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Fan Gaming Rules

The rules here were designed by fans like you so that you could start a campaign on the world of Krynn. Everything in this section requires some knowledge of the Dungeons & Dragons Player Handbook (PHB), The Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG) and the Monster Manual (MM), published by Wizards of the Coast.

The rules are from all editions of Dungeons & Dragons, as well as from Pathfinder, True20, SAGA and other systems, and can be easily filtered based on the system of choice. Keep in mind that the rules here have been submitted by fans, and are entirely unofficial.

Department List

Races and Racial Levels

Here we collect the very best essays and treatises on the races of Krynn.

Classes and Class Options

Classes and various class options to enhance characters; including prestige classes, paragon paths, epic destinies, and more.

Character Options

New skills and feats, traits and flaws, backgrounds, and other options to customize your character.

Gods and the Divine

Learn of the gods, the path of mystics, and all things divine in the world of Krynn.

Spells & Magic

New spells and domains await your character as well as other secrets of magic.

Equipment & Magic Items

Equipment, both ordinary and mundane, from the infamous and common people of Krynn.


Monsters from the abhorrent to the beautiful—here we celebrate friends and foes.


Original and converted PCs presented with statistics in a variety of formats, for use in your campaigns.


Krynn is renowned for its organizations. Here, you will find a variety of organizations to use in your game, from knighthoods and the Orders of High Sorcery to smaller, lesser-known organizations. Who will you ally with?

Role Playing Articles

Articles that cover gaming topics or to playing and running campaigns in the Dragonlance setting.

Maps of Krynn

Ever needed a high-quality map of Krynn or one of its regions in order for your party to go adventuring? Look no further.

Modules & Downloads

Single adventures and multi-module epics. Here'll you find completely original works by fellow gamers, as well as conversions of existing products.

Adventure Hooks

We can't all be geniuses all the time—sometimes it takes someone else's spark to set that creative fire ablaze. Here's a library of hooks from which to hang those epic adventures.

Campaign Journals

Real-life accounts of fantasy adventuring, from the pens of DM's and players alike. Full game statistics and background included as standard.

Gaming Utilities

We've put together some important resources for both players and DMs here, including an article and a freeware application to track the position of Krynn's moons, as well as some of the best Dragonlance-specific character sheets we've seen.

Submit Your Rules

Are you looking to get published? Do you want to submit your work? This is the place to do it. Remember, of course, this is all volunteer!