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Taladas: Time of the Dragon Lords

D&D Dragonlance Rules

by James O'Rance

James O'Rance

News: Although I considered these pages basically complete nearly two years ago, changing events have brought us the conclusion of the War of Souls trilogy and soon, D&D 3.5 and the new Dragonlance campaign setting from Sovereign Press. There's no real need to “update” the unofficial conversions when that happens (it would just be duplicating what's already in print), so these will remain as they are, to be used by whoever wants them.

However, this year should see a major update of the Taladas material on this website to coincide with the D&D revised edition and the first official Dragonlance rules for third edition D&D, as well as another potential project that I have in mind through a non-profit roleplaying organisation, Shadow Games. I will say more when this is confirmed!

The following conversion documents will enable you to run a D&D Dragonlance Saga campaign with consistent, clear rules. These conversions are based on Dragonlance Adventures (AD&D 1st Edition), Tales of the Lance (AD&D 2nd Edition), the Dragonlance: Fifth Age® rules, and A Saga Companion. These conversions may be updated or added to occasionally – last updated 14 August 2001.

To send feedback to the author, click on his name above. You can also visit his personal website or Taladas – The Lost Lands of Krynn. These pages are kindly hosted by The Dragonlance Nexus and

Races of Ansalon

Dungeons & Dragons rules for the character races of Ansalon.

Classes of Ansalon

Dungeons & Dragons rules for the character classes of Ansalon.

Regional Feats

Feats for characters from different regions of Ansalon.

Languages of Ansalon

The regional and racial dialects of Ansalon.

Equipping Your Character

Weapons and armour types unique to Ansalon.

Clerics of the True Gods

Cleric domains for the 21 true gods of Ansalon.

Knights of Solamnia

The Knight of Solamnia class and prestige classes.

Knights of Takhisis

The Knight of Takhisis class and its three Orders – Lily, Skull, and Thorn.

Wizards of High Sorcery

The Wizards of High Sorcery prestige class.

Arcane Magic of Krynn

Dungeons & Dragons rules for arcane magic in the Dragonlance Saga.

Magic Items of Ansalon

Arcane and divine weapons, armour, and wondrous items of Krynn.

Artifacts of Ansalon

Major and minor artifacts of the Dragonlance Saga.

Creatures of Ansalon

Creatures of Ansalon and the surrounding oceans, adding to the range of allies and adversaries in the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual.

Gnomish Inventions

Dungeons & Dragons rules for gnomish inventions and devices. Includes a Gnome Device Complexity table.

Magic in the Fifth Age

Classes, feats, and domains for Fifth Age-style spellcasting.

Updates and Revisions

Last updated Tuesday 14th of August, 2001.

Notes Regarding these Conversions

Why don't minotaurs receive a +4 bonus to Strength? Why should characters of every race be allowed to become wizards? Why isn't Fifth Age magic based on spell points? Every decision made in these conversions had a good reason; these notes explain some of my thoughts behind the design of D&D Dragonlance. Coming soon.

Copyright ©1996-2001 James O'Rance.