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The Dragonlance Saga has inspired fans of the series to write their own adventures, create their own characters and create stunning works of art. It has also inspired people to compose their own music as well.

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Here is the full list of original musical compositions, sorted by the composer.

Bard on the Run

The lost, but unfortunately not forgotten, hits of Ansalon—parodies of your favorite pop songs.

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Do you have some music or a "Bard on the Run" piece you would like to submit?

References in popular music

You might want to read about Blind Guardian's album, "A Night at the Opera" featuring a song titled "The Soulforged." Additionally, you might like another tune by Lake of Tears called "Raistlin and the Rose."

The music on the Dragonlance Nexus is presented in the MIDI file format. You will need a MIDI plug-in to listen to the selections in the Music & Songs section.

Recent Additions

Trampas Whiteman

Jaffar the Imaginary Friend

Tavin Springfingers


Erik Grunwoald


Umari Solanthus

Trampas Whiteman

Kevin James Kage

Trampas Whiteman

Kevin James Kage


Umari Solanthus


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