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by Mark Boehnlein

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Congratulations goes out to Whitefire for his winning entry in naming and describing this piece of music -- "Riverwind". You can also read the submissions from the runners-up on this page to see the different preceptions that various people got from the music. Enjoy the music and the descriptions!


by Whitefire

It is night. Clouds race overhead, blotting out the moons and stars as they wheel overhead. The darkness is eternal, impenetrable. No creature should be out in a night such as this. Yet someone stands, tall and proud amongst the shadows. He feels immortal, for he is imbued with the strength one feels when stricken love. How foolish he is. He strides with calm measured steps, steps that have carried him far from his home in search of something, anything to prove he is right. He seeks a sign from the true gods, the gods who brought the cataclysm down upon Krynn. He crests the hill, foreboding thunder rumbles around him. He reaches the top, gazing out into the valley below him.

Suddenly lightning arcs down from the sky, illuminating the landscape. And what he sees would make even a kender tremble. His hopes and dreams are dashed against his sickening horror. Below him lies the broken city of Xak Tsaroth. Terror rolls off of it like waves in an undying storm. Yet the tug of his heart is stronger. He descends into the ruin. The blackness rises up to drive him back. Leathery wings extend, red eyes flare to life, razor claws extend. The plainsman, unaware descends deeper into the shattered necropolis. Suddenly a fear like none other washes over him, his only thought is to flee. And run he does, for what seems like years he flees from the nameless foe and his minions. Arrows fly from the night, spells leap from scaled hands, deadly acid splashes around him. He bleeds from his wounds, deadly poison courses through his veins.

Death seems imminent. He stumbles into a mostly intact ruin, and falls to the cold floor. He grimaces and awaits the stab of daggers in his back, the stink of acid... Yet nothing happens. He looks up, into the face of a goddess. She reaches down and places her hand upon him, blue light spreads across his wounds and he feels pain no more.

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