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Dragonlance Fifth Age Campaign Oracle

Welcome to my library.

As I have walked among heroes during many years of my life, I lived many adventures and I learned many useful facts about this world named Krynn, its people, its magic and its wonders. I am still interested in what happens in the world, but I cannot act anymore. Now I am just a storyteller, not a sorcerer.

I used to guard my magical secrets in this cave, but now my magic is gone, and I am too old to learn again. I know that a sorcerer named Palin, Raistlin's nephew, discovered a new way of mastering Sorcery, but I chose to study the world, not just magic. In this Oracle, I meet the best adventurers and bards. Their stories are selected and compiled, filling these tomes you can see with all the knowledge I have gathered during the years. Maybe they will be useful someday, maybe they can help heroes like you to find new and great adventures.

If you are just a novice, you are free to ask what has happened before. But if you found this Oracle, of course you want more than this... I can tell you about some new Heroes, brave men and women, and some ideas on their roles in this world. I can also talk about my researches on Krynn. Some of them brings new information about places and people, but others study the rules that command our whole lives.

As I have already told you, I also study the new Magic Goldmoon, First Master of Mysticism, and Palin Majere, one of the members of the Last Conclave, have discovered. My studies on Sorcery and Mysticism may be very useful if you are a spellcaster, even if you use the new-discovered Hybrid Magic. I have some new magic rituals for you to study, if you wish. And if you cannot use Magic, please see the information about rare and special equipment, which can be found in some unique places in Krynn. I also have a good catalog of weapons.

Oh, yes, I know about the monsters that wander Krynn, all sorts of them. And the villains that menace many heroes' lives all across the continent. They are the very face of Evil in world without Gods, neither Evil nor Good. And what may lie in Krynnish treasure hoards, the rare Magical Items and Artifacts that carved Krynn's history during centuries. You can also visit other places of interest, for more information on Krynn or know my newest additions to the Library. Or maybe you want to join my fellows in our discussions...

Sincerely, I hope my pieces of information can help you out somehow. And I expect a new visit soon, because this library is always being increased. If you want to know more about me or my Oracle, or you did not find what you want in this Oracle, ask me. I will be happy to answer you.

Rolf Mathenus, Mage of the White Robes

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