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Mages of Light


Ancilla grew up in the village of Garlund and was sibling to Hederick. At a very young age she showed an aptitude for magic and her own mother drove her out of Garlund for being a witch. Ancilla discovered the true gods and became a powerful magic-user of the white robes. Years later she returned to Garlund to rescue Hederick, he refused and became a Seeker priest, however his Seeker tutor, Tarscenian, listened to her and joined Ancilla. The two fell in love and spent decades together. Ancilla watched her brother and made several attempts to stop him and the Seeker movement. Several years before the War of the Lance, she pooled her power with that of forty white robed wizards and made a stand against Hederick. He turned her magic against her with a powerful artifact and her spirit was trapped in a vallenwood in Solace. She was later freed and caused the destruction of the Seeker Temple. Ancilla allowed Hederick to escape and perished soon after her release from the vallenwood.


Dela was the last surviving female nyphid, a type of lightning fairy, whom delighted in animal lore and nature. She was abducted by human bandits who attempted to sell her. A rescue attempt was made by Khisanth and the last two male nyphids, however it failed and Dela perished. With her, the last chance for the nyphid race to survive was also lost.

Fizban the Fabulous

Fizban appears as a grey-bearded old wizard in mouse-coloured robes with a beat-up, pointed stereotypical wizard's hat, which Fizban seem genetically unable to find without help, despite the fact that it stays on his head most of the time. He carries a plain wooden staff that appears to do no mumbo-jumbo magic tricks whatsoever, plus a shabby spell book in which he never can find the spell he is searching for (generally to everyone's relief!). Pouches hang from his belt, but these are just as likely to contain his dirty socks as spell components. Fizban often has an ancient gold dragon known as Pyrite as his companion. His other companion is a bluish yellow flaming puffball who's afraid of the dark. He is also rumored to be the favourite avatar of the chief god of good, Paladine.


Joad was one of the last surviving nyphids and the father of Dela. The nyphids were the product of a lightning elemental and an elemental from the quasi-plane of Radiance. Nyphids journeyed to the Prime Material Plane and greatly resembled a two-foot tall member of the faerie folk. Humans hunted nyphids down until only several were left, of which Joad was one of three. When Dela was abducted, Joad and Kadagan, a younger nyphid, consulted the black dragon Khisanth for aid. The rescue attempt failed and Dela perished. Joad was overwrought when his daughter died and he gave his life force up, since he lacked the will to live any longer.

Justarius of the Red Robes

Justarius was an athletic young man who prided himself on his physical prowess. At an early age, he also displayed an aptitude for magic. Justarius was always a balanced soul and favoured the red robes. During his Test he was injured and sacrificed his body for his magic. Ever since Justarius walked with a limp. After several years he rose through the ranks of the Red Robes, and was soon second only to the Head of the Red Robes, Belize. When Belize turned renegade and was ultimately killed, Justarius then became head of the order. Justarius remained a prominent figure during the later years and apprenticed the infamous mage Guerrand DiThon. He sat on the Council of Three and after the War of the Lance rose to the ultimate position of Head of the Wizard's Conclave, when the former leader, Par-Salian passed away of old age. Justarius proved to be an able leader, however when the Knights of Takhisis began their invasion of Ansalon, he and several mages launched an assault on Storm's Keep. With Dalamar and various other potent mages, he battled against the Gray Robes, however he perished during the attack. His daughter, Jenna, replaced him on the council.


Kadagan was one of the last surviving nyphids, a type of lightning fairy, and the beloved of Dela. When Dela was kidnapped, he and another nyphid, Joad, asked for the black dragon Khisanth's aid. They taught her how to shapechange and tried to rescue Dela. The attempt failed and Kadagan, last of the nyphids, gave his life up to a magical force. The nyphids were no more.


Khallayne was a female Ogre magic user who was one of the first to follow Igraine's new teachings. She chose to follow Igraine after his escape and journeyed with his band, teaching her magic to the other followers. During the journey, Khallayne was captured by Jyrbian and dragged back to the ogre capital of Takar. She escaped capture during the slave revolt which resulted in the destruction of the ogre empire. Her escape took her beyond the reaches of the ogres and she soon found herself amongst the Irda in the Dragon Isles where she lived the rest of her days in peace.


Magius was a powerful renegade wizard and Huma's childhood friend. Magius and Huma fought together, as magicians were not permitted to other defenses than their own magic and therefore relied on fighters for defense. During the Third Dragon War, the fighter and mage were separated, as Magius used all his magic in attacking his enemies instead of escaping, and was then easily captured and later tortured by the Dark Queen. Huma prayed to Paladine that Magius' sacrifice be remembered. Paladine answered his prayers and, from that day, all wizards have been allowed to carry daggers in remembrance of Magius.

Palin Majere

The youngest son of Caramon and Tika Majere is now one of the most powerful mages on Krynn. Originally of the White Robes, Palin carried his uncle's staff, the Staff of Magius, following his Test. After the Second Cataclysm, Palin founded the Academy of Sorcery, teaching the lost art of magic to the world's mages. He has since gone through endless amounts of torment, seeing his school destroyed, tortured by Beryl's servants and seeing magic practically disappear. Palin has continued his long fight against the dragon overlords, and against the forces of Mina. He perished alongside Dalamar when the two faced off against Mina and the One God, but was resurrected by the good graces of the gods. He chose to forsake magic when it was offered to him again, and now walks the earth as a regular mortal.

Par-Salian of the White Robes

Par-Salian was, during the Fourth Age, one of the most prominent mages to walk upon Krynn. He was always studious, and preferred to become lost within the pages of a book, rather than be out adventuring like his friend Justarius. In his early years, he also had a passionate affair with Ladonna, who later was also destined to become of the most powerful mages of the time. Par-Salian always walked in the light and Ladonna in the shadows, however, so their love was not meant to be. Par-Salian eventually became head of the White Robes, and also the Head of the Wizard's Conclave. For many long years, the archmage held the position and served on the Council of Three. Par-Salian was also responsible for allowing Raistlin Majere to take his Test at such a young age, as he foresaw that it was necessary to stop the evil invading the land. Even in later years, when Raistlin proved to be a threat to Ansalon, and Par-Salian was growing weaker with age, he refused to stand down from his position. The venerable mage finally passed away several years after Raistlin entered the Abyss, and walked with Paladine. He was succeeded by Dunbar Mastersmate as head of the White Robes, and Justarius took his position of head of the Wizard's Conclave.

The Maynus

The Maynus was a lightning elemental who'd been captured by the nyphids and forced to serve them, much like a genie in a bottle. Two black dragons, Khisanth and Pteros, unwittingly freed it and the Maynus then transported the two to the Plane of Lightning. Upon entering the plane, the Maynus encountered an old foe, Fraz. The two engaged in combat immediately and Fraz proved victorious. The Maynus was completely destroyed.

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