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What is an RPG? What is Dragonlance?

Welcome to a whole new world.

The night is over. While the morning rises slowly, Duncan Firehunter, the warrior, looks above the horizon, searching for the lands he and his friends are about to enter. They know that life is good for adventurers in Ergoth, a land where a great Empire arose some thousands of years ago. A place where treasures are waiting anxiously to be discovered and conquered. But all dreams stopped when he saw the mighty creature in front of his eyes. Shining scales glowing at the Sun, red and sharp claws cutting the air whiles it amazingly glides, despite its huge size. The dragon is coming...

Dragonlance is a saga about courage, friendship, love, faith, honor, life and death. Its setting, Krynn, is a world ripped apart by several destructive wars, where Gods of Good and Evil fight among themselves since the beginning of Time, and in which normal people can become legendary heroes.

Krynn has survived to three Dragon Wars, and the biggest menace the world had ever faced, the War of the Lance, is over. But now, the world needs heroes more than ever.

A race of magical and beautiful Ogres, the Irda, released by accident an imprisoned God, the Chaos God, from the Graystone of Gargath, a magical artifact made by the Gods themselves. He walked over Krynn avenging himself from the imprisonment on the Gods' creatures, the people of Krynn. The oceans boiled, and dragons made of lava arose to destroy every thing. Besides, new undead creatures as the Shadow Wights could not only destroy their victims, but nullify completely this person from the world, even in memories.

Some time before, Krynn was taken by surprise from an attack of the Knights of Takhisis, the most powerful Evil Goddess in Krynn. They conquered almost all the continent, and the forces of Good were too weak to react alone against Chaos. So, an alliance was formed - both Knights of Takhisis and Knights of Solamnia, one of the strongest forces of Good in Krynn united against a common foe.

The children of the legendary Heroes of the Lance, some of the responsible of defeating Takhisis during the War of the Lance, and some of the old Companions of the Lance, as Tasslehoff Burrfoot and the most powerful mage of all times, also known as the Master of the Past and Present but without his amazing magical powers, Raistlin Majere, joined together to defeat Chaos and save Krynn. Although many have died, they succeeded. But the price was too high - the Gods they beloved had to depart.

The people of Krynn had to live without the Gods' blessings like Magic and clerical powers. And then, the Dragons stroke. Without Gods to rule them, the Dragons started to fight among themselves to rule Krynn. A mighty Dragon came from other continent. Her name was Malystryx, and she decided to fight other dragons in search for a place to rule.

Palin Majere, Raistlin's nephew and son of Tika and Caramon Majere, discovered a new way of using Magic, draining it from the world's essence, crafted by the Gods during its creation. Besides, Goldmoon, one of the Heroes of the Lance, found out a new Mystic Magic, born in the hearts and feelings of every being. A new hope starts to rise again...

While the forces of Good and Evil are not as clear as they once were, everyone knows it is again time for hope. It is again time for a war, but now they have to solve it by themselves, not under Gods' guidance. It is again time for heroes, and it is up all of us.

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