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Chambers of Astinus

Knights of Takhisis

Ariakan, Head of the Knights of Takhisis

Ariakan was the only son of the Dragon Highlord Ariakas and the goddess Zeboim. He was a fearsome warrior and a brilliant strategist who first served under his father during the War of the Lance. He was captured at the end of the war by Solamnic Knights and imprisoned in the High Clerist's Tower. The knights respected the young warrior and he studied their methods and learnt from them. After five years, the Solamnics released Ariakan, believed him to be honorable and of no threat to them. They were very wrong. Ariakan was visited by Takhisis, and he informed her of his plans for a new knighthood that would conquer all of Ansalon. Over several years, Ariakan formed his new knighthood, the Knights of Takhisis. He drilled his recruits brutally and also discovered the isle of the brutes who he also recruited to join his knights. Ariakan exemplified honor and was a shining beacon to all his troops who worshipped him. In his short invasion of Ansalon he conquered far more land than the entire time his father took during the War of the Lance. Ariakan and his men even conquered the previously unconquerable High Clerist's Tower. Although after only a short victory, he and his men were in turn attacked by the forces of Chaos. Ariakan perished with his men, after they were abandoned by Takhisis.

Fleetwood, Subcommander Knight of the Lily

Fleetwood was the most cunning of Halion Khargos' three subcommanders. An intelligent but vicious blackguard, he served his own purposes first and the Dark Queen's second. Fleetwood's cunning earned him the rank of subcommander in the Knights of Takhisis and a place under Takhisis' favourite Halion Khargos. He joined Khargos on his campaign to Mount Nevermind. Fleetwood was good friends with fellow subcommander Stormont and was often a voice of dissent with Stormont against Khargos. With Stormont's demise, Fleetwood was silenced and he served loyally under Khargos. Fleetwood succeeded in infiltrating the gnome's mountain with the other knights and oversaw the general running of Mount Nevermind for Khargos when the Knights conquered the gnomes. During a trial in which a gnome was been sentenced, the seat upon which the justices sat collapsed, and they all tumbled several feet to land on the unfortunate knight. Fleetwood was crushed to death under the massive weight of several gnomes dropping from a relatively high perch. It was a poor end for the ambitious knight.

Hanna, Subcommander Knight of the Lily

Hanna was a quiet female warrior who rose through the ranks of the Knights through her dedication to Takhisis and her excelling at all aspects of the knighthood. She rose to the rank of subcommander and was positioned under the young commander Halion Khargos. Hanna was the most junior of three subcommanders under Khargos and was the only one of the three to actually support him in discussions. With the demise of Stormont and then Fleetwood, Hanna rose to became chief of the subcommanders through sheer survival. She aided in the conquering of Mount Nevermind and later in the evacuation of it. Hanna was the only high-ranking knight to survive the Mount Nevermind campaign. She was offered rule of Mount Nevermind by the High Justice of the gnomes, however she declined and returned to Storm's Keep, the base of the Knights of Takhisis. Hanna vanished into the mists and is presumed to have perished during the Summer of Chaos.

Lillith, Nightlord Knight of the Thorn

Lillith was a fierce black-hearted mage who was supremely loyal to Takhisis. She was interested in rising within the ranks of the knighthood. Lillith also had close ties to the High Priestess of Takhisis, the Head of the Knights of the Skull. During the Chaos War, Lillith attempted several times to determine if Steel Brightblade was truly loyal to Takhisis and threw his honor into question on numerous occasions. Every time she was proven wrong however she pushed the issue again and again. She also attempted to gain possession of the Staff of Magius from Palin Majere and also failed in this attempt. In the Tower of the High Clerist, Lillith demanded that Ariakan execute Palin Majere and Steel Brightblade. Ariakan however, knew that Steel was a loyal follower, and in disgust with the manipulative mage he threw her backwards. By either mere fate or the decree of the Dark Queen, Lillith fell under an iron porticullis which was dislodged and impaled the mage. The Thorn knight proved to be yet another victim in the attack on the High Clerist's Tower.

Oliver uth Umbros, Knight of the Skull

Oliver was a promising young knight whose ambition furthered him in the ranks of the Skull. Oliver rose to the rank of acolyte and was placed in the service of Lord Knight Halion Khargos during the Mount Nevermind expedition. The young cleric served as an unofficial fourth advisor to Khargos, beneath his three subcommanders. When the Knights of Takhisis penetrated the gnome fortress, Oliver plotted against everyone in order to take control of the mountain. The foul cleric murdered several gnomes to cover his own tracks and then attempted to slay Deddalo the gnome, when he thought that his scheming might be exposed. By mistake, Oliver ambushed the gnomes Innova and Lucretius Climenole instead. In the confusion, Oliver attempted to cast a spell which failed, and instead was slain by a hiding mirago, one of the Chaos creatures that had infiltrated Mount Nevermind.

Sequor Trevalin, Subcommander Knight of the Lily

Trevalin was an honorable warrior whose loyal service in the Knights of the Takhisis was rewarded with a talon command prior to Ariakan's invasion of Ansalon. Trevalin was the direct superior of Steel Brightblade and served as his mentor and friend. Trevalin was much respected as a fierce warrior amongst the Lily ranks, and as a wise strategist. He fought bravely during the war, however he perished during the battle against the Chaos legions at the Tower of the High Clerist.

Steel BrightbladeSteel Uth Matar Brightblade, Knight of the Lily

Steel was the son of the Hero of the Lance, Sturm Brightblade and the Dragon Highlord Kitiara. Kitiara bore Steel in secret and as a babe gave him to midwife Sara Dunstan to care for. Sara raised Steel as her own and in later years he was approached by Lord Ariakan to join the knighthood. Both Sara and Steel travelled to Storm's Keep to join the knighthood. Steel was later informed of his father's identity by Caramon Majere and Tanis Half-Elven, who attempted to guide the young man onto the path of light, rather than see him join an evil knighthood. During this sojourn, the spirit of Sturm gave him the Brightblade (sword of the Brightblade family) and the starjewel,a magical artifact which Alhana Starbreeze, the Silvanesti princess gave to Sturm as a token of her love. However Steel stayed true to his ideals and joined the Knights of Takhisis. Steel served faithfully in the knighthood and aided Palin Majere during the burial of his brothers. When the forces of Chaos attacked the High Clerist's Tower, Steel was one of the few who escaped alive. He led a group of Solamnics and Knights of Takhisis in a fight against Chaos. During the battle he gave Palin and his friends enough time to defeat Chaos, however he and his beloved dragon Flare were slain in the fight. Steel was buried with full honors in the Tomb of the Last Heroes, alongside the Solamnics and Knights of Takhisis who fell with him.

Stormont, Subcommander Knight of the Lily

Stormont was a hot-headed warrior who loyally served the Dark Queen and fought in the War of the Lance in the Dragonarmy legions. In later years he chose to follow Ariakan and his dream of founding the Knights of Takhisis. He rose to the rank of subcommander and served as advisor and aide to Commander Halion Khargos during his expedition to Mount Nevermind. Stormont constantly challenged the young commander's words and fell out of favour with the Dark Queen. He ordered an attack on a gnome ship from his own vessel when he and his men were tricked by the gnomes. Khargos attempted to prevent the disaster, however Stormont charged after the gnomes in his vessel and their ships was torn asunder. Stormont and most of his men drowned in the waters surrounding Mount Nevermind, the first victims of a high casualty campaign.

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