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Ranks & Titles

If you've been on the boards for any length of time, you will likely have noticed the ranking system we have in place to identify various categories of members—basically to signify how many posts a particular member has.

The complete list of titles and the number of posts required for each rank is detailed below. If you have a suggestion for a replacement list, please let one of the forum admins know and we'll consider using it.

If you're interested in viewing the most prolific members of the forums, you can view the members list, sorted by posts.

Member Titles

The following titles are for members of the message boards. Any member may have one of the following titles, assuming they have the minimum number of posts.

0 to 24 posts
Squire of the Crown
25 to 49 posts
Defender of the Crown
50 to 99 posts
Knight of the Crown
100 to 249 posts
Lord of the Crown
250 to 499 posts
Novice of Swords
500 to 999 posts
Knight of Swords
1,000 to 1,499 posts
Elder of Swords
1,500 to 2,499 posts
Master of Swords
2,500 to 4,999 posts
Lord of Swords
5,000 to 7,499 posts
Novice of Roses
7,500 to 9,999 posts
Knight of Roses
10,000 to 14,999 posts
Master of Roses
15,000 to 19,999 posts
20,000 to 24,999 posts
Lord of Roses
25,000+ posts

Special Titles

Titles listed here are for forum administrators and moderators, as well as other notable member groups. Many Nexus staff members and forum members who have won contests have custom titles as well.

Illustrator Savant of the Nexus
Staff Artist
High Justice
Grand Master
Forum administrators

Additional unique titles are given to members who reach a minimum number of articles submitted to the Nexus. Those titles are as follows:

Dragonlance Lexicon Contributors

  • 100 - Lexicon Scribe
  • 250 - Lexicon Researcher
  • 500 - Lexicon Author
  • 750 - Lexicon Sage
  • 1,000 - Custom Lexicon Title

Palanthas Herald Contributors

  • 50 - Herald Town Crier
  • 125 - Herald Freelancer
  • 250 - Herald Reporter
  • 375 - Herald Journalist
  • 500 - Custom Herald Title