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Miscellaneous Heroism

Abelaard of Nidus

Abelaard was the only true son of Daeghrefn, Lord of Nidus, and half-brother of Verminaard. Abelaard was Daeghrefn's pride and joy and also a fine warrior. However at a young age, he was mistakenly traded as part of a peace ritual between Nidus and East Borders. Daeghrefn intended on trading the scorned Verminaard, however the mage Cerestes demanded eldest for eldest. Under threat of war, Daeghrefn couldn't back out of the treaty and agreed at the loss of his son. Abelaard was then introduced by Laca, Lord of East Borders, to the Solamnic arts and trained to be a knight. He was raised in the ideals of honor and love, and never returned to Nidus. Years later, Verminaard attacked the province of East Borders and unwittingly blinded his half-brother. In the ensuing battles, Laca and his men were wiped out by Verminaard and Ember, and Abelaard vanished. Abelaard was already gravely injured from his first battle with Verminaard, and without guardians and blinded it is unlikely he survived the turmoil that followed. Abelaard was another victim of his half-brother's rage.

Adrenas Solamnus

Adrenas was a loyal servant of the Ergothian Empire. He was an honorable man who served in the army for many years and later became one of Emperor Emann Quisling's advisors. He raised his son, Vinas, in the ideals of honor and trained him in the art of war. During an assassination attempt on the emperor, Adrenas was murdered as the assassins tested the poison on him.

Aglaca Dragonbane of East Borders

Aglaca was the son of Laca Dragonbane, Lord of East Borders, a descendant of Huma and he was also the brother of Verminaard. At a young age he was traded in a peace ritual to Nidus and lived the rest of his days there. Aglaca grew under the tuition of the druidess L'Indasha Yman and became an excellent warrior. He also became goods friends with Verminaard, however where the former was of good alignment, the latter was of evil. Aglaca later fell in love with the Solamnic lady, Judyth, who worked as a spy for his father. When Verminaard fell under the sway of Takhisis, Aglaca swore to free his brother from evil. With Paladine's aid, Aglaca cast a spell which bound the dragon Ember and freed Verminaard from Takhisis' control. However Verminaard, thinking he'd been deceived, struck Aglaca down and Ember quickly finished him off.

Alhana Starbreeze

Alhana Starbreeze is a Silvanesti Elf who is the daughter of the Speaker of the Stars, Lorac Caladon, during the War of the Lance. When the armies of the Dragon Highlords attacked Silvanesti, Lorac sent most of the elves to Sancrist to escape the wrath of the Highlords. Alhana went with the elves to Sancrist, but her father remained. She later found out in Sancrist that her homeland had fallen. She then left right away to find out what happened. Alhana encountered the Heroes of the Lance in Tarsis the Beautiful. She tried to get the Knights of Solamnia to help her homeland, but they refused. Alhana later got some of the Heroes to help her. She also fell in love with Sturm Brightblade, even giving him the honor of receiving a "Star Jewel." She fled with several of the Heroes while Tarsis was attacked and destroyed by the Highlord's army. Alhana found her homeland in ruin and under the influence of the Dragon Orb when she returned to Silvanesti. Her father had tried to use the ancient and powerful artifact to defeat the Dragonarmies, but he was not powerful enough and the Orb gained control of him. Alhana, along with the help of the Heroes, defeated the nightmare and ended the orb's influence over the forest. Alhana later married Porthios, prince of the Qualinesti elves. They together tried to unite the elves into one nation, however were persecuted and dubbed 'dark elves' and made outcasts of elven society. The two fought against the darkness and whilst Porthios vanished and was presumed dead, Alhana fought on and her elven army are one of the few bastions of light that have so far not been extinguished by the overlords or the forces of Mina.


Bakrell and his sister were Ogre warriors who joined Igraine's band. They were initially planted in the band as spies for the Ogre empire, who were working on Igraine's undoing. Unlike his sister, Bakrell soon came to accept Igraine's teachings and truly follow him. During the flight from the ogre empire, Bakrell soon discovered his sister, the warrior Jyrbian and the mage Khallayne all missing. Bakrell trailed the party back to Takar with the intent of rescuing Khallayne and his sister. Jyrbian captured Bakrell and tortured him to death.


Balif was one of the two commanders under Silvanos during the First Dragon War. He was also Silvanos' close friend, tactician and advisor. Balif was an enigmatic character, small for an elf and more extroverted than most elves. He had a brilliant military mind, and was the genius behind most of the elves' successful attacks during the war. After the war, Balif journeyed throughout Ansalon and founded the city of Balifor. This was originally to be the second major elven city for the Silvanesti, however kender chose to dwell there also. Balif found an affinity with the kender and allowed them to stay, which caused the resident elves to leave and snub the elven general. The elves soon turned on Balif and rumors were rife in the elven courts that Balif was actually a kender, leading to later false stories about Balif's heritage. Balif was later murdered by rivals in the elven court. He was a valiant warrior and hailed as a hero by both elves and kender alike. He also bore a magical sword which is customarily worn by the Marshal of Silvanesti, which as well as being a potent weapon, is a symbol of order and justice.

Beadle Titus

Beadle was a young cleric in the service of Paladine when he first encountered Vinas Solamnus. Vinas was also in training to be a cleric, however he was not actually serious about his role unlike Beadle. Where Vinas left the service and followed the path of the warrior, Beadle followed his dream and eventually became a spiritual head in Ergoth. He also retained his friendship with Vinas and became one of his closest advisors. Beadle chose to remain with Vinas to serve with him, when he rebelled against Ergoth, and followed him into the new realm of Solamnia to carve a new life for himself.


Born Billee Juniper, Belladonna was a child during Malystryx's invasion. She watched her family be destroyed by the great dragon. Now, she leads raids on other dragons, preparing for the day when she will be strong enough to attack Malystryx.

Bram Talien

Bram was the trademaster of the small Khalkist town of Chandera and a close ally of the Calnar dwarves. When Grayfen's marauders overran the town, they forced Bram to lead his people against the dwarves. Bram alerted the dwarves to the intruders and many were saved because of his brave actions. Unfortunately he was killed in the battle by a stray missile from a dwarven slinger.


Brightdawn was the daughter of Riverwind and Goldmoon. She had a relatively peaceful life up until the invasion of Malystryx. Brightdawn travelled with her father and her sister Moonsong to aid the kender against the red dragon. However when Malys laid waste to Kendermore, Brightdawn perished alongside her father.


Bunniswot was a young scholar who was attempting to uncover Irda civilisation south of Flotsam just after the War of the Lance. He worked for a short time with a party of scholars until he ran across the hobgoblin Toede. Bunniswot published a book of ogre love poems which he put under Toede's name as a body of political opinions. The book became a bestseller and Bunniswot, a loyal follower of Toede. Bunniswot worked for both Toede and his rival Groag. The scholar was hired by Groag to murder Toede, however he could not complete the task. Bunniswot confessed his murderous intent to Toede, however the hobgoblin forgave him. When Toede reclaimed Flotsam he made Bunniswot his chief historian and head scribe.

Ceci Vakon

Ceci was the wife of Mendis, mayor of Solace and led a fairly affluent life during the years before the War of the Lance. When Hederick killed Mendis, he ordered that Ceci and her children were to be sold in slavery. When the warrior Tarscenian, the thief Mynx and the centaurs attacked the hobgoblin slavers, Ceci led the slaves in overthrowing their captors. Once freed, Ceci led the former slaves against the Seeker Temple and sided with the centaurs in destroying the temple. She then settled back in Solace and vanished during the War of the Lance.

Darknight, Chief of the Plainsmen

Darknight was the chief of the plainsmen tribes during the Dwarfgate War. He allied his warriors with Fistandantilus'/Raistlin's army. He and his men were wiped out in the devastating blast during the fighting.

Derkin Winterseed (Lawgiver)

Derkin was a slave in the Ergothian mines at Klanath. He escaped the mines with the help of a one armed dwarf and an elven mage. He later would return to the mines not as a slave that had been captured, but as liberator for the mines. He then lead his former slave army against the humans of Ergoth and took back all of the stolen lands of Kal-Thax. He then became the very first king of Thorbardin. It was decreed that all future kings would bear the throne name of "Derkin".

Duncan, King of Thorbardin

Duncan was a quick tempered gruff dwarf who was also known to act with wisdom and diplomacy in regards to dwarven affairs. Duncan assumed control of Thorbardin during a bad time in Ansalon's history. The Cataclysm had just struck and he knew that he had to close Thorbardin's doors so that his dwarves would not perish of famine. When Duncan saw the devastation caused by Fistandantilus' attack he was devastated. When Kharas returned with the bodies of Duncan's dead sons, he was heartbroken. Duncan locked himself in his home and refused to eat or drink anything for several days, and eventually died in the arms of his friend Kharas.


Eadamm was a human who'd been enslaved by the ogres during the Age of Dreams. He was owned by Governor Igraine, one of the most powerful ogre figures at the time. During a cave-in, Eadamm disobeyed orders to evacuate one of Igraine's mines, and instead chose to rescue Igraine's daughter, Everlyn. Eadamm was successful, and Igraine soon found himself torn between being grateful to Eadamm and angered at him for disobeying orders. Eadamm taught Igraine compassion that eventually led to the creation of the Irda. Once freed as a slave, Eadamm raised an army of rebel human slaves who harried the ogre forces. He also secretly met with Everlyn who had become his lover, whilst she was fleeing with her father and a small band of ogres from the ogre empire. One of Igraine's followers, Jyrbian, who lusted after Everlyn, was enraged and killed Everlyn when he learnt of the human/ogre relationship. Jyrbian returned to the ogre empire and assumed control. During this time he hunted down Eadamm and eventually captured him. Eadamm was tortured for days in front of ogre crowds and was eventually drawn and quartered. His death marked the downfall of the ogre civilisation from creatures of beauty and grace, to foul beasts of little intelligence.

Earwig Lockpicker

Earwig met the Majere twins during their travels, five years before the War of the Lance. He assisted them in ending the curse on Death's Keep and journeyed with them to the town of Mereklar. During this adventure he and the twins met Bast, Lord of Cats, and ended the demonic hold that a lich and her followers had over the town. Earwig grew enamoured of a human barmaid, Catherine, during his stay in Mereklar. Once Mereklar was free of the demons, Earwig left the twins and travelled with Catherine, seeking more fun and adventure.


This former Theocrat was healed by Goldmoon in Pax Tharkas, and converted to Paladine. Elistan traveled with Laurana and helped in rescuing the dragon orb from Ice Wall Castle. He later met Fizban and founded the church of Paladine in Palanthus. Elistan passed away a few years later having done his job bringing the faith back to Krynn. His soul was collected personally by Fizban.


Everlyn was the daughter of Governor Igraine, and initially responsible for the creation of the Irda. Everlyn was a good-hearted and innocent individual who was almost killed during a cave-in in one of Igraine's mines. She was rescued by Eadamm, a human slave and she became enamoured with him. Igraine, seeing his daughter's reaction, spared Eadamm's life, even though Ogre law dictated that he should die for disobeying orders. Then began the flight from the Ogre empire, as the empire turned against Igraine for his "treasonous" teachings. During the flight, Jyrbian, a young Ogre warrior, lusted after Everlyn and did everything to win her over. However Everlyn had already given her heart to Eadamm. In a jealous rage, Jyrbian strangled and murdered Everlyn and left Igraine's band to return to Takar, the Ogre capital.

Ferros Windchisel

Ferros was a Hylar dwarf who was intent on locating the Zhakar dwarves and forging a bond with his 'lost' brothers. Whilst Ferros was searching the Khalkists Mountains he was captured by ogres and imprisoned in Oberon's Tower near Blode. For several months he languished in the dungeons until he was freed by Ariakas and fled the tower. Ferros then journeyed to Sanction to continue his quest and was reunited with Ariakas. The two became close friends and eventually travelled to Zhakar Hold with the priestess Lyrelee and the Zhakar, Tale Splintersteel, in tow. In the depths of the Zhakar warrens, Ferros discovered that he had contracted the mold plague. During a treacherous ambush by the Zhakar dwarves on the party, Ferros was grievously wounded. Ferros and Ariakas were then attacked by a group of monsters and forced to flee. Near death, Ferros convinced Ariakas to leave him and save himself. After much convincing his friend fled and the brave dwarf perished soon after. The Hylar was the only true friend Ariakas ever had and the highlord mourned his loss. With Ferros' passing, Ariakas then slipped completely into the thrall of darkness.

Fordus Firesoul

Fordus was abandoned as a child and raised by the Que-Naran plainsman who found him. He grew to be a prominent figure in the tribe and became known as the fiercest warrior and the water prophet. He began a crusade against Istar and raised an army. His army clashed with the Istarian legions and was crushed. However Fordus hacked his way through enemy lines and reached the quarters of the Kingpriest. He then discovered that he was the bastard son of the Kingpriest. Fordus halted in shock with the news and was struck down by his own father and killed.

Gaias Camillus

Gaias was born when the empire of Ergoth was at it's height. As the son of a peasant he had no rights, and when he joined the army, he was made a foot soldier. Gaias proved himself to be a mighty warrior, although he never rose above the lowly rank of sergeant due to his lineage. Eventually Gaias was commissioned under a new young commander known as Vinas Solamnus. At first, Gaias considered the young man a noble upstart, however he quickly saw the error in judgement. Gaias became one of Vinas' most loyal men, and Vinas elevated his friend to the rank of Colonel. Gaias served as Vinas' second in the army and travelled with him to the end of his days.


Gargath was a human warlord who managed to capture the Graygem and harness its wild magic. His tower was laid siege to by the gnomes in an effort to recover the gem for Reorx. It is said that the gem escaped and transformed the armies of gnomes into kender, dwarves and gnomes. Gargath himself was imprisoned in his tower for centuries. It wasn't until Reorx himself, in the guise of Dougan, and the Majere brothers, Sturm, Tanin and Palin journeyed to his tower, that he was freed and finally able to pass into the afterlife.

Gilthanas Kanan

Middle child of the Royal Family of Qualinesti, Gilthanas admired his older brother, Porthios, and emulated him anyway he could. He attempted a rescue on the slaves being held at Pax Tharkas, but failed when the group of elves were ambushed. He then journeyed to Solace to warn Theros Ironfeld (who had been secretly helping the elves out of Solace) that he would soon be found out. It was there that he was found out by the draconians and was arrested as a slave with the Companions who had attempted to go to his aid. On the way to Pax Tharkas, the Qualinesti ambushed the slave caravan and rescued the would-be prisoners. The Speaker asked the Companions to help them rescue the slaves still being held at Pax Tharkas with Gilthanas as their guide. Their travels found them at Southern Ergoth where the Qualinesti had fled to in self imposed exile. It was there that he met Silvara a silver dragon in the guise of a Kagonesti elf maid. Oblivious to this, he fell in love with her. When she revealed her true form, he turned away from her, unable to accept what she was. After the War of the Lance, they went their separate ways. In time he realized what a fool he had been and began searching for her, following elusive clues. He was imprisoned for over a decade by the Regent Konnal of the Silvanesti and later escaped death at their hands only to be imprisoned by the Knights of Takhisis. He escaped from their fortress with the aid of the Heroes of the Heart and joined them. During their travels, he finally found Silvara in the service of the Knights of Solamnia, in the guise of a female human. They are now trying to reconcile and find what love they can.

Gilthas Kanan, Speaker of the Sun

Tanis Half-Elven and Laurana Kanan had one son together, Gilthas Kanan. When Porthios was forced off the throne of Qualinesti, the elven senators instead put Gilthas in his place. Gilthas is a puppet king, not only of the senators but of the Knights of Takhisis as well. He has shown in the Age of Mortals, that he is not the puppet he pretends to be, and has proven to be a wise leader of his people. Even with Qualinesti practically destroyed, he is leading his people as best he can and his people have become besotted with him.

Glenforth Sparkstriker, King of Thorbardin

Glenforth was the ruler of Thorbardin during the founding of Qualinesti. He established good relations with Kith-Kanan and the Qualinesti elves, and actively took a part in the construction of Pax-Tharkas, the monument to peace between the races. Glenforth was known to be an amiable and wise dwarf who reportedly led his people well. He also remained a close friend of Kith-Kanan's until the latter's passing.


The first gnome ever to have every invention work as intended. Gnimsh is the gnome Tasslehoff met in the Abyss. Tasslehoff brought Gnimsh out of the Abyss with him. Gnimsh had to fulfill his life quest which was to develop an invention to take one from one dimensional plane of existence to another. Gnimsh succeeded and Tas and Gnimsh escaped (or was allowed to leave) the Abyss. Unfortunately Raistlin ended up magically picking Gnimsh up and throwing him against a wall, as his time-travelling device could conceivably interfere with Raistlin's plan to enter the Abyss and become a god.


Gnoshoshallamarionininillisyylphanitdisdisslishxdie... was Fizban and Tasslehoff's guide in Mount Nevermind. Gnosh's Lifequest was the study of the Dragon Orbs, and he had the opportunity of actually studying one. The one Gnosh studied was destroyed by Tasslehoff Burrfoot, but Fizban told Gnosh, that he now had the opportunity to study the inside of one, which made Gnosh the happiest gnome in the world.

Handil Stonetooth (The Drum)

Handil was the eldest son of the Calnar chieftain Colin Stonetooth. He was one of the mightiest Calnar warriors and a famous drummer. When human marauders attacked the dwarven citadel Thorin and killed his beloved, Handil played his drum with such force that he caused the collapse of the stone roof of the grand meeting hall. Even though it cost him his life, Handil single-handedly ended the human invasion on Thorin.


Bordon Hest, also known as Hestanfalas, was a general of Kith-Kanan's army who was driven out of Silvanesti by Kith's twin Sithas. He then led his followers, along with the mage Vedvedsica, underground and founded the great city of Vartoom. This underground elven nation became known as the Hest, and the people as the Hestites. Riverwind encountered the Hestites during his quest for the Blue-crystal staff.

Igraine, Governor of Kal-Theraxian

Igraine was at one time a powerful figure in the Ogre hierarchy. He ruled over the largest province at the height of the Ogre empire. During this time his daughter was rescued from certain death by a human slave. The slave taught Igraine the virtue of compassion, which Igraine then instilled in all of his people in his province. Soon his teachings reached out to other parts of the empire, until the heads of state decided that Igraine was too dangerous. He was tried before a tribunal for treason and heresy and sentenced to death. Before his sentence could be carried out his followers freed Igraine, and spirited him away. Igraine then led his people out of the empire whilst being under constant attack from the rest of the empire. Igraine finally led his people to a new home amongst the Dragon Isles where they could finally dwell in peace. His people were thereafter known as the Irda, a beautiful and articulate race, unlike their Ogres cousins who rapidly degenerated into little more than beasts.

Judyth, Keeper of the Blank Rune

Judyth was a young lady from Solamnia who journeyed to East Borders. Here she joined in Laca's service and agreed to travel to Nidus to act as his spy. On her travels she was instead captured by Nerakan bandits and imprisoned. Judyth was later rescued by Aglaca Dragonbane and Verminaard. She and Aglaca quickly fell in love with eachother and began courting. A jealous Verminaard attacked, and with Ember's help, murdered Aglaca. Judyth then fled Nidus and met with L'Indasha Yman, the druidess. Judyth also encountered Paladine during the same meeting and offered to take over L'Indasha's eternal guardianship of the blank rune. Both Paladine and L'Indasha agreed. Judyth now protects the blank rune against those who would abuse it's power. She can never age and will never die, whilst the power of the rune is active.

Kaganos, Pathfinder of the Kagonesti

Kaganos was a fearsome warrior of the Elderwild, the original tribal elves who roamed the forests during the Age of Dreams. He was also the Pathfinder of the Elderwild, a shaman and spiritual leader for the tribes. During his earlier years he befriended the silver dragon Darlantan, and forged a brotherhood with him that forever linked the Elderwild with the silver dragons. Kaganos led the Elderwild warriors against ogre forces during the First Dragon War. During the war he lost both his brothers. He also established a close relationship with Silvanos, founder of the Silvanesti nation. At the end of the war, Silvanos offered Kaganos a high position in his nation, and homes for the Elderwild elves. Kaganos refused and left with his people, forever distinguishing themselves as a separate nation of elves, the Kagonesti.

Kaziganthi de-Orilg

As a former champion of the Minotaur arena, Kaz was a respected member of his society. However, during the Third Dragon War he slew his ogre captain, and fled the army. Befriended by Huma Dragonbane, Kaz learned the ways of good from his Knightly friend, becoming perhaps the first minotaur to realize that there is more to life than honor and conquest of the weak. He soon became one of the greatest heroes of the Third Dragon War, and was widely respected by the Knights of Solamnia. Kaz later uncovered a plot by Galan Dracos, whom everyone had presumed dead and destroyed the mage for good. He also became embroiled in the schemings of a red dragon on the Blood Sea Isles and his descendants founded what would later become known as an offshoot of the main Ansalonian minotaur nation, known as the Kazelati.


Kharas fought alongside knights in the Goblin Wars, and the knights named him Kharas which means "Knight" in Solamnic. During the Dwarfgate Wars against Fistandantilus and the hill dwarves led by Reghar Fireforge, he shaved off his beard as a sign of his shame at killing his own people. Kharas then fled the battle in anguish and escaped the blast that wiped out both armies. Returning home and reporting the news to his King, Kharas found his homeland in a state of chaos. Duncan died shortly after hearing the news, and Kharas vanished taking his magical hammer and Duncan's body with him. Just before leaving he foretold that the dwarven clans would never be united until one arose brave enough to seek out the hammer and return it to the dwarves of Thorbardin.

Kifflewit Burrthistle

Kifflewit was a young kender whose wanderlust took him to Solace in the years before the War of the Lance. He befriended the warrior-mage Tarscenian and aided him in bringing down the Seeker movement in Solace. During the final battle in the Seeker Temple, Kifflewit was believed to have perished in a fight with a materbill, however he later resurfaced and followed his friends Tarscenian and the thief Mynx, to Haven.

Kiiri the Sirene

Kiiri was a champion in the arena of Istar. She was often teamed up with another champion Pheragas. Kiiri was a member of the Sirene race, an aquatic race with vast magical abilities, that has long since vanished from the face of Krynn. Kiiri was a beautiful warrior who also possessed the ability to shapechange. During the final contest for freedom, Kiiri attacked and slew the mighty ogre Raag. In grief over the death of his comrade, Arack Rockbreaker attacked Kiiri and killed her in turn.


Kith-Kanan was the second son of Sithel, Speaker of the Stars, and the more rebellious of the two elven princes. Kith loved adventure and for many years his closest friend was his griffon mount Arcuballis. Kith left the palace in Silvanesti at a young age, after his beloved Hermathya was declared betrothed to his twin Sithas. Kith left in a rage and journeyed to the surrounding forests where he met with Anaya and Mackeli, two Kagonesti. After a period of time, he fell in love with Anaya and they declared their love for one another as man and wife. However Anaya was turned into a tree and Kith was left without a love again. In later years he returned to Silvanesti and made peace with his parents and his brother. When Sithas assumed the mantle of Speaker, Kith was elevated to the commander of the Silvanesti army. When war broke out between Ergoth and the elves, Kith led the forces personally. During the war he found a second wife, Suzine des Quivalin, an Ergothian noble. After thousands of losses on both sides, eventually the elves won. Kith had two children with Suzine, Verhanna and Ulvian. However Kith's betrothal to a human, forced a permanent split between himself and his twin. Kith left Silvanesti and many of his army went with him. Kith founded a new nation and named it Qualinesti. The new nation was a far more open nation that welcomed races of all kinds, unlike the more isolationist nation of Silvanesti. During this time of peace, Kith also founded Pax Tharkas, a citadel that was a monument to the peace that was established between the elves, the dwarves and the Ergothians. However, Kith's son Ulvian involved himself in the slave trade and his father was forced to reprimand him. Then Silveran appeared. Silveran was born from the tree that Anaya had become and was technically Kith's first son. Ulvian was driven into a rage and engineered a plot to have Silveran kill his father. Silveran mortally wounded his father, however Kith informed Verhanna and Silveran of who was actually the murderer. Ulvian escaped and Silveran succeeded his father as the new Speaker of the Suns. Kith-Kanan was dead, a nation of peace had been created in his wake, however the legend had passed on.

Kronin Thistleknot

Kronin was an infamous kender warrior who hailed from Kenderhome. During his younger years he was quite the adventurer and travelled with various companions. Near the later stages of the War of the Lance he was captured by Highlord Toede and chased down. He and his companion Talorin led Toede to his death by entering a dragon's lair. Kronin later allied himself with newly-resurrected Toede and they joined forces to free Flotsam. Kronin became a legend in kender society and was a respected warrior in Kenderhome. In the post-Chaos war period, Kronin led the kender against the red dragon Malystryx. Malys annihilated the kender army including Kronin and Riverwind the plainsman.

L'Indasha Yman, Druid of Paladine

For three thousand years, L'Indasha guarded the blank rune for Paladine, so no evil force could access this great power. Paladine decreed that the guardian of the rune would never age or die, and must hide the rune until Huma's descendant was fit to be inherit the power. L'Indasha met Daeghrefn, Abelaard and the lady of Nidus and acted as midwife during Verminaard's birth when the group stumbled upon her dwelling, several decades before the War of the Lance. In later years she consorted with Robert, the seneschal of Nidus and provided instruction to Aglaca. Aglaca was to be the bearer of the rune, however when he was murdered this prophecy was never fulfilled. L'Indasha was then doomed to guard the rune for all eternity, however Judyth, a young Solamnic lady and lover of Aglaca, witnessed the love between L'Indasha and Robert. Out of compassion she offered to take over duties as keeper of the rune. L'Indasha then left with Robert and they lived out their remaining years together peacefully.


Larken was a lovely Que-Naran bard who was prominent in the time of the Kingpriest. At an early age she travelled to Silvanesti to study with the master bards. She was mocked and laughed at and cursed with the inability to speak. Her constant companion, friend and protector was the hawk Lucas. Larken returned to the plains and joined Fordus Firesoul in his crusade against Istar. During the crusade she grew closer to the elf Stormlight. When Fordus' army clashed with the Istarian legions, she remained behind. Stormlight and Larken returned to the plains to start a new life. They are the ancestors of Goldmoon.


Luccia was the childhood friend of Vinas Solamnus who grew up into a fierce warrior. In her early years she roused local villagers against the injustices of the soldiers of Ergoth. When she met up with Vinas again, she joined his army. Luccia served under Vinas loyally, whilst secretly pining away for him and hoping that he'd notice. Luccia proved herself countless times over in battle, and was elevated to the rank of Colonel, and she led the griffon legions. When Vinas rebelled against the empire of Ergoth, Luccia was by his side, as his friend and lover. The two lived together peacefully for many years, whilst they managed the new realm of Solamnia.

Mendis Vakon

Mendis was the mayor of Solace several years before the War of the Lance. He led the town reasonably well and for years Solace prospered. With the influx of Seekers in the town, Vakon soon noticed his power slipping away. He chose to ally himself with Hederick, the High Theocrat of the Seekers, in order to protect himself and his family. However once he'd outlived his usefulness, Hederick imprisoned him in the dungeon beneath Erolydon, the Seeker temple, and fed him to his pet materbill (a fire-breathing giant lion).


Miles was a kender who served under the kender chieftain Kronin Thistleknot and was assigned as bodyguard to his daughter Taywin. Miles had an intense hatred of hobgoblins and was a fierce warrior. When the hobgoblin Toede allied himself with Taywin and Kronin, Miles became enraged. Miles attempted to murder Toede and failed, the hobgoblin then killed his attacker. Miles' corpse was then raised by a foul necromancer to attack Flotsam. The kender's corpse was destroyed by an abishai (demon) who saved Flotsam from the undead hordes.


Moonsong is the daughter of Riverwind and Goldmoon, Heroes of the Lance. She led an idyllic life with her two siblings in the Que-Shu lands, until just after the Summer of Chaos. When Malystryx invaded Kendermore, she journeyed with her father and sister to aid the kender. During a fight, a burning building fell upon her and she received horrible scars and barely escaped with her life. She returned to the plains where she lives with the Que-Shu.


Mort was a gardener and the groundskeeper of Nidus Castle. He was a peaceful man who was close friends with L'Indasha Yman and Robert, seneschal of Nidus. Mort worked minor magic spells to ensure that the gardens always bloomed and flourished. After Abelaard left Nidus, Mort vanished. It was later discovered that he worked closely with Paladine and maintained the area around Nidus. Mort now travels with Paladine and works to ensure that plants and gardens flourish everywhere to provide joy to all.


Mynx was a human thief who was abandoned at the age of ten and left to fend for herself. She joined Gaveley's thieves ring in Solace and led a fairly illustrious and lucrative career as a thief for the next ten years. She then met and befriended the warrior-mage Tarscenian and aided him in bringing down the Seeker religion in Solace. Once she and her friends destroyed the Seeker Temple, Mynx and Tarscenian journeyed to Haven to live out a quieter existence.


Northstar was a Que-Nara plainsman during the time of the Kingpriest. Northstar joined the prophet Fordus in his holy crusade against Istar. He became one of Fordus' chief lieutenants and was unfaltering in his loyalty to his commander. During the war between Fordus' forces and the legions of Istar, the prophet fled the battlefield and abandoned his lieutenant. Northstar was cut down by soldiers of Istar during the fight.


Olven was a scribe and follower of Gilean who found himself within the Great Library of Palanthas at a young age. He worked for Astinus and was assigned the task of recording Hederick, the High Theocrat of Solace's deeds. He soon found merely recording history to be against his nature. Olven made his peace with Astinus and chose the life of action. He left the library soon after to play a part in history books rather than merely observing.


Patersmith was a humanoid creature who was the teacher of the first children of the metallic dragons. He first appeared to the dragons as a wizened old man, who was waiting for them to emerge from their grotto. Patersmith was a dedicated servant of Paladine who taught the dragons about the world around them and of magic. For thousands of years he led the dragons towards enlightenment, until finally his service was ended. With all the dragons watching, Patersmith lay down to rest and vanished. It is commonly believed that Patersmith was one of the scions, and is possibly still wandering the land of Krynn.

Paulus Thwait

Paulus was a blacksmith working in Haven around the time of the Cataclysm. He was a proud and honest individual who chafed at the stranglehold the wizard, the Black Kite, held over the citizens of Haven. In 37 AC, the Kite demanded tribute from Paulus and when the smith refused, the wizard took his child as payment. The enraged blacksmith stormed into the Black Kite's tower and slew him. Paulus then moved into a small village on the outskirts of Haven to eke out a more peaceful existence.

Pheragas of Northern Ergoth

Pheragas was a champion in the Arena of Istar. He was a favourite with the crowds and according to the history books won his freedom in the arena. Pheragas then joined Fistandantilus' army and became the general of all the archmage's forces. He was killed by the magical blast that shattered both armies during the Dwarfgate War. However when Caramon and Tas travelled back in time they altered history. Caramon became the champion of the arena and Pheragas was cut down by the Red Minotaur in the final battle.


Phytos was the chieftain of the Fyr-Kenti tribe of centaurs. This small tribe resided near Solace and came into conflict with the Seekers before the War of the Lance. Phytos then led his warriors against the Seeker Temple and aided in it's destruction. The chieftain then led his people back into the woods to live in peace.

Porthios Kanan

Porthios is the eldest of Solostaran's children and takes his role as eldest child and heir to the throne of Qualinesti seriously. During the War of the Lance he learnt the hard lesson that the elves could no longer live apart from the world and live in it. In an effort to unite the elves, he took as his bride, Alhana Starbreeze, Princess of the Silvanesti. The marriage was a loveless one at first, but as they worked together they found love blossoming between them, which resulted in Alhana falling pregnant. During the Chaos War, he worked to defend the homeland that had exiled him. After battling a dragon, it is believed that he died by dragonfire. No remains were found, although rumors are abound that he survived and wages guerrila warfare against the forces of the overlords with a small private army.

Riffin Two-Tree

Riffin was a grizzly old warrior and the chieftain of Chandera. He ruled the small town near the Khalkists for most of his life, and was beloved and respected by his people. However when the marauders of Grayfen Ember-Eye entered the town, Riffin was killed and the populace enslaved for the attack on the dwarven citadel of Thorin.


Spinel was an elder Lucanesti elf who saw the Lucanesti go from elven traders to underground miners. He toiled as a virtual slave of the Kingpriest with his elven brothers. Spinel led the elves during their years underground. However when Istar was destroyed in the Cataclysm, he and his fellow Lucanesti were killed and finally earnt their rest.


Stormlight was a Lucanesti elf who was one of a handful of this rare clan of elves to survive the Cataclysm. In his youth, the Lucanesti became separated from his clan and was raised by Que-Naran plainsmen. Stormlight became one of the respected tribe warriors and close friends with the war prophet Fordus Firesoul. When Fordus launched his crusade against Istar, Stormlight joined him as his chief lieutenant. During the crusade, Stormlight attempted to sway Fordus, when he thought his commander was losing his grip on sanity. The two separated and Stormlight stayed behind with his love Larken. The couple had several children and were the ancestors of Goldmoon.

Quevalin Soth

Quevalin Soth was a famous elven bard who distinguished himself during the Age of Might. He was also known as the Bard of Ansalon. His works and hymns are countless and revered throughout the civilised world.

Quinn DiThon

Quinn was the third son of Rejik DiThon and brother to the great mage Guerrand DiThon. Quinn was a dashing young cavalier who was extremely popular amongst his family and the people of Thonvil. After two years of adventuring, Quinn was ambushed and killed by bandits on his return home. Guerrand later discovered that Quinn's death was part of the evil Belize's plot to infiltrate the Lost Citadel. Quinn was a pawn of Belize's game who was killed off to further his needs.

Quithas Griffontamer

Quithas was one of the two commanders under Silvanos during the First Dragon War. Quithas led the griffon cavalry forces to decisive victory after decisive victory. He was always arrogant, headstrong and very quick-tempered. Prior to the war, Quithas had an encounter with Kaganos. He was hunting Grandfather Ram and Kaganos asked him to cease his hunt, and not kill his friend. Quithas attacked Kaganos, lost to him, and Kaganos as a trophy claimed his axe. Quithas seethed at this insult and fled. During the war he encountered Kaganos again, and showed his still harboured great resentment towards the elf, however Silvanos kept Quithas at bay. After the war, Quithas ambushed and attacked Kaganos. Again, Kaganos proved himself the mightier warrior, and slew Quithas for his treachery.

Raggart Knug

Raggart was the cleric of the Ice Folk the companions stayed with near Icewall. Raggart accompanied the companions into Icewall, and tell the story in the Tale "Finding the Faith". Raggart became a cleric of Paladine and brought the knowledge of the true gods to the Ice Folk.

Reghar Fireforge

Reghar was the grandfather of the Hero of the Lance, Flint Fireforge. He was also the leader of the Neidar Dwarves during the Dwarfgate War period. During and after the Cataclysm, the Mountain Dwarves closed their doors, and would not admit their cousins the Hill Dwarves (Neidar). Reghar, as their leader, allied himself with Fistandantilus/Raistlin's army and assaulted Thorbardin. During this magical blast in the fighting Reghar and his troops were decimated.


Renders was a scholar who was running a historic expedition south of Flotsam just after the War of the Lance. During the expedition he befriended the hobgoblin Toede and the gnoll warrior Charka. Renders journeyed into the swamps and became very close to Charka. With Charka, he followed Toede in the attack on Flotsam. Before the attack he was hired by a necromancer to murder Toede, however he failed to kill Toede. Renders confessed his crimes to Toede, but the hobgoblin forgave the scholar and instead rewarded him by making him chief librarian emeritus of Flotsam.


Rounce was the gully dwarf who helped Tas, Tanis and Caramon in the flying citadel above Palanthas. Rounce was of invaluable assistance as he at all times told the three where the way to the control room wasn't, because he had promised not to tell anyone. Rounce and Tas actually flew the citadel together. As thanks he, and his fellow gully dwarves got the flying citadel.

Silvanos Goldeneye

Silvanos was the founder of the great Silvanesti nation. He was a warrior chief amongst the elves of the Elderwild, who sought to unite the tribes and form one great nation. Many tribes agreed with Silvanos and soon he formed the first great council. Adopting the plans of the former ogre civilisation, the elves started to build a great city, naming it Silvanesti. Silvanos was then sworn in as the first Speaker of the Stars, ruler of Silvanesti. The great leader led his elves in the fight against the evil forces during the first dragon war. At this time he befriended Kaganos, who was the founding father of the Kagonesti elves. The elves were victorious in the war, although at great cost to their numbers and to their cities. They rebuilt Silvanesti and Silvanos ruled his nation with his wife Quinari and had a son, Sithel. He lived in relative peace and passed away of old age, giving the mantle of leadership to his son.


The eldest son of Sithel, Speaker of the Stars, Sithas was a studious individual. Sithas was greatly interested in the affairs of state, and at an early was involved in how to give counsel to the people, and how to preside over matters. As the eldest, Sithas was groomed to be Speaker, and grew apart from his twin Kith-Kanan. The rift widened when Sithas was betrothed to Kith's beloved Hermathya. After an unfortunate hunting accident in which Sithel was killed, Sithas claimed the position of Speaker and began his rule of the Silvanesti. When peace treaties broke down between Ergoth, the dwarves and the elves, Sithas was responsible for handling negotiations and for the deployment of the army. Kith aided his twin and assumed command of the armies. During the war years, the twins practically severed all contact, and Sithas remained protected in Silvanesti. When the war was over and won, Kith took his people and founded the new nation of Qualinesti, however Sithas and his people remained in Silvanost and grew more and more isolationist. Sithas had four sons with his wife Hermathya. His reign was not praised, due to the turmoil and blood spilt during them. Sithas passed away several decades after the death of his twin. His first three sons died shortly after assuming their reigns, due to illness. However his fourth son, Elendar, properly assumed the mantle of Speaker and carried on the work that his father had done.

Sithel (Twice-Blest)

Sithel was the eldest son of Silvanos, first Speaker of the Stars. He grew up to be a mighty warrior and when his father passed away, Sithel assumed the mantle of leadership and became the second Speaker of the Stars. He proved to be a great leader and ruled Silvanesti with his wife Nirakina. Unlike his father's, his rule was a peaceful one, and later in life he was blessed once more with twin sons. He named his sons Sithas and Kith-Kanan, and was given the affectionate nickname, Twice-Blest, by his people. Sithel raised his sons fairly, to govern his armies and his people, and both proved to be ardent pupils, however the twins grew apart. During his twilight years, Sithel went on a hunting trip with Kith-Kanan and a troupe of warriors. Human poachers were in the area at the time, and one mistook Sithel's steed for a deer and accidentally slew the great Speaker. Over the accident tensions grew strained between humans and elves once more, and Sithas assumed control of the elves. The peaceful reign of Twice-Blest was over and it seemed war would darken the land with his passing.

Sturm Majere

Sturm was the middle son of Caramon and Tika Majere. Named after Caramon and Tika's friend Sturm Brightblade. He was a valiant warrior and became a Knight of Solamnia with his brother Tanin. The two were sword-brothers and often fighted with Palin supporting them with his magic. He fell in battle during one of the first campaigns against the Knights of Takhisis in the Summer of Chaos.


Talorin was an amiable kender and close friend of the kender chieftain Kronin Thistleknot. The two were captured by Dragon Highlord Toede and his men near Flotsam during the War of the Lance. Toede beat the kender and forced them to flee from their hunting party whilst chained. The two escaped and tricked the hobgoblin party into entering a dragon's lair. Talorin and Kronin escaped and were revered as heroes for luring Toede to his death. The young kender vanished around the time of the Chaos War and is presumed to have perished.

Tanin Majere

Tanin was the eldest son of Caramon and Tika Majere. He was named after Caramon's friend Tanis Half-Elven. Tanin was a skilled swordsman, although like his brother a little inexperienced. He joined the Knights of Solamnia with his younger brother Sturm in tow. He fell alongside his brother during the first skirmishes against the Dark Knights in the Summer of Chaos.


As a young man Tarscenian was introduced to the Seeker religion and became one of the early priests of the faith. During one trip he journeyed to the small village of Garlund and recruited a young Hederick to the faith, who later became one of the most powerful Seekers in the religion. Tarscenian also met Ancilla, Hederick's sister, who was a white-robed mage. Ancilla taught Tarscenian of the true gods and he left the Seeker religion to live with Ancilla, his new love. Hederick believed that Tarscenian had betrayed him and swore to kill him and his sister. Several decades later Tarscenian attempted to stop Hederick. He succeeded in destroying the Seeker Temple with Ancilla's aid, and then fled to Haven for a more peaceful life, now that the Seeker's stranglehold on Solace had been crushed.

Taywin Kroninsdau

Taywin was the daughter of the kender hero Kronin Thistleknot and a respected figure in kender society. She operated a small camp near Flotsam and allied herself with the newly-resurrected Toede and his aide Groag. Taywin was one of the leaders in the assault on Flotsam and won the right for kender to be able to enter Flotsam. Little is known of her after this period and she is presumed to have perished sometime during the Chaos War period.

Theros Ironfeld

Theros grew up in a small village in the Nordmaar region. As a young boy he was enslaved by minotaur raiders and grew up among them. He became a mighty warrior and learnt the trade of the smithy. Theros later settled in Solace and became the town blacksmith. During the War of the Lance, the dragonarmies occupied Solace and Theros supplied weapons for them. At the same time Theros befriended Gilthanas and aided the escape of Qualinesti elves from the dragonarmies. As punishment, Dragon Highlord Fewmaster Toede had Theros' right arm cut off and he was sent to work in the Pax Tharkas mines. On the way he met up with the Companions, and was rescued by Qualinesti elves. He journeyed with the Companions to Silver Dragon Mountain where he was given the Silver Arm of Ergoth. Theros was also led to a pool of dragonmetal and shown how to forge the dragonlance. He forged the lances that proved instrumental in the defeat of the dragonarmies. After the war Theros chose to live out a quieter existence amongst the Kagonesti elves in Southern Ergoth.

Usha Majere

Usha Majere is the child of the Irda. Her parents died when she was but a babe, and she left in the care of the Irda. Raised by this near forgotten race, Usha was naive in the ways of the world. She met Palin Majere, and during their travels together helped defeat Chaos at the Battle of the Rift. Palin and Usha are married and have a daughter, Linsha, and a son, Ulin. She is an accomplished artist and works to overthrow the dragon overlords.


Vaananen was a cleric of Majere and a warrior. He was a servant of the Kingpriest and also served as his trainer. He secretly worked to uncover any evil plots and stop evil acts being perpetrated in the Kingpriest's court. Vaananen was killed by Takhisis for his intervention. His foster-son Vincus escaped her wrath though.


Vallenswade was a member of the Shilo-Thahn (shadowpeople) and a military leader of the clan that resided in the catacombs beneath the Temple of Luerkhisis in Sanction. He was an intelligent and peaceful being who captured Ariakas, the priestess Lyrelee and the dwarf Tale Splintersteel. Vallenswade treated his prisoners with the utmost respect and when they later escaped, Ariakas returned the favor by sparing his life. Several months later, Vallenswade led the Shilo-Thahn to infiltrate the Temple and to recover the good dragon eggs. When Ariakas returned he met the Shilo-Thahn and massacred any who stood between him and the eggs. Vallenswade is believed to have perished during the fight.


Vincus was a young scholar and the foster-child of the cleric Vaananen. Vinus grew up in Istar under the watchful gaze of the Kingpriest. He was advised by Vaananen to flee Istar and join the army of the prophet Fordus when the cleric became aware of Takhisis' presence. Vincus fled into the desert and escaped the war between Istar and Fordus. He later journeyed to a safe haven where he was cared for by elves to the end of his days.

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