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  • DLFA Oracle Discussion List: Subscribe to this List to discuss Fifth Age and SAGA subjects, and to know when the page is updated.
  • DLFA Online Character Sheet: A new and improved version of Dragonlance Fifth Age Character Sheet, posted online for free copying! Now have your own sheet without photocopying your book every time you need it! This HTML-based version of this sheet is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. If you use another browser, see PDF version of this sheet. You need Winzip and Acrobat Reader to use this sheet version.
  • DLFA Online Libram/Mantra Spell Design Sheet: A new online sheet for Dragonlance! Write down your favorite sorcery or mystic spells in this special sheet. Best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or superior.
  • DLFA Online Resources: A set of resources made in HTML and JavaScript made for you: a character generator and an Online Fate Deck, for free download!
  • DLFA Spell Database: An Access 95 file with 50 ready spells for Dragonlance and SAGA, including some of the spells in this Oracle! You need Winzip and Microsoft Access 95 or newer to use this database. - Thanks to Faldore

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