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Competition Results!

Posted 9th September 2004 15:21
Congratulations to our Tobril Monstrous Competition winner The Gnome for coming up with the winning entry in the form of the Gray Traveller. Look out for this new monster template in issue #9 of the magazine later in the year. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Issue #8 Now Available

Posted 14th October 2004 17:05
Issue #8 is now available at a digital news-stand near you (over there on the right, actually). We've experimented a little in this issue, and we hope you like the results. Feel free to download and then mail us your feedback!

Tobril Presents... The Brand

Posted 9th September 2004 16:45
We're excited to announce the start of a new Tobril line - Tobril Presents. These will be semi-regular special issues (perhaps three or four times a year) containing different kinds of material than we can publish in the Tobril magazine itself. We're starting with a new adventure by our very own Editor-in-Chief, Luis De Pippo, entitled

The Brand. Check out the download links to the right, and keep an eye out for later installments in the coming months.

Issue #8 Release Date

Posted 9th September 2004 16:15
The lines have been drawn, the omens weighed, and the entrails read. Stand by for Tobril Issue #8 on October 4th!

Welcome to New Contributors

Posted 9th September 2004 15:58
Issue #8 will see the addition of two regular contributors to our ranks, both of whom will be delivering top-notch articles to the magazine over the coming issues. On-line regulars will probably recognise the names Uziel and Ogre_Bane, and we're proud to add them to the roster. Look out for opening salvos from both of these authors in Issue #8.

Issue #7 Released

Posted 19 April 2004 15:38
We're pleased to announce the release of Tobril Issue #7 (somewhat later than expected). We think you'll find it was worth the wait, with a load of great articles from regulars and new contributors alike. We're also starting a semi-regular look at the state of the Dragonlance product schedule, and previewing a welcome return to Aesthetic Advice starting in Issue #8. on-line!

Posted 19 April 2004 15:37
We never shy away from stating the obvious, but the brand new site is now on-line! Many thanks to Paladin at for giving us a home for the past year or so, but as from today this site is now your port-of-call for all things Tobril. Have a look about the place, and if you have any comments on the new look, please contact us.

We're planning lots of Tobril goodness in the next few months, but for now feel free to download the latest issue and join us on Krynn for more great fan-written articles.

No part of any issue of the Tobril magazine contains Open Game Content.