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Tobril Issue 8: October 2004

  • Kender Corner - Kender Nobles, by Sean Macdonald
    Not so much blood, as bloody-mindedness.
  • From the Pen of Brother Uziel - Kendermore, by Ashe Potter
    Brother Uziel defies all laws of common sense and tries to hold a meaningful conversation with the Mayor of Kendermore.
  • Ancient Krynn - Children of the Greystone, by John Grubber
    The passage of the Greystone left many races changed, including some that have since been forgotten.
  • Dragonlance Product Schedule - Autumn 2004, by Craig J. Ries
    A rich helping of Dragonlance, courtesy of our products reporter Craig J. Ries
  • Ages of Ruin - The Sla'Mori, by Ryan Berleth
    New contributor Ryan Berleth explores this ancient elven tomb through three Ages of Krynn.
  • Roaming Krynn - Dragontouched, by Luis De Pippo & Neil Burton
    Now in comic format! Ammon has escaped and Clarion lies close to death. Dragonbane has only one option open to him... but does he dare use it?

Tobril Presents #1 - The Brand: September 2004

  • A new Dragonlance adventure by Luis De Pippo, the first in a series. In the Age of Mortals, the Gods must once again seek followers for their cause. Some, however, will go to greater lengths to do so than others.
  • A 3.5 D&D adventure for four players of 2nd level.

Tobril Issue 7: April 2004

  • Roaming Krynn - The Fields of the Dead, by Luis De Pippo & Neil Burton
    Dragonbane and Clarion get more than they bargained for as they finally track Amon Kreeg to his floating citadel...
  • Kender Corner - Kender Mariners, by Sean Macdonald
    A life on the ocean waves might not seem ideal for a kender, but you'd be amazed (or not) at what trouble they can get themselves into.
  • Minotaur Champion, by Luis De Pippo
    Most feared of a fearsome race - the deadly Minotaur Champion is master of the gladiatorial arena.
  • Ancient Krynn - Ancient Dead of Krynn Part II, by John Grubber
    The second and final part of this post-mortem series.
  • Dragonlance Product Schedule - Spring/Summer 2004, by Craig J. Ries
    First of a regular series by product guru Craig J. Ries charting what's on the horizon for Dragonlance fans.
  • Dragon Sorcerer, by Adam Austin-Andrew
    A deadly new fusion between man and beast is at your disposal.
  • Dragonlance Character Sheet, by Richard Connery
    A comprehensive and extensively playtested character sheet for Dragonlance PC's - essential.

Tobril Issue 6: November 2003

  • Ancient Krynn - Ancient Dead of Krynn Part I, by John Grubber
    The first part of a two-part exploration of the funeral practices of selected groups on Krynn.
  • Dragonlance Unearthed: Dragonlance Racial Levels, by Trampas Whiteman
    Racial levels for Dragonlance in the style of Monte Cook's 'Arcana Unearthed'
  • The Scaled Society: Caustic Minions, by Terry Doetzel
    Dragon Overlord Onysablet's reach extends far outside her massive swamp; here, her most dangerous minions are exposed.
  • Kender Corner - A Visit to Kendermore, by Sean Macdonald
    Site of one of the foulest attrocities of the Fifth Age - only another kender would venture to Kendermore...

Tobril Issue 5: September 2003

  • Roaming Krynn - A Wizard's Tale, by Luis De Pippo & Neil Burton
    Dragonbane shares just enough of his personal history to stop everyone asking so many damn questions...
  • Kender Corner - Mystics and Sorcerers, by Sean Macdonald
    Kender make poor students of just about everything - fortuitous, then, that they can look deep within themselves for interesting new powers...
  • Ansalonian Gazetteer - Saifhum, by Richard Connery
    The isle of Saifhum gets the complete gazetteer treatment courtesy of Richard Connery.
  • Secret Societies - Part Two, by John Grubber
    Now that we know where to look, the veil is pulled back on some of Krynn's most dangerous - or just plain bizarre - secret societies, in the second part of this article.
  • Racial Traits for Dragonlance PC's, by Richard Connery
    The eternal questions of height and girth answered at last!

Tobril Issue 4: June 2003

  • Roaming Krynn - The Gray Tunnel, by Luis De Pippo & Neil Burton
    Dragonbane and Clarion fall foul of an ancient construct of the Huldrefolk.
  • The Lost Towers: Artifacts of High Sorcery, by John Grubber
    The destruction of the ancient Towers of High Sorcery unleashed ferocious and deadly energies... what remains of their legacy?
  • Kender Corner - Fable of the Clockwork Kender, by Sean Macdonald
    Everything we love to hate about kender, plus you have to wind them up every 24 hours.
  • Elven Champions - The Windriders, by Richard Connery
    The very face of the elven superiority complex, these griffin-riding warriors are masters of aerial combat.
  • The Animator's Circle - Deconstructing the Machine, by Neil Burton
    One of the oldest arcane organizations on Krynn revives its search for rogue constructs, and opens its doors to new members...
  • Keepers of the Anvil: Krynnish Chronomancers, by Richard Connery
    Guardians of a dangerous branch of magical study, the Keepers of the Anvil excel in the arcane field of Chronomancy.

Tobril Issue 3: April 2003

  • Secret Societies - Part One, by John Grubber
    Conspiracies thrive in shadows, and conspirators love to give their clubs cool names. Part one of this two-parter starts shining a light on them.
  • Kender Corner - Kender Monks, by Sean Macdonald
    Once they learn to keep their hands out of other people's pockets, they become deadly weapons...
  • Gospels of Takhisis, by Weldon Chen
    Misunderstood would-be mother figure the Queen of Darkness indulges us with the real history of Krynn.
  • Manuscripts of Ansalon - Part Deux, by Richard Connery
    More enlightening reading in the second part of this article.
  • Elven Champions - The Kirath, by Richard Connery
    We lift up a few rocks and uncover the truth behind these ancient elven defenders.
  • Ogre Titans: Elixir of Tyranny, by Richard Connery
    A monster template for igniting that ogre blood...

Tobril Issue 2: January 2003

  • Ancient Krynn - High Ogre War Drums, by John Grubber
    The legends of the High Ogres and their ancient magic laid bare by the sterling research of Keegar Tarenn of Kalaman.
  • Kender Corner - Kender Barbarians, by Sean Macdonald
    Ever seen an enraged kender? These guys make a living out of it.
  • Roaming Krynn - Sancrist, by Luis De Pippo & Neil Burton
    Clarion of Kiri-Jolith and legendary grouch Dragonbane embark on their quest to find an old enemy, a quest which will take them from one side of Ansalon to the other
  • Manuscripts of Ansalon - Part the First, by Richard Connery
    History, magic, fable... what secrets are contained in a word? According to part one of this two-part article, a lot.
  • Kaz the Minotaur, by Luis De Pippo
    A full NPC work-up of Krynn's most famous hoofed warrior.
  • Behind the Screen - Legends Script, by Bradley Potts
    Brad Potts imagineers the D&D session which may well have brought Caramon's most famous gladiatorial fight to life. A great read for DL readers who want to know what this roleplaying lark is all about.
  • Community Spotlight - How Granak Became Famous, by Weldon Chen
    The multi-hued Granak Red-Silver is the most famous draconian to frequent the Dragonlance message boards. Good friend Weldon Chen tells his story.

Tobril Premiere Issue: November 2002

  • Ancient Krynn - Bakali Summoning Jars, by John Grubber
    Recently uncovered writings by scholar Iago Tomasi shed light on the elusive Bakali and the ancient magic they possess.
  • Kender Corner - Kender Wizards, by Sean Macdonald
    The stoutest hearts tremble in fear at the mere suggestion: kender wizards, and how to integrate them into a Dragonlance campaign. Be afraid.
  • Player's Arsenal - Faith Feats, by Luis De Pippo & Richard Connery
    A massive selection of new feats designed specifically to add flavor to Krynnish priests.
  • Ansalonian Gazetteer - Kharolis, by Terry Doetzel
    Everything a DM needs to present an authentic picture of this wind-swept principality to his players.
  • Behind the Screen - The Classics: Players and PC's, by Bradley Potts
    First in a series of articles aimed at helping stressed DM's run the original DL modules.
  • Community Spotlight - Tobin's Miniatures, by Tobin Melroy
    Tobin Melroy opens the doors on his Dragonlance minis.
  • Guest Forum - Long Live the Lance!, by Trampas Whiteman
    Whitestone Council founder Trampas Whiteman ruminates on handing the reins of 3rd Edition Dragonlance to Sovereign Press.

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