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Tobril Staff

Luis De Pippo (aka Dragonbane) (Editor-In-Chief)

Luis F. De Pippo is a journalist and the only member of the council living in Argentina. He works for the government of his country, which explains a lot about the current situation, and has been with the Whitestone Council since its formation. He is the current editor of the Tobril magazine.

  • Player's Arsenal - Faith Feats
  • Roaming Krynn - Sancrist
  • Kaz the Minotaur
  • Roaming Krynn - The Gray Tunnel
  • Roaming Krynn - A Wizard's Tale
  • Roaming Krynn - The Fields of the Dead
  • Minotaur Champion

Neil Burton (aka Clarion) (Co-Editor/Webmaster)

Neil Burton lives and works in the 51st State of the USA, England, where he claims to be a professional software engineer. He's been with the Whitestone Council since day one but has, as yet, failed to make everyone realise they're spelling "colour" wrong. Krynn has been his gaming home for over a decade.

  • Roaming Krynn - Sancrist
  • Roaming Krynn - The Gray Tunnel
  • The Animator's Circle - Deconstructing the Machine
  • Roaming Krynn - A Wizard's Tale
  • Roaming Krynn - The Fields of the Dead

Richard Connery (Co-Editor/Art Director)

Richard Connery has been running his current Dragonlance campaign for almost 4 years now, transferring it to D&D 3E rules in the middle of the War of the Lance. He still hopes to run a Masque of the Red Death campaign with his regular players someday. Richard's other interests include graphic design, programming and reading as much as he can, from physics papers to fantasy literature.

  • Player's Arsenal - Faith Feats
  • Manuscripts of Ansalon - Part the First
  • Manuscripts of Ansalon - Part Deux
  • Elven Champions - The Kirath
  • Ogre Titans: Elixir of Tyranny
  • Elven Champions - The Windriders
  • Keepers of the Anvil: Krynnish Chronomancers
  • Ansalonian Gazetteer - Saifhum
  • Racial Traits for Dragonlance PC's
  • Dragonlance Character Sheet

Tobril Contributors

Adam Austin-Andrew

  • Dragon Sorcerer

Ashe Potter (aka Uziel)

Ashe has been a long standing member of the Dragonlance community, whose greatest dream is to actually sit down for a change (standing for so long gets tiring!). As well as working for for quite a number of years and running the Dragonlance Book Club at, he maintains his own website 'The Chambers of Astinus', which is a massive DL encyclopedia of sorts.

Bradley Potts

Brad is a Computer Network Engineer in Chicago IL. Always an early implementer, he ran his first Dragonlance Campaign in 1984. He is now busy converting the original modules to 3e D&D, trying to stay ahead of his latest table full of heroes. Look for a chronicle of their adventures in the Campaign Journals section of the Nexus.

  • Behind the Screen - The Classics: Players and PC's
  • Behind the Screen - Legends Script

Craig J. Ries

Craig J. Ries is a longtime member of the online Dragonlance community and resides in Denver, Colorado. He hopes to one day have a career rather than a job, and would be perfectly happy to wake up one morning to find himself as a successful author. In the meantime, he maintains a listing of upcoming Dragonlance products.

  • Dragonlance Product Schedule - Spring/Summer 2004

John Grubber

John Grubber is an aspiring artist and author who lives in the wilds of Northern Ontario, Canada. He is currently working a Fine Art Degree to compliment his anthropology, religion and education degrees. A longtime lover of Dragonlance, he hopes to work in Krynn for many years to come.

  • Ancient Krynn - Bakali Summoning Jars
  • Ancient Krynn - High Ogre War Drums
  • Secret Societies - Part One
  • The Lost Towers: Artifacts of High Sorcery
  • Secret Societies - Part Two
  • Ancient Krynn - Ancient Dead of Krynn Part I
  • Ancient Krynn - Ancient Dead of Krynn Part II

Ryan Berleth (aka Ogre_Bane)

Ryan "Ogre_Bane" Berleth works in forensics for a local police department in Orange County, CA. When he is not out collecting evidence to "put the bad guys away", he spends a lot of time reading, writing and playing hockey. He has been an active fan of Dragonlance since his sophomore year in high school when he was first introduced by a fellow friend. His first book, and still his favorite among to 120 Dragonlance books he has in collection, is Legend of Huma. He has been a frequent visitor to, the Dragonlance Nexus and the new Dragonlance Forums. He has numerous submissions in the forms of prestige classes, magical items, new monsters and a couple of short adventures. His first love is to run Dragonlance campaigns followed closely by making new monsters. He is still running an ongoing Dragonlance campaign set in an alternate Chaos War that has lasted over three years now, and a new Forgotten Realms campaign.

Sean Macdonald (aka Kipper Snifferdoo)

Sean Macdonald has been dreaming about Krynn for almost two decades and is webmaster of the largest kender website on the Internet. He is currently part of the Whitestone Council and is looking forward to the future of gaming in Dragonlance. called the Kencyclopedia.

  • Kender Corner - Kender Wizards
  • Kender Corner - Kender Barbarians
  • Kender Corner - Kender Monks
  • Kender Corner - Fable of the Clockwork Kender
  • Kender Corner - Mystics and Sorcerers
  • Kender Corner - Kender Mariners
  • Kender Corner - A Visit to Kendermore

Terry Doetzel

Terry Doetzel is bracing for another school year at the University of Saskatchewan after a summer of hard work and hard living. He is currently finishing off a degree in history and classics, and will return to school next year to start a degree in political science. Aside from D&D he enjoys aggressive sports, homemade brew, beautiful women, and the meditations of the rosary.

  • Ansalonian Gazetteer - Kharolis
  • The Scaled Society: Caustic Minions

Tobin Melroy

"Houston, we have a problem..." Tobin Melroy was one of the founding members of the Whitestone Council, but has since moved on to browner pastures. He fancies himself a philosopher and engineer (but he's really more gully dwarf and gnome like). Dragonlance has been his passion for over 15 years, and he is proud that he could help bring it back into gaming where it belongs.

  • Community Spotlight - Tobin's Miniatures

Trampas Whiteman (aka Dragonhelm)

Trampas Whiteman founded the Whitestone Council in January 2001, bringing together a group of talented fans with the purpose of keeping Dragonlance gaming alive and supporting Dragonlance fandom. Alongside co-chair Matt Haag, Trampas oversees the Dragonlance Nexus. Trampas is a Kansas City native with a degree in Broadcasting and Film, and has worked in radio, TV, and advertising. Trampas recently spoke at Bertrem's funeral at GenCon 2002, and works as coordinator between the Whitestone Council and Sovereign Press.

  • Guest Forum - Long Live the Lance!
  • Dragonlance Unearthed: Dragonlance Racial Levels

Weldon Chen (aka Granak Red-Silver)

  • Community Spotlight - How Granak Became Famous
  • Gospels of Takhisis

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