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New Dragons:

  • Jeaderyllyx: a dragon named Jade and her plans to increase her power and domains.
  • Fyrabledaagh: a loyal servant of Malys bringing chaos to the Desolation.
  • Lukyll: a bronze dragon who escaped the Dragon Purge and his alliance with the Legion of Steel.

New Monsters:

  • Underground menaces: monsters especially created for underground adventures in Ansalon. Featuring 4 new creatures, with stats and descriptions!
  • Beasts of the Desolation: four new creatures spawned from the corrupt lands of the Desolation. This article includes statistics, descriptions and adventure hooks.
  • Emerald Threats: after the Green built her lair in Qualinesti, many strange beasts appeared in the once pure forest. Statistics and descriptions for the monsters of the Qualinest forest, including old and new creatures alike!

New Villains:

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