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Chambers of Astinus

Villainous Mages

'Bob' the Necromancer

'Bob' was the name by which a necromancer who lived near Flotsam was known. He kept his identity secret to protect himself and only went by this false name. This dark mage plotted and schemed and gathered a dark army during the War of the Lance. Shortly after the war he unleashed his forces on Flotsam, in an attempt to claim the city as his own. His army was felled by a greater abishai and he was later killed by a juggernaut demon that was sent after him.

Caitiff of the Black Robes

Caitiff was originally a Silvanesti elf who dedicated himself to the black arts and soon left his homeland. In later years he chose to serve Emann Quisling, the Emperor of Ergoth, and became his advisor and seneschal. Caitiff, through his dark art, attained lichdom, so that he would live forever. In later years he chose to serve the Empress Phrygia, instead of Emann, and eventually she turned the tables so that she controlled him and not he controlling her. When Solamnus' forces invaded the imperial palace at Daltigoth, it was Caitiff who summoned the undead forces to protect the palace. Vinas and his men finally succeeded in conquering Daltigoth, one of the first acts that were carried out was to destroy Caitiff. His soul gems were shattered and bones were crushed and blessed with holy water. The lich was finally dead, there would be no second coming.

Dalamar the Dark

Dalamar originally hailed from Silvanesti and went by the name Dalamar Argent. He was captivated by the black arts and was later caught as a practitioner. Dalamar was exiled from his people and classed as a dark elf. He joined the conclave and became an esteemed mage amongst his peers. He was sent by the Conclave to spy on the archmage Raistlin Majere's activities, where he was discovered and punished by Raistlin for his treachery. Dalamar always respected Raistlin to a large degree and later became the Head of the Black Robes. He mysteriously disappeared shortly after the Second Cataclysm. However he later reappeared to Palin Majere, greatly aged and weary, and a practitioner of Necromancy during the War of Souls. Dalamar was granted his magic back by the gods, and has resumed his position as one of Krynn's most potent mages.

Harrawell Dracart of the Black Robes

Dracart was a mage of the Black Robes who became a prominent figure in the early days of the Temple of Luerkhisis. He was a close ally of the high priest Wryllish Parkane and one of the three individuals responsible for the creation of draconians. During the War of the Lance, Dracart used his art to create multitudes of draconians to swell the ranks of the dragonarmies and proved to be a devout follower of Ariakas. In the final stages of the war Dracart was found dead with his throat slashed. The murderer was never confirmed, though widely believed to be the draconian general Maranta.


Fistandantilus was an extremely long-lived human and one of the most fearsome mages to ever grace the surface of Krynn. He began his magical career as a Red Robe, but as he grew old he realized that his life must surely end. He turned to the Dark Queen so that he might keep his life, draining countless young apprentices of theirs whenever he needed his youth once again. Fistandantilus was destroyed (in body) at Skullcap, during the Dwarfgate War, but his spirit kept Raistlin Majere alive so that he might possess the mage's body some time in the future. His plan failed when Raistlin traveled back in time and destroyed him.

Galan Dracos

A renegade mage during the Third Dragon War, Dracos was the Dark Queen's servant. Dracos's ambition was to open a gateway and allow Takhisis to enter the world, which he succeeded in doing. Before his battle with Takhisis, Huma Dragonbane defeated Dracos by throwing Magius's staff into the green crystal sphere, the source of the renegade wizard's power. Though he appeared to be dead, the sorcerer finally destroyed himself to save his soul from Takhisis's wrath. His soul later appeared in a ploy to destroy Kaz, warrior-brother to Huma. Galan Dracos was finally destroyed in a pitched fight between Kaz and a stone dragon.


Krago was an alchemist and magic-user who resided in Sanction. He was arrested and sentenced to death several years before the War of the Lance for graverobbing and use of heretical magic. Whilst awaiting the death sentence, Krago was freed and spirited away to Xak Tsaroth by agents of Takhisis. In the fallen city, Krago agreed to serve the black dragon Khisanth and to develop a new type of lizard warrior to fight for the dragonarmies. Krago was successful in creating a super powerful lizardman from quicksilver and serpent eggs. Riverwind destroyed the prototype and Krago realised that with his life's work gone, his own life was forfeit. He attempted to escape with Riverwind, however he was cut down by Khisanth's draconian lieutenant Shanz.

Ladonna, Mistress of the Black Robes

Ladonna was the longtime head of the Black Robes, and also former lover of Par-Salian, head of the Conclave. She was a beautiful woman, well-skilled in magic, and also a little vain. It was her suggestion to plant Dalamar as a spy in the Tower of Palanthas. She knew that Raistlin was far more powerful than her, and could easily defeat her if he wished to claim her spot within the Conclave. After the War of the Lance, she disappeared completely and was presumed to have been defeated in magical battle by her successor, Dalamar.

Rannoch of the Black Robes

Near the end of the Age of Might, Rannoch was one of the most powerful of all the mages who wore the black robes. He was greatly enraged when the Kingpriest chose to declare war upon all mages. However when the head of White Robes handed the key over to the lord of Palanthas, Rannoch was infuriated. In a rage, he cast down a curse on the Tower of Palanthas, and declared that none would enter the tower again and that this pact would be sealed with his blood. With that, Rannoch leapt from the tower and impaled himself upon the gates. The curse remained and the tower was never invaded.

Rubina of the Black Robes

A high-standing human mage of the Order of the Black Robes. During the Age of Might, Rubina was famed for being one of the most beautiful and powerful magic users of Istar. A native of Karthay when the trade disputes between Istar and Karthay arose, she took a pointed interest. Rubina soon joined Solamnic Knight Sir Pirvan and his companions in stopping the Istarian army from crushing Karthayan trade routes. During their struggles Rubina fought against clerics of Takhisis and fought to protect her friends, instead of fighting for the Dark Queen. Rubina routed the army with a series of fireballs but was later captured by General Gildas Aurhinius. She was cursed by Takhisis for her betrayal and was slain shortly after her capture, after an Istarian captain mistakenly thought she was trying to ensorcel the general of the Istarian army.

Sorotin of the Black Robes

Sorotin was a powerful magic-user who caught the attention of the Dragonarmies as they were being formed. He was a black robe and assigned to the Blue Dragonarmy. Sorotin also doubled as the chief advisor to Dragon Highlord Merinsaard. He has frequent premonitions that he would someday perish in the flames. He vanished shortly after Merinsaard fell to Sturm Brightblade, and was presumed dead.

Speratus, Archmage of Nidus

Speratus was a powerful magic-user of the Red Robes, whose reputation earnt him a place amongst the court of Nidus. Nidus was a strong province in the Taman Busuk region. Speratus rose to the position of archmage and advisor to Daeghrefn, Lord of Nidus. Speratus schemed and plotted for his lord, however he was undone by a far more foul entity on the eve of an exchange of sons between Nidus and East Borders. The red dragon Ember organised for Speratus to be murdered by Nerakan bandits so he could begin his own ascent to power in the Nidus court. Speratus was indeed murdered by bandits, and was quickly replaced by Ember, in the human guise of Cerestes, both as archmage and advisor to the Lord of Nidus.

Tik Deepspeaker

Tik was a Zhakar and dwarf savant who soon realised that the key to power in Zhakar Hold was through scheming and treachery. He became close friends with the ambitious lord Rackas Ironcog and agreed to aid him in the latter's ascension to kinghood. On an appointed day, the two ambushed the current king of Zhakar, Pulc Tenstone. Tik blinded the king and Rackas murdered him. Rackas then became king and Tik, his trusted mage and advisor. Tik served faithfully for several years before the War of the Lance, until Ariakas came to Zhakar Hold. The savant attempted to murder Ariakas at his king's behest, and was slain by Ariakas' dragon Tombfyre for his treachery.

Whastryk Kite

Whastryk was a promising member of the Black Robes a decade before the Cataclysm, when his career took a sudden turn for the better. The great Fistandantilus had invited Whastryk to study with him. The young mage promptly agreed and spent several months with the archmage. Several months before the Cataclysm, Whastryk and the other apprentices were dismissed from Fistandantilus' tower, as the archmage and his chosen apprentice (Raistlin) would continue their work. Upon leaving, Fistandantilus presented Whastryk with a mysterious silver vial and told him to drink it, only when he thought his life was forfeit. Whastryk then journeyed to Haven where he established himself as the master of the city in all but name. The Black Kite was a feared and respected master who demanded tribute from all his subjects. Unfortunately in 37 AC, the Black Kite kidnapped a blacksmith's daughter since he wouldn't pay the Kite any tribute. In rage, the smith entered the Kite's tower and slew the mage. Just before death, Whastryk drank the contains of the silver vial, however he perished nonetheless. The feared reign of the Kite was over.

Rieve of the Black Robes

Rieve was a loathsome mage who delighted in turning his victims into animals and caging them. He was known to reside in the Solace area and before the War of the Lance, encountered the Companions and turned them into animals. Raistlin turned the tables on the mage and had all his victims returned to their true forms. Rieve was spared and fled the area. He later recovered and returned to his foul tricks, but disappeared after the war and is presumed to have perished at some point.


Gadar was a renegade mage who lived in seclusion in the Abanasinian region. Through the use of wild magic, he was able to steal the life force of others in order to extend his own life. The mage was occasionally sickened by stealing the life force of others, but was quite addicted to it, and terrified of death itself. Gadar lived for hundreds of years before he was eventually confronted and killed by several of the Companions.

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