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The Dragon Overlords

The coming of the Dragon Overlords in the Age of Mortals was one of the most influential and devastating events to occur upon Krynn. A world reeling from the effects of the Summer of Chaos, soon found itself ground under the talon of mighty dragons who claimed large areas of lands for their own domains. Soon the continent of Ansalon was carved up into pieces by the dragons who claimed dominance and also changed climates to suit them.

Origins of the Overlords

The most common question about the overlords were why they even came to Krynn. Takhisis took Khellendros from the alien dragon world over 200 years before the War of Souls, so that he could be the ruler of her new world order, when she was the only god. Due to his complacency, he was later replaced in that role by Mina. Over time, Khellendros garnered an affinity with the local Krynnish dragons and considered himself more of a Krynnish dragon than an alien dragon. When Takhisis stole the world, the other dragons found their way through the ether and into Krynn and spoiled some of Takhisis' carefully laid plans, by dominating the world. So whilst Takhisis only ever planned for Khellendros to be drawn through the portal, a number of others found the way through on their own.

The Five Great Overlords

Beryllinthranox Beryllinthranox (Beryl)

When Beryl first crossed worlds and arrived on Ansalon in 388 AC, she was only a small green who was faced with other greens who were far larger and more powerful than her. However during the Purge, she displayed a crafty intelligence that aided her in overcoming dozens of opponents, and contributed to her growing in size and power until she was the most powerful green remaining. Beryl then cultivated a huge domain that rivalled Malys'. She transformed her entire domain into wooded areas, and subjugated the Qualinesti elves. Many servants were devoted to her, from a flight of green dragons, to a draconian force, and renegade Qualinesti. Since Malys' defeat by Khellendros, and the latter's disappearance, Beryl became the dominant overlord of Ansalon. She continued her stranglehold on Qualinesti and eventually moved in herself to conquer the elves, once and for all. Beryl was confronted by Laurana and Marshal Medan. The pair led the attack by the elves and the Knights of Takhisis, and finally brought down the great beast. Beryl died, however in death she destroyed much of the elven city.

Gellidus Gellidus (Frost)

Gellidus is a two hundred and thirty foot long white dragon who was the fourth such creature to claim a realm during the Purge. When he traversed the ether to Krynn and first arrived on Ansalon in 395 AC, he first looked at Icewall, but could see little point ruling over such a desolate region. Instead he chose the warmer climes of Southern Ergoth and soon dominated the entire region. Frost chose to leave part of the realm alone, and to watch the Solamnics and the elves attempt to regroup in their small haven. He also decimated the humans living in Daltigoth and returned it's ownership to the ogres who now loyally serve him. Frost is also served by a group of white dragons and a small force of draconians. Gellidus has also long served as Malys' consort and until her death, sought to get closer to her to ensure his own survival. Frost is aware that he was the weakest of the five overlords and strives to maintain his alliances now that he is the sole surviving overlord left on Ansalon.

Khellendros Khellendros (Storm over Krynn)

Long believed to be a native of Krynn, it was revealed during the War of Souls that Khellendros was an alien dragon, much like the other four Dragon Overlords, but was brought to Krynn centuries ago by Takhisis. Khellendros was once known by the name of Skie. As Skie, he served in the War of the Lance, as Kitiara Uth Matar's personal mount. Khellendros loved Kitiara deeply, and since her loss has strived to discover a way to bring her back into the world. After the War, Khellendros journeyed into the Gray, the shadowy realm where spirits exist, and found a way to bring back his beloved Kit. During this time, he grew immensely in size and power and returned to Ansalon a behemoth. The Storm was over three hundred feet in length and excepting Malys, was the most powerful of all dragons upon Ansalon. Khellendros has long sought magical artifacts in order to return Kit, and attempted to claim those within the Tower of Palanthas. However he was thwarted when the Tower was destroyed. The Storm then developed his own blue spawn as his servants and gathered under him an army of minions. Serving Khellendros were the Knights of Takhisis, ogres, draconians and several blue dragons. During Malys' ascension to godhood, Khellendros challenged and defeated the huge red. He threw her into the sea and instead of declaring himself as master of all the dragon overlords, he fled into the Gray to find his Kitiara. Khellendros vanished for a period of time, however he eventually appeared again upon the Prime Material Plane. He was visited by Mina, who sought his aid in her conquest of Ansalon. The great blue refused to serve a human and was struck blind by her magic. In his weakened state, Malys then chose to attack the dragon in his lair. Malys sought him out and slew Khellendros, stealing his totem to increase her power.

Malystryx Malystryx (The Red Marauder)

Malys arrived from the far east, one year after the Second Cataclysm. She was the first of the alien dragons to make the cross into Krynn on her own, and engineered the way for her kin to follow her through the ether. Malys attacked the Dairly Plains and the Elian Wilds, and soon made a sweep across Ansalon. Next Malys attacked Kendermore, which she completely decimated. In the process she also slew the legendary hero Riverwind and over a thousand kender. Once Malys had ravaged a large part of the land and slain all dragons within reach, she transformed her domain into a fiery, burnt-out wasteland. Her domain became the largest dragon realm upon Ansalon and was known as the Desolation. Malys was over four hundred feet in length, by far the largest dragon on Ansalon and also the most powerful. She called an end to the Dragon Purge as she did not want to drive the dragons into extinction, and she called the other dragons to serve under her or to die. All chose to serve under Malys and to aid her in her ascension to godhood. Her ascension was thwarted however by the Heroes of the Heart and also with Khellendros' interference. Malys was thrown into the sea and defeated by the powerful blue. Since then, Beryl's domain became even larger than hers. Malys built her red spawn forces and waited for the day to strike. She slew Khellendros during the War of Souls and claimed his domain as hers, and prepared to claim the slain Beryl's domain also. Enraged at the audacity of the human girl Mina, she flew to destroy her and was slain in the attempt by the girl and the powers of Takhisis. The dominion of the overlords was broken as the greatest of them all finally fell from the skies.

Onysablet Onysablet (Sable)

Following her fellow alien dragons, Sable arrived in central Ansalon early in the Dragon Purge in 389 AC. Upon arriving she engaged in fierce fighting in the skies over the New Coast. Sable grew larger and stronger with each fight and soon she won the power to transform the land as she wished. She then carved a new realm for herself and changed the surrounding land into one giant swamp. Sable was over two hundred feet long and the largest black dragon to walk upon Ansalon. A master of sorcery, camouflage and mysticism, she was a wily foe to contend with. Sable was served by a loyal force of draconians, bakali and ogres. She also had several smaller black dragons who served her faithfully. Onysablet was often considered the 'scientist' of the five overlords and developed a new type of black spawn to serve her. Her plotting and experiments came to an end when she was confronted by Dhamon Grimwulf in the form of a shadow dragon, shortly after the War of Souls. The two dragons fought in her domain, and both died during the fight.

The Dragonlords of Ansalon

Whilst the five great overlords claimed vast tracts of land as huge domains, smaller dragons claimed their own surrounding domains and set themselves up as dragonlords. Far more powerful than the average dragon on Krynn, yet not quite as powerful as an overlord, the dragonlords were often intermediaries for the great overlords. A number of the dragonlords were fellow alien dragons like the five overlords, however a few were also Krynnish dragons who were wily enough to learn how to draw essences and grow in power.

Brynseldimer (Brine)

A native Krynnish dragon, Brine plundered the waters of the Courrain Ocean for many years before coming across the richest treasure of all, Dimernost. For five years, Brine had assaulted Dimernost, and had long since defeated the Dimernesti elves. The sea dragon constantly swam around the capital, and feasted upon any elves that strayed across his path. During the Heroes of the Heart's trek across the Courrain, they were attacked by the fearsome Brine. The Kagonesti elf Feril, visited the Dimernesti and pleaded for their aid. She was presented with the Crown of Tides, a magic artifact which could control the seas. With the aid of her fellow heroes and the Crown, the adventurers managed to slay Brine. The first of the great dragons was no more.

Cryonisis & Frisindia (Ice & Freeze)

Ice and Freeze are twin whites who have never been separated since they were first hatched centuries ago. The twin whites are native to Ansalon and served in the White Dragonarmy during the war. Upon returning to Icewall, the great white Sleet resumed control of the area. When the Dragon Purge began, Sleet and many other dragons fell upon each other with fury, each trying to gain dominance over the other. The twin whites systematically took out each opponent together and eventually they slew the mighty Sleet. After this, all other whites in the area, bowed to their might and acknowledged them as the masters of Icewall. Cryonisis chose to rule the west of Icewall and Frisindia took the east. Through working together they have transformed their domain into a massive glacier which is growing by the day. The two whites are served by a host of white dragons, draconians and thanoi. Currently they are sending their subjects on searches to find holy weapons, since Icewall has been beseiged by frost-wights. The twins are fighting against the wights in a desperate fight, as Gellidus is starting to eye their domain with envy.

Fenalysten (Cinder)

Fenalysten is a two hundred foot red dragon who is aggressive, hot-headed and ambitious. Following Malys from the alien dragon world, he travelled to Ansalon and claimed a portion of the Estwilde region, between Nightlund and Neraka, as his own. Cinder wishes to expand his empire and dominate the lesser dragon lords, however until the death of Malys, he feared repercussions from the great red. He is a cruel master who always idolised Malys' and wishes to follow in her footsteps (except for the fact about her death). Much like her, he flies over his realm constantly and terrorises the inhabitants. The only place he leaves untouched is the city of Firstwal, which he sends his draconians forces to raid constantly for supplies. Cinder is currently negotiating with the Knights of Takhisis to form an alliance. This alliance would provide him with the forces needed to overcome Lorrinar. Cinder wants to become the most powerful creature upon Krynn, but realises his limitations. For now, he is content to scheme and slowly grow in power.

Iyesta (Splendor)

The great brass Iyesta was a native of Krynn and the only metallic dragon to claim her own domain on Ansalon during the Age of Mortals. Iyesta held her own and defended her part of the Plains of Dust. Defending her half of the Plains of Dust against Stenndunuus, who ruled the other half, Iyesta had close ties to several metallic dragons, the Legion of Steel and her own private militia. When the Tarmak warriors allied with Stenndunuus, they used the abyssal lance to kill the great Iyesta. Stenndunuus then claimed the entire Plains of Dust as his realm for a short time.

Lorrinar (Fume)

Lorrinar came from the alien dragon world with some of the later dragons. When he arrived upon Ansalon his first goal was to select a secluded forest in which he could hide from the world. The one hundred foot green chose eastern Estwilde and dwells within the Woods of Lahue. He has few servants and prefers to stay safely in his own domain. The only request he makes upon the other inhabitants of the area is that he be left alone. The dwarves, humans and bakali of the regions are only too happy to comply. Lorrinar has one servant in his employ, a human spy named Gibrana Rentir, who keeps him informed of current events. He knows that Fenalysten is looking to make a move on his realm, and so he is trying to find magical items, with which to offer to other dragons to aid him in defeating Fenalysten. Lorrinar wishes to make himself valuable allies, so as to grow in power himself and more importantly, in order to survive.

Mohrlex (Pitch)

Mohrlex is a one hundred foot black dragon who came with Lorrinar from the alien dragon world. He chose the Great Moors of Nordmaar as his domain. A swampy marshy area, it suits the black perfectly. He rules over his domain with a small army of servants mainly comprising of bakali and draconians. Mohrlex is very laid back, caring little for the current happenings of the world, preferring to merely hunt in his domain and wallow in his jungle paradise.

Pyrothraxus (Pyro)

Pyrothraxus is a mighty red dragon who arrived in Ansalon in the middle of the Dragon Purge, having travelled with other dragons from the alien world. He came across an unclaimed area of land and thought his fortune was good. The red claimed Sancrist as his domain and settled in. At first Pyro attacked Mt. Nevermind, but did not find quaking citizens, instead the gnomes asked him questions and happily tested their new weapons upon him. In disgust, Pyro left Mt. Nevermind and retreated to his private lair in the mountains nearby. However the gnomes, thought Pyro's arrival, was a great stroke of luck, a subject upon which they could test their inventions. They soon began the regular trek to quiz the red or to test their weapons. Each time Pyro attacked and killed some gnomes they returned in greater numbers. Pyro is slowly losing his grip on sanity from the constant clamouring of the gnomes around him. However he refuses to leave and admit that the gnomes have gotten the better of him.

Stenndunuus (Thunder)

A native Krynnish dragon who was ferocious in battle and killed all those who neared him, Stenndunuus was able to win a domain for himself. Claiming the eastern half of the Plains of Dust, he then turned his eye on the western half which was ruled by the metallic dragonlord Iyesta. Unable to defeat her after numerous battles, the furious blue dragon bided his time, until he formed an alliance with an army of Tarmak warriors who brought forth a mysterious new weapon called an abyssal lance. With the lance, his new allies killed Iyesta and he then claimed the entire Plains of Dust. Angered by the death of Iyesta, the dragon Crucible and the Solamnic knight Linsha Majere retrieved the abyssal lance and used it on Stenndunuus as revenge, claiming the blue dragon's life in a similar manner to how he killed Iyesta.

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