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Fan Recipes

Hungry? Looking for something with a distinctly Krynnish flavor? Here you can consider trying one of these favorite recipes submitted by your fellow fans.

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Our list of appetizers will whet your appetite for the main course!


Hungry for the main course? These are the entrees that your fellow fans have cooked up and sent in.


Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try some of the delectible desserts served by Krynnish folk.


After your meal, you'll need something to wash all of your food down. Here is our collection of drinks.

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Think you've got the killer dish you'd like to share with the rest of the world? This is the place to do it!

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The Dragonlance Nexus publishes recipes for the entertainment and enjoyment of its visitors. However, all recipes are published as suggestions only, and as such, we cannot guarantee favorable results from their use. We recommend you conduct appropriate testing prior to adopting the recipe. All recipes are intended for use by persons with appropriate technical skill, and at their own discretion and risk. The Nexus assumes no obligation or liability for the use of these recipes. Please consult a health professional.