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The Dragonlance Overture

by Mark Boehnlein

Composer's Description:

Think of this song as the beginning of a Dragonlance movie. Dragons of Autumn Twilight to be more specific. The music opens with a black movie screen as the low strings grab your attention. As the first Timpani and cymbal hits, the screen opens to the blue skies over Ansalon. You are flying as if looking through the eyes of an eagle. Suddenly, a red dragon comes into view below you. Several seconds later another dragon joins in, then another etc etc. Soon the screen pans out to reveal several score of red dragons. They cross over Nereka, Sanction, New Sea and the forests of Qualinost.

Then the music changes as the high strings and harp take over and tell you of the peaceful life of the inhabitants of Ansalon. Comrades share a drink at the local pub, children meet their fathers as they come in from the fields. Families sit down for their evening meal. Fathers tell stories of ancient dragons around a blazing fire. Husband and wife share an embrace as they lay their children down for a restful nights sleep. She assures them that dragons do not exist and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Then the horror begins, as the timpani and low strings return. The dragons swoop out of the night sky as fire, lightning and acid sends the small village into a great conflagration. Screaming men and women run for safety as the Dragon armies approach over the hills. The music changes to a tune of hope and chivalry as some brave men turn to protect their families only to be cut down by a horrific mix of man and dragon. As the smoke trails up into the dawning sky, a lone figure stands atop a hill, cape billowing in the wind, adorned with blue armor and a hideous mask.

As the music ends, the screen goes black again and the 11 letters of D R A G O N L A N C E come flying into the screen and as it is completed, the dragonlance itself flies through the letters to complete the Dragonlance logo.

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