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Miscellaneous Villainy

Abbot of Misrule

The Abbot was an abishai of the Abyss whose task was to wander Krynn and give bad advice to cause chaos amongst the races. He was one of two abishai responsible for resurrecting the hobgoblin Toede in the cause of a bet. The Abbot was caught by a greater abishai for his meddling and sent to a plain near Flotsam where he was sentenced to attempt to outrun a juggernaut. Since this is an impossible task, the Abbot was presumably destroyed.


During the time of the Kingpriest, Aeleth was an infamous archer who started his own bandit group. He allied his forces with his compatriots Gormion and Rann. The bandit hordes operated near Istar and joined the Que-Nara warrior Fordus in his fight against the Kingpriest. During an epic battle between the legions of Istar and Fordus' men, Aeleth and the bandits were wiped out by a fiery blast rained down by Sargonnas.

Andor, Chief Dark Cleric of the Black Wing

Andor was a Qualinesti elf who, at a young age, showed an interest in the black arts. He was exiled for his choice of dark magic and soon after joined the dragonarmies. Andor rose to prominence in Highlord Maldeev's service after a courageous detection of enemy forces and was promoted to chief dark cleric. On the day that Andor was to bond Khisanth and Highlord Maldeev, he was found murdered. The dark elf was a victim of yet another crime within Takhisis' circle of treachery.

Aynkell Soth

Aynkell was the father of the fearsome Lord Loren Soth. Aynkell was a lecherous man, whom ordered the deaths of his former lovers when they fell pregnant. Aynkell did not want an illegitimate child claiming his lands. The black-hearted lord passed on a curse to his son whom far outgrew his sire in dark deeds. Aynkell died alone since he had alienated all those who had formerly loved him.


Caradoc was a black-hearted, treacherous individual, who was also by some quirk of fate a Knight of Solamnia. He was Loren Soth's first knight and also served as his seneschal. Caradoc's only loyalty was to Loren Soth. He murdered for his lord and performed other dark acts. When Soth was sentenced for execution in Palanthas, Caradoc organised the other knights to free their lord. When Soth chose to ride to prevent the Cataclysm, Caradoc was his first choice. Caradoc rode faithfully with his lord, and returned to Dargaard when Soth rode back to his keep in a rage. When Dargaard Keep burst into flames and Caradoc knew that his lord was dead, he calmly walked into the flames to die with his lord. Caradoc rose again to serve his master in undeath as a skeletal warrior for all eternity.

Castellan of the Condemned

The Castellan was an abishai of the Abyss whose role was to capture and guard the souls of the most evil entities to ensure that they did not rise up to a position of power within the Abyss. He was one of two abishai responsible for the resurrection of Toede for a bet. The Castellan was caught out by a greater abishai for freeing a soul and was sentenced to death by a juggernaut.


Charka was a gnoll warrior who was sentenced to death by a group of fellow gnolls for murder. Charka was saved from quicksand by the hobgoblin Toede and they became allies. Charka then killed off her rivals and became chieftain of her tribe. She later joined Toede's forces with her gnoll warriors in the taking of Flotsam. As reward, Toede announced that Charka was now master of the swamp and gnolls were given free access to Flotsam.

Colm Farold

Colm was already a popular and respected Knight of the Sword when he first met Loren Soth. He was awed by the great knight and pledged his sword and loyalty to him at Loren's wedding to Lady Korinne Gladria. Soth accepted and was deeply touched by the gesture. He made Colm one of his knights and he was also one of Soth's most loyal. When Soth rode in his final quest to stop the Cataclysm, he asked Colm to join him with several others. Colm accepted and rode with Soth towards Istar. However the journey was never completed and the knights chased Soth back to Dargaard Keep, after he was enraged and cantered back home. On return, Colm was consumed by the fire that engulfed Dargaard, and rose again to serve Soth in undeath as one of his skeletal warriors.

Daeghrefn, Lord of Nidus

Daeghrefn grew up to become a mighty warrior and loyal Knight of Solamnia. He justly ruled the province of Nidus and had a son, Abelaard, by his wife. Daeghrefn was close friends with another knight, Laca, who was reputed to be a descendant of the great Huma. One night however, Laca slept with Daeghrefn's wife and got her pregnant. In rage, Daeghrefn swore war against Laca and his province of East Borders. He also abandoned his pregnant wife in the snow and allowed her to die. He only took the newborn child with him, as he felt forced to care for it, whilst being watched by his beloved son, Abelaard. Daeghrefn renounced his vows to the knighthood and the old gods and plotted for a way to be rid of the new child. Daeghrefn named the child Verminaard, since he considered the child to be the spawn of an unholy act. He treated his adopted child, worse than any of his servants and openly scorned and attempted to kill his off. Over the years, Verminaard ascended to power and wrested control of Nidus from Daeghrefn. The former lord still made several attempts on Verminaard's life and was imprisoned in his personal chambers. After a period of time, Daeghrefn worked his way free of his prison and was informed of his only true son, Abelaard's, impending doom. In horror and desperation, Daeghrefn called out to his son and to Laca, in the process he fell from the ramparts of Nidus and plunged to his doom.

Dahos, High Priest of the Seekers

Dahos was a warrior from the Abanasinian plains who discovered the Seeker religion several years before the War of the Lance in the form of Hederick. Dahos saw great promise and opportunity with Hederick and quickly joined him. Dahos rose to become a high priest in the Seeker religion and second-in-command to Hederick, whom was the virtual ruler of Solace. With the destruction of the Seeker temple, Dahos fled to Solace and ran the smaller chapel of the Seekers. He vanished during the War of the Lance and is believed to have been enslaved in the mines of Pax Tharkas where he presumably perished.

Darin Valcic

Darin was a determined young warrior who was buried deep in honor. At an early age, he achieved the status of Solamnic Knight and exemplified the ideals of the honorable warrior. He chose to serve under Loren Soth, who was at the time, the greatest Solamnic warrior. It was a choice that he may later have come to regret. When the knights freed Soth from Palanthas, Darin remained behind to protect Dargaard Keep. As Soth and his men entered Dargaard, Darin rode out alone to attack the Solamnics in pursuit in the hope that he could delay them. The Solamnics would not attack their brother and left him unharmed. Darin had, however saved his lord by delaying the Solamnics for several seconds. He returned to his lord and was struck down with his master by an elf maiden's curse. Forever more, Darin was cursed to serve Soth in undeath as one of his skeletal warriors.

Derik Grimscribe

Derik was a small young man whose only dream was to enter the knighthood. However due to his extremely light build, most knights would not consider his petition for knighthood. Loren Soth, however, chose to sponsor the young man, and in return, Derik swore himself to Soth's service. Derik did become a knight and soon proved to be excellent in his chosen profession. He served Soth loyally and aided in freeing him from the executioner's axe in Palanthas. Even though Derik was a good knight, loyal and true, for serving under his cursed master, he was sentenced to serve him in undeath forever. Derik now rides as one of Soth's skeletal warriors for eternity.

Dimitras, Adjutant to Brigade Commander Wakar

Dimitras was the third in command of the Black Wing and was dragon bonded to Dnestr. When Khoal, Dnestr and Neetra betrayed the Black Wing, the three commanders who were bonded to the dragons were also considered traitors. The three commanders were innocent, however their ignorance was inexcusable. Highlord Maldeev sentenced Dimitras and his fellows to death. They were ripped to shreds by the dragons, Jahet and Khisanth.

Eben Shatterstone

Eben was a human warrior who met up with the Companions just prior to them infiltrating Pax Tharkas. He was amiable and a talented swordsman who soon became close friends with Sturm Brightblade and Caramon Majere. It was later discovered that Eben was actually a servant of the red dragon Ember and was aiding the dragon in the search for the Green Gemstone Man. In the dungeons of Pax Tharkas, Eben found Berem, the Green Gemstone Man. During the slave revolt he attempted to spirit Berem away, however a dragon fight overhead caused the collapse of Pax Tharkas' main gate which crushed and killed Eben.

Fineas Traganus, General of Caergoth

Fineas was a greatly respected soldier in the Ergothian Empire, who rose to prominence and the rank of general quickly. He was given full control of Caergoth and was supposed to welcome Solamnus and his men when they first marched out of Ergoth to invade Vingaard. However he was undone, as were all of his men by the whims of the Empress Phrygia. Whilst waiting for Solamnus, one of his colonels, Hellas, left with his men to greet Vinas and his troops. They were actually under orders to kill Solamnus and were wiped out in the attempt. Next another of his colonels, Desidras, found his men had butchered the villagers in the neighbouring village and were then executed. The companies all then turned upon one another, murdering each other until only the general and fifty of his men were left. Fineas discovered a magic pendant from Phrygia which was actually cursed and made men think treachery was afoot when there was none. The maddened Fineas murdered the last fifty of his men, until he too was killed. The great soldier was murdered at his desk, shot through the head with a crossbow bolt.


Fraz is a strange being from the Plane of Lightning. This weird creature seems to be dominant entity on this plane and is also a devout servant of Takhisis. Fraz is a fearsome being with extensive magical powers and resembles a humanoid/gorilla hybrid. This physical manifestation is more than likely just a favoured image that the vicious elemental maintains. Fraz is a master of trickery and deception and bows down to Takhisis only.

Gantor Blacksword

Gantor was once a member of the Theiwar clan of dwarves. However following in the wake of a dispute with another dwarf, Gantor's downfall began. He murdered his opponent and his family, perfectly acceptable by Theiwar standards. Unfortunately for Gantor, one of the Theiwar Thane's nephews was also in the house and was accidentally killed. Thane Realgar ordered Gantor to be exiled from Thorbardin, never to return on pain of death. Gantor wandered aimlessly until he encountered the kender, Emilo Haversack. Emilo led him to the comforting darkness of Skullcap. Here he led the dwarf to a cave that contained the remains of the wizard Fistandantilus. Gantor ruthlessly attacked Emilo and claimed the bloodstone for himself. However the bloodstone contained the soul of Fistandantilus which took partial control over the dwarf. For over a decade the dwarf waited for someone powerful to come along without knowing why. When someone did in the form of the human warrior Kelryn Darewind, Gantor was murdered by Kelryn, as commanded by the bloodstone, and the soul of Fistandantilus changed hands again.


Gakhan was unofficially known as the Dark Lady's assassin. It was by his doing that he tracked the Blue Crystal Staff to the Que-Shu and then to Solace. On finding that he had already missed them, he decided to pass on descriptions of the group that was now in possession of the Staff to Kitiara, who he knew had grown up in the area. He also followed Tanis Half-Elven out of the Saltbreeze Inn after he had spent three days (or rather, nights) in her company. When Caramon, Tika, Tasslehoff and Berem (also known as the Everman) were captured in Neraka, Gakhan identified Berem as the Green Gemstone Man and attempted to take him to the Dark Lady. Berem went into a rage and attacked Gakhan with his bare hands and killed him.


Gaveley was the product of a union between an elven trader and a rich Solamnic merchant's daughter. The daughter was cast out of her family and she raised her son in the streets of Solace, teaching him to despise the rich. Gaveley took the message to heart and setup his own thieves ring. They were a successful operation for many years until the ring started to dwindle with the Seeker takeover of Solace. Eventually Gaveley chose to side with Hederick, the High Theocrat and leader of the Seekers in Solace. Hederick invited Gaveley to his temple compound and poisoned him with macaba root. The master thief proved to be yet another victim of the religious fanatic, Hederick.


Gormion was a devious and cunning bandit in the time of the Kingpriest. Gormion formed her own band who were relatively successful and even moreso when they allied with the bandit bands of Rann and Aeleth. The bandit horde joined the plainsmen army of Fordus Firesoul in his crusade against Istar. The fight against the Istarian legions failed and Gormion was one of the only ones to escape. With no band, she was reduced to little more than guarding caravans. During one such duty she was cut down by bandit raiders.

Groag, Aide of Highlord Toede

Groag was a snivelling cowardly hobgoblin who survived the War of the Lance, by bowing and scraping before his master Toede and immersing himself into his court. Groag was Toede's chief aide and servant during this period. With Toede's demise, Groag fled Flotsam, for fear that he would be killed by Gildentongue and Hopsloth, after their takeover. Groag was captured by kender and began to learn of friendship and forgot his evil ways. When Toede was resurrected, Groag then joined his companion in various misadventures until the two parted ways. Groag then later assumed control of Flotsam. When Toede reappeared again, Groag relinquished control to him and served under him as his chef and chief food-taster. Much like his master, he vanished sometime around the Chaos War and is presumed dead.

Hederick, High Theocrat of the Seekers

Hederick grew up in the small village of Garlund and was raised by parents who were religious fanatics. In his early teens he met the Seeker priest Tarscenian and soon became a fervent believer of the Seeker gods. He later amassed large groups of followers throughout Ansalon and founded a temple near Solace. From his temple he took control of the town of Solace and began his reign of terror. Hederick's temple was later destroyed and his control of Solace was diminished. He retained a minor hold over Solace by allying himself with the Dragon Highlord Verminaard. During the War of the Lance, Verminaard's forces overran Solace and imprisoned the snivelling Hederick. He was then enslaved and sent to work in the mines at Pax Tharkas where he quickly perished.

Hellas, Colonel of Caergoth

Hellas was a fierce young warrior who joined the Ergoth army with great dreams of conquest. He served his masters unswervingly and did not partake in the corruption that many others in the army did. He was originally stationed in Solanthus and rose quickly in the ranks to serve under Lord Scipio as his captain. When Scipio was accidentally killed, Hellas then assumed control of Solanthus, captured Vinas Solamnus and brought him to justice before the Ergothian courts. In later years, Hellas was promoted to Colonel and stationed in Caergoth. However he was given instructions by Phrygia, the Empress of Ergoth, to attack Solamnus and his army when they first departed Ergoth under the Emperor's orders. Hellas loyally attacked Solamnus and his men, however the two hundred warriors could do little against Solamnus' greater numbers. Hellas was slain in the skirmish, little more than a puppet for the empire.

Horak, Field Commander of the Black Wing

Horak was a powerful human commander that initially served as a high-ranked officer in Ariakas' Red Wing. Ariakas promoted Horak to field commander and asked him to command draconian forces for the Black Wing. Horak then served under Black Dragon Highlord Maldeev and was dragon-bonded to Shadow. Horak later served under the fearsome Highlord Salah-Kahn as one of his officers and vanished sometime during the later stages of the War of the Lance. He is presumed to have been killed during this period.

Josef Monoculus

Josef was a noble of Istar who was given command of the Fourth Army of Istar. Josef was a decent warrior but a poor strategist. When the forces of the prophet Fordus caused a stir to the west, Josef was sent to end the threat. Fordus' army defeated the Fourth Legion and Josef went home in disgrace. For his failure, the Kingpriest publicly executed his general in the arena.

Judith, Keeper of the Peace

Judith was a greater abishai whose job was to guard and oversee the general running of the Abyss and its occupants. Judith was one of Takhisis' chief lieutenants and the commander of her demonic forces. When two lesser abishai resurrected the hobgoblin Toede, she stepped in and sentenced them both to death. She was also responsible for single-handedly ending the undead invasion on Flotsam whilst trying to retrieve Toede. However Toede convinced Judith to allow him to stay alive and she returned to oversee the Abyss empty-handed.

Jugger (Crystityckol'k'kq'q)

Jugger was a powerful demon of the Abyss who was given the task of roaming Krynn until he could kill 1000 people. During the height of Irda civilisation in the Age of Dreams, he killed 651 ogres before being imprisoned in their temple. Jugger was trapped until after the War of the Lance when the recently-resurrected Toede freed him. Jugger helped Toede assault Flotsam during which he met his quota and was allowed to return to the Abyss.

Julius Erasmus, High Commander of Ergoth

A high ranking officer in the Ergothian army, Julius served under High Commander Vinas Solamnus before his senior left to quash a peasant rebellion. Once Solamnus was declared a traitor to Ergoth, the Emperor quickly instated Julius as the high commander of Ergoth's armies. Julius proved to be a weak commander, and he and his men quickly succumbed to Solamnus' forces during the final seige at Daltigoth.

Kris Krejlgaard

Kris was a fierce young warrior who was readily accepted into the knighthood. He served loyally under his sponsor Soth. Soth saved young Krejlgaard several times which only strengthened their ties together. During one crossing of the Vingaard, Kris fell in fully armored and was drowning. Soth however, plunged in and rescued his young knight. After that point, Kris swore undying fealty to his lord, which he later paid in full. When Soth was cursed to walk Krynn forever, Kris was also struck down and now serves as one of Soth's skeletal warriors.

Krynos of Culthairai

Krynos was a fierce warrior from the tiny village of Culthairai. He joined the dragonarmies late in the war and was renowned as a brilliant tactician. Krynos was being groomed as the next Dragon Highlord, when he encountered a lone Solamnic Knight during his campaign. He took the knight prisoner, not realising that the man had recently left a plague-ridden town. One by one his soldiers dropped, until eventually Krynos himself died from the plague.


Led was an entrepreneurial young warrior who allied himself with the mysterious warrior Yoshiki Toba. The two began a successful bandit group of which he was the leader. Along their travels they encountered a female mage, Onyx, who was actually the black dragon Khisanth in disguise. She joined the band and Led became infatuated with her. After an encounter with some Solamnic knights, Led and his surviving ogres abandoned Onyx and fled for their lives. An enraged Khisanth, pursued the bandit and slew him and his followers.

Lord SothLoren Soth, Knight of the Black Rose

Lord Soth was a Knight of the Rose, one of the highest of his order. One day while riding, he passed a caravan of elven clerics, and fell in love with a young initiate. Soth murdered his present wife and married the elf maiden, who learned of his treachery. She prayed to Paladine on Soth's behalf, and learned of the Cataclysm. She also learned that Soth could prevent it from happening if he rode to Istar, but he would be killed in the act. Soth rode to Istar to redeem himself, but came again on the elven clerics, who tricked him into believing that his new wife -- now pregnant -- was cheating on him. In a jealous rage, he rode home to kill her, arriving at the moment that the Fiery Mountain struck Krynn, killing his wife and child -- but not before she placed a curse on him. Lord Soth now roams Krynn as a Death Knight; his men at arms are now a legion of undead warriors, and the elven clerics are banshees that sing his lament to him every night. Soth served the Blue Lady, Kitiara, and strove to entrap her soul as his wife for eternity. Mina petitioned him for aid during the War of Souls, however he refused, had his cursed removed and was destroyed for his audacity.

Lucias Scipio, Colonel of Solanthus

Lucias was a powerful officer of the Ergoth Empire during the Age of Dreams. He rose through the ranks and soon assumed command over the keep at Solanthus. He grew tired of receiving little in the way of reward for his services to the empire. Soon the colonel turned corrupt and started to order his men to pillage the neighbouring villages and sell back their "gains" to the villagers. The corrupt colonel and his men grew fat on their pickings whilst the peasants in the outside villages starved to death and died. Vinas Solamnus and his forces journeyed to Solanthus and discovered how Lucias was treating the peasants. Outraged, Solamnus recovered all the stolen provisions and returned them to the villagers. Lucias's men alerted their lord to the theft, whilst they attempted to recover the provisions. Lucias was accidentallly killed by one of his men, when the soldier lost control of his horse, which ran down and killed him and his lord together.


Lyrelee was a high-ranking priestess in the Temple of Luerkhisis and loyally served under the high priest Wryllish Parkane for several years. When Ariakas came to the temple, she was drawn to him and soon became his close companion and lover. Lyrelee travelled with Ariakas into both the Shilo-Thahn's domain and into Zhakar Hold. In the depths of the Zhakar warrens, Ariakas, Lyrelee and the dwarf Ferros Windchisel, were ambushed by Zhakar dwarves. Lyrelee was slain in the ambush and Ariakas set about slaying as many Zhakar as possible to avenge his lover's death.

Maslas Quisling, Colonel of Thelgaard

Maslas was the third cousin to the Emann Quisling, emperor of Ergoth. He was the ruler of Thelgaard and a greedy, conspiring man. The emperor thought little of Maslas, since Maslas was not the butcher that many of the other Quislings were. This proved to be Maslas' saving grace. When Solamnus rebelled against the empire and his forces marched to Thelgaard. He gave Maslas' a choice, a choice that he would give no other Quisling. The choice was simply, join the rebellion or die. Wisely, Maslas joined Solamnus and conquered the emperor's forces. Maslas then continued to rule Thelgaard until his death, years later.

Meyer Seril

Meyer Seril was an honorable young warrior who loyally served as one of Soth's faithful. He greatly respected his lord, although he had little love for his second, Caradoc, whom he feared and knew to be a callous and treacherous warrior. Seril felt obligated to serve Soth after his family's harvests were destroyed by locusts, and Soth provided for them. Greatly touched by the gesture, Meyer pledged undying loyalty to Soth which he paid in full, after Soth's cursing. Meyer rose after his death and served his lord in undeath as one of his skeletal warriors.

Phudge I, Highbulp of Xak Tsaroth

Phudge I is the epitome of what any gully dwarf king should be: cowardly, ugly and sinister. Phudge warned the black dragon Onyx of the Companions desire to steal part of her treasure in Xak Tsaroth. He was later bullied into marriage with the gully dwarf Bupu, and is said to have remedied his former evil ways.

Rackas Ironcog

Rackas was a greedy, ambitious Zhakar dwarf who allied himself with the savant Tik Deepspeaker with whom he murdered the Zhakar king, Pulc Tenstone. Rackas then assumed the role of king and coerced the Zhakar to become even more isolationist than under Pulc's rule. When Ariakas visited Zhakar Hold, several years before the War of the Lance, he coveted Ariakas' magical sword and made several attempts to kill Ariakas so he could claim the valuable weapon. Ariakas rewarded his treachery by allowing his rival Whez Lavastone to kill Rackas and claim his position.


Rann was a mighty warrior in the time of the Kingpriest who formed his own bandit army near Istar. He joined forces with those of fellow bandits Gormion and Aeleth. Rann and his men were decimated during a battle with the legions of Istar.

RennardRennard the Oathbreaker

Rennard was the second son of the Duke of Eldor, a proud Solamnic family. Rennard and his brother Durac, were both fine warriors and petitioned to join the Knights of Solamnia. However Rennard was struck down with the Scarlet Plague before he joined the knighthood. Dying from the plague and on the verge of death, he begged the gods for aid. The gods of good did not come to Rennard's aid, although one other did. Morgion, the evil god of disease offered to cure Rennard on the condition that he become his loyal follower. Mad from the pain, Rennard agreed and loyally served his dark god from that point onward. Rennard joined the knighthood with his brother and fought in Vingaard. One year after joining, Durac was killed in a skirmish, and unknown to Rennard he left behind a wife and child. Rennard then murdered Durac's wife and secreted away the child whom he assisted in raising and helped the child grow into the young warrior Huma. In secret Rennard spied upon the knighthood for his god, and eventually struck at it's heart by murdering Grand Master Trake. Rennard escaped with the murder and later tried to poison the new Grand Master Oswal. However he was thwarted by Huma and Trake's son, Bennett. Rennard escaped Solamnic justice again and fled. Huma tracked down Rennard in an outlying village from Vingaard and confronted him again. Rennard attacked Huma and perished upon the younger knight's blade. For his crimes, Rennard was sentenced to the Abyss and to eternally suffer from the effects of the Scarlet Plague. In much later years, Rennard's spirit came to the aid of a Solamnic knight against a group of cultists of Morgion. For his aid, he was granted a drink of water and a small reprieve from his eternal torture.


Rogate was a burly, thick-headed mercenary who worked for the amphidragon Hopsloth after the War of the Lance. Rogate was ordered to hunt down the resurrected Toede, however he was defeated by the hobgoblin. He later became a devout follower of Toede and aided him in the assault on Flotsam. When Toede became the lord of Flotsam again, he rewarded his servant by making Rogate his chief bodyguard.

Severus Stonehand

Stonehand was a zealot religious fanatic, proclaiming himself the 'Prophet of Reorx,' and leading any dwarves who would follow out of sealed Thorbardin to reclaim Thoradin. After he was installed as the High Thane there, Stonehand allied himself with the Knights of Takhisis.


Shanz was a Baaz draconian whose honed warrior skills and keen intelligence caused his rise through the ranks at Xak Tsaroth. Soon Shanz found himself as lieutenant to Khisanth the black dragon and became her trusted cohort. He served the dragon faithfully and managed the growing army at Xak Tsaroth. When Riverwind infiltrated the fallen city, Shanz and Khisanth pursued the plainsman. The two tracked him down in the Forsaken Mountains and confronted Riverwind. Riverwind battled and slew Shanz, and escaped from Khisanth. Shanz remained unavenged.


Snoop was a small wiry man who grew up as a thief in Haven. He soon learnt the arts of spying and assassination during his short career in Haven. He later ventured to Solace where he encountered and joined the lucrative thieves ring of the half-elf Gaveley. For several years Snoop did rather well for himself until the warrior-mage Tarscenian came to the ring. During a job to recover a magical treasure, Snoop suspected that Gaveley was trying to take his cut of the treasure and he threw in his lot with Tarscenian. The two snuck into the Seeker Temple, Erolydon, and were attacked by a slime creature. Tarscenian defeated the monster but not before it killed Snoop.


Steeltoe was the result of an ogre and a human woman, which resulted in a terribly cruel but intelligent creature. He lived in the troublesome days after the Cataclysm, and led a band of bandits. His end came, as they attacked Raistlin, Caramon and Crysania. Caramon killed the evil half-ogre in fair combat.

Tale Splintersteel

Tale was a Zhakar dwarf who served as trade minister for the Zhakar in Sanction. He was a loyal follower of the Zhakar king, Pulc Tenstone, and when Pulc was murdered the new king saw Tale as a threat. Tale surrounded himself with numerous followers and staved off his attackers. When Ariakas and the Hylar, Ferros Windchisel, visited Tale to attempt to parlay with the Zhakar, Tale sought to murder them. After several acts of treachery, he was captured by Ariakas and later imprisoned by the shadowpeople beneath Sanction. Ariakas freed Tale and forced the dwarf to lead him to Zhakar Hold. Tale became a target of the current king Rackas Ironcog and stayed with the highlord during their short foray there. When Rackas was killed and Tale's usefulness was at an end, Ariakas rewarded Tale's earlier treachery with a quick death.

Terriatas Quisling

Terriatas was the grand nephew to Emann Quisling, Emperor of Ergoth. He was a man who was twisted and cruel, and ruled over a small domain in Ergothian Empire. Terriatas was greatly feared and much respected by the emperor. When Vinas Solamnus claimed Vingaard, the emperor chose Terriatas to replace Solamnus as the lord of Vingaard. However Solamnus then rebelled against the emperor and ended Terriatas' dreams of ruling Vingaard. A cruel man, he sided with the emperor during the rebellion and lost his life.


Thouriss was a powerful lizardman created by the alchemist Krago. He was created from dragon quicksilver and serpent eggs as a possible solution to the lack of draconians for the dragonarmies. Physically, Thouriss was as strong as a minotaur, however he had the intelligence of a newborn. He aged and was grown at an incredible rate and was subservient to only his mentor Krago. His first true physical test came when he was confronted by Riverwind. He was bested and killed by the Plainsman, the lizardman experiment proved to be a failure.


Venessi and her husband Con were two ambitious humans that preyed upon others faith in order to eke out a luxurious existence. When the two came to the small village of Garlund, they dreamed up the god Tiolanthe, and claimed to be his prophets. The people, seeking leadership and hope, readily accepted the two and their 'god'. The couple gave birth to two children around this time. A daughter, Ancilla, and a son, Hederick. During one argument between the couple, Con left his wife. In a rage, she whipped the villagers into a religious fervor and had them kill her husband. In later years, Hederick found the Diamond Dragon, a powerful magical artifact and discovered the Seeker Gods. He claimed to follow these new gods and used the artifact so the people would follow him. Hederick then ordered the people to turn on his mother, the false prophet. The villagers of Garlund killed Venessi with their bare hands and then turned upon each other shortly afterwards.

Volg, Field Commander of the Black Wing

Volg was a fearsome ogre warrior and also the commander of all the ogre forces in the Black Wing. He was dragon-bonded to Lhode and served first under Highlord Maldeev and then his successor Salah-Kahn. Much like his rival Horak, Volg served for several years in the dragonarmies and then vanished like thousands of others during the war years. More than likely, the great ogre warrior decorates some unmarked grave across the dusty fields of war.

Wakar, Brigade Commander of the Black Wing

Wakar was an ambitious warrior who was second in command of the Black Wing. He was dragon-bonded to the ancient black Khoal. When it was revealed that Khoal had betrayed the Black Wing, Wakar was sentenced to death for not alerting the Highlord of the treachery. He and his two fellow officers were devoured live by the black dragons, Jahet and Khisanth.

Wersten Kern

Wersten was Soth's second knight to choose to serve under him and also one of his most loyal. Throughout Soth's years he served faithfully under him. Kern was one of the three knights that Soth asked to ride with him on his final quest to stop the Cataclysm. However the young knight rode back with his comrades in pursuit of their enraged lord to Dargaard Keep. When they returned, their quest failed, they found the keep was engulfed by flames. The flames consumed the young warrior who then rose in undeath to serve his lord again for eternity as one of his skeletal warriors.

Whez Lavastone

Whez was a powerful lord of Zhakar Hold and a loyal follower of the king Pulc Tenstone. When Pulc was murdered and his rival Rackas Ironcog assumed the throne, Whez was soon out of favor. When Ariakas came to Zhakar Hold, prior to the War of the Lance, Whez made the highlord aware of Rackas' murderous intent. For his aid, Ariakas allowed Whez to kill Rackas and assume the mantle of king. He also forced an alliance with the Zhakar, with which Whez readily agreed. Whez and the Zhakar became steadfast supporters of the dragonarmies for the war and were also suppliers of the mold necessary for the draconian spawning process.


Xam was a burly human that was a regular brawler in the streets and bars of Solace. At a young age he developed his brawling skills into a career and became a bodyguard and bounty hunter of sorts. Xam also joined the half-elf Gaveley's thieves ring and served as Gaveley's right-hand man. A short time before the War of the Lance, when Gaveley was killed by the Seeker priest Hederick, Xam vanished from Solace. The warrior knew that something bad was happening and used his common sense in fleeing for self-survival. He hasn't been seen since and is presumed dead.

Yellow Eyes

Yellow Eyes was a fierce goblin warrior who possessed above average intelligence for one of his race. Through cunning and ingenuity he commanded a small legion of goblin warriors who served Hederick and his Seekers in Solace. Shortly before the War of the Lance, when the Seeker Temple, Erolydon, was destroyed, Yellow Eyes was seen defending the Temple. He was not seen since and is believed to have perished with his fellow goblins in the temple's defense.

Yoshiki Toba

Yoshiki was originally a resident of Selasia, a small island near Taladas. During this time he learnt how to train ogres and soon began building a small band. Later he travelled to Ansalon and encountered the bandit Led. The two began a fruitful partnership and plagued the Ogrelands with their band of ogres. However during one trip, Toba encountered the dragon Khisanth who transported him into her maynus globe to silence him. This was a direct portal to the Plane of Lightning. Here he encountered the elemental Fraz who delighted in murdering the unfortunate rogue.

Zander Vingus

Zander was another of Soth's knights who served him loyally for many years. Like his comrades, when Soth was cursed so was he. Zander serves Soth in undeath, and rides as one of his skeletal warriors.

Zarak Thuul

Zarak Thuul was a daemon warrior, who travelled to the Prime Material Plane to serve in Chaos' armies. Zarak terrorised Thorbardin with his dragon mount Primus and caused massive amounts of destruction in the name of his master. The daemon warrior was finally undone when the dwarves used the Platinum Egg which forced him back to the Abyss from whence he came.

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