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Whitestone Council List

This page contains a list of Dragonlance Nexus staff members, listing what each of their functions are. Click on the names for any individual that you want to contact for further information.

The Whitestone Council

Members of the Whitestone Council, a group of fans that have been actively promoting the Dragonlance community by working on a variety of projects that will help achieve that goal, are listed at right. Those projects are as diverse as maintaining the Dragonlance Nexus and the Kencyclopedia, as well as the new continent project, the Tobril e-zine, and several others.

Contact the Whitestone Council members with specific inquiries regarding the Council, or requests/comments about any of the respective projects listed here.


Editor-in-Chief, Webmaster, Whitestone Council Chair, Wizards of the Coast liaison, Dragonlance Canticle Co-Host, Game Designer, and Staff Writer.

Tauren Kai-Jere

Head Moderator, Staff Game Designer


Message Board Moderator

Kranar Drogin

Nexus Lexicon Editor

Carteeg Struve

Nexus Adlatum Editor, Nexus PDF Layout Editor

Cam Banks

Staff Game Designer, Message Board Moderator


Dragonlance Canticle Co-Host

Weldon Chen

Staff Writer


Dragonlance Canticle co-host.