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Taladas: Time of the Dragon Lords


Ariakan's Lorebook - Taladas

Lord Ariakan, founder of the Knights of Takhisis, did visit Taladas but briefly in the twilight of the Fourth Age. A contingent of Knights was stationed in the southern isles to prepare for Ariakan's conquering army. They do not know that Ariakan will never return.

This is the book of Lord Ariakan's observations and plans for the lands of Taladas, as recorded by Commander Laene Uth Habon. It serves as an introduction to Taladas in the later years of the Fourth Age.

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Time of the Dragon Lords

During the worst winter in living memory, Chaos swarmed out of the Great Burning Sea and tore at the heart of Taladas. Gods, warriors, and the stars themselves went to war against the Father of All and of Nothing, and drove Him from Krynn - some say at the cost of their lives.

Now it is the Fifth Age of Krynn, and Taladas has been transformed. An empire has fallen and been forged anew, evil has been driven away only to find new lairs from which to strike, and great bloodied dragons - much unlike those of Ansalon - hold a sword over the land. Although the Age of Mortals has begun, many fear that it will soon be the time of the dragon lords...

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Camoen's Bestiary

The theologian Camoen of Kristophan penned a famous treatise on the races and beasts of Taladas. Subsequent editions were suppressed and burned by the minotaur elite, who were displeased with a few of Camoen's observations.

Now, years after Camoen's death, the truth can be told. A new edition of his Bestiary has been prepared, despite minotaur grumbling. The wondrous and horrible lies within its pages...

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Cults of Taladas

The people of Taladas and the idols that they venerate are very different to those of Ansalon. Can these truly be the same gods? The colourful religions of these lands are detailed within.

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