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Black Moon

by Roze

A cute little diddy on the Legends Trilogy to the tune of Blue Moon, narrated by none other than our dear friend Raist.

Black Moon
You saw me standin alone
Without a spell in my heart
Without a world of my own

Black Moon
You knew just what I wanted
You knew how I laughed and taunted
To rule Krynn, time, and space undaunted

And there suddenly appeared before me
The great Fistandantillus's spellbook
Bupu handed me the ultimate key
(And I must admit it is a swell book)

Black Moon
Now I'm no longer alone
I've got a garunteed plan
To put me on the Queen's throne

And then suddenly I seemed to be
Ironically foiled once more
Only when Tas left could I finally see...
I was ripped apart and sucked through the door
Black Moon
Now I don't sleep alone
I don't sleep at all
This is my permanent home

Black Moon
You know, this majorly sucks
I wish I'd never met you
Or those interfering... idiots.

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