters appeared that had never been seen before. These included the daemon warriors and fire dragons that served Chaos, Father of All and of Nothing, as well as the chaos spawn that were created in the vicinity of such beings. These monsters still exist in the Age of Mortals, and have been collected in a separate section along with other unique creatures of the Fifth Age.

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