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So, visitor, what do you have for me? As an adventurer, you must have lived several danger situations, or faced the things that make Ansalon great. Sit down, have a glass of wine, and tell me your stories or your opinions. Possibly they will deserve a space on this Oracle, for those who need enlightement on the affairs of the world browse through the knowledge we share...

I proudly annouce the newest resource for all Dragonlance Fifth Age fans on the Internet: the DLFA Oracle Discussion List. This list will feature discussions on the Fifth Age and its SAGA Rules System only, being a good starting point for Narrators and players alike who want to improve their own campaigns and characters.

The Discussion List is an excellent point to discuss new releases (what do you think of The Sylvan Veil?), campaigns on several Fifth Age locations (how would a campaign in Sable's realm be like?), the situation of missing characters (what happened to Khellendros?), DLFA Oracle site updates, among other topics. It is up to you to make the List happen!

Before you subscribe, please read this part: this discussion list was made to discuss the Fifth Age and SAGA only; any topics non-related to Dragonlance, the Fifth Age or SAGA Rules System should not be discussed on this forum. Use of explicit language must be avoided, as well as personal offenses to List members. Short stories may be submitted through the List, and they are welcome. Any resources published on the list may appear on this site, given the right credits to the author of the work. Our first goal is to have good discussions on the world of Krynn.

To subscribe, fill the text space with your e-mail address and submit it. You will be taken to the ListBot site, where you will have to follow the subscription procedures. After finishing all the subscription steps, you will be part of the discussion!

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