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Tasslehoff the Light-Fingered Kender

by Kendermage

A parody of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."

Tasslehoff the Light-Fingered Kender; had a very shiny coin,
and if you ever had one, you might even say, "Hey where'd it go."

All of the other heroes, used to laugh and call him names (like Doorknob)
they never let poor Tasslehoff; out of his shiny chains (he got out anyway).

Then one foggy Yuletide eve; Fizban came to say,
Tasslehoff with your Device so bright; won't you save the day tonight.

Then how the races loved him; and they shouted out with glee (Whopee!)
Tasslehoff the Light-Fingered Kender; You'll live on through history.

(With every kender taking his name and especially since he still has the Device of Time Journeying)

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