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Taladas: Time of the Dragon Lords

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The Lost Lands of Krynn welcomes any Dragonlance fan who feels inspired to create a work of art, adventure, background material, house rules, or any other original work. While this website focuses on the lands and cultures of Taladas and encourages submissions based in this setting, no Dragonlance creation of value will be turned down. If there currently isn't an appropriate page category on the site for your work, one can be created.

Submissions that are based on the published works of TSR, Inc. or Wizards of the Coast are considered to be derivative work (as it is based on the intellectual property owned by Wizards of the Coast). This means that such submissions are jointly owned by both you and Wizards of the Coast, and neither you nor Wizards can make money from the derivative work without the permission of the other.

Submissions to The Lost Lands of Krynn website should comply to the 'standards of content' of WotC products (regarding profanity, sexual themes, nudity, prejudice, religion, addicitons, and plagiarism).

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