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Chambers of Astinus

Knights of Solamnia

Aran Tallbow, Knight of the Crown

A valiant Solamnic Knight who fled Tarsis with Sturm, Laurana, Flint and the other companions. He journeyed with the party to Icewall, where they hoped to retrieve a dragon orb from Icewall Castle. Aran was slain during the raid on Icewall Castle.

Brian Donner, Knight of the Sword

Another valiant knight like his comrade Aran Tallbow. Brian also travelled with Aran and the party to Icewall. Brian was slain alongside his comrade Aran during the raid on Icewall Castle.

Garic, Knight of the Crown

Garic was the second-in-command to General Pheragas/Caramon in Fistandantilus' army during the Dwarfgate War. Caramon sent Garic and his fellow knights to guard Pax Tharkas, so they wouldn't be slain in the ensuing battle. Garic and his cousin Michael then commanded the garrison stationed at Pax Tharkas.

Gawain, Knight of the Crown

Gawain was a Solamnic Knight who prior to the War of the Lance, was forced from his home by the serfs of the surrounding lands. He, his wife and son were forced into a life of exile and wandered from town to town looking for shelter, and Gawain looked for a way to earn money to support his family. During their travels Gawain undertook a quest to end a curse laid upon Death's Keep. With the aid of the Majere twins and the kender Earwig Lockpicker, he ended the curse. Raistlin taught the knight that compassion and love for his family were far more important than the vows he held to his knighthood. After this quest Gawain quit the knighthood, in order to better support his family.

Harald Stippling, Knight of the Rose

Stippling was a mighty warrior who served the gods of good faithfully. Several years before the War of the Lance erupted, he was assigned to establish a Solamnic outpost at Lamesh. On his travels to Lamesh he and his men were ambushed by a bandit horde. The great Solamnic was beheaded during a sword fight with the leader of the bandits, Led. Similarly, all of his men, save one was also killed.

Huma of Eldor, Knight of the Crown (Dragonbane)

Huma was a young warrior brought into the ranks of the Solamnic Knights by the respected Crown Knight Rennard. He was a hardy young fighter who in his first battle, met and befriended the minotaur Kaz. Through fierce battles and a certain amount of luck, Huma survived the turmoil of the early stages of the Third Dragon War and even bested the evil General Crynus in battle. Huma gathered around himself a motley band: Kaz the minotaur, Heart the silver dragon, Magius of the Red Robes, Guy Avondale of Ergoth, Bennett the Rose Knight, and Buoron the Crown Knight. Huma discovered the first dragonlances early in his campaign and defeated the immense dragon Wyrmfather with the Sword of Tears. When it was apparent that treachery was afoot in the Solamnic ranks, Huma discovered that Rennard was his uncle and an agent of Morgion who had killed his mother. Huma slew Rennard in combat, vanquishing the poisoner of the Solamnic Grand Master. During the war, Huma also fell in love with the half-elf maiden Gwyneth, who later revealed herself to be the silver dragon Heart. Huma accepted Heart for who she was and loved her irregardless. He proved to be instrumental in the fight against the chromatic dragons, as he and his friends used the dragonlances in the war. Huma and his friends battled and defeated the evil mage Galan Dracos, however soon after Takhisis emerged onto Ansalon from the Abyss. Huma and Heart fought and defeated Takhisis, forcing her to pledge to remain in the Abyss. Due to wounds suffered during the battle, the pair both perished shortly after. Huma has been revered by the Solamnics ever since, as one of Krynn's greatest heroes.

Laca Dragonbane, Lord of East Borders

Laca was a descendant of the mighty Huma and a respected Knight of Solamnia. He was the ruler of the small province of East Borders in the Taman Busuk region. At one time, Laca was a close friend of Daeghrefn, the lord of neighbouring Nidus. However Laca lusted after Daeghrefn's wife and after one night of passion, he begot her with child. From this point, the two former friends were sworn enemies. Laca had one son, Aglaca, by his own wife, and the product of his infidelity was Verminaard. During a parlay between the two provinces, Aglaca went to Nidus, and Daeghrefn's eldest son Abelaard went to East Borders. Laca trained Abelaard in the Solamnic ways and treated him like a beloved son. For years he kept his silence about Verminaard and never admitted to having a second son. Years later, an enraged Verminaard confronted Laca and accidentally blinded Abelaard. Laca then mustered his forces for an assault on Nidus. Verminaard, astride his red dragon Ember, swept across the Nidus fields and annihilated Laca's forces. The great Laca perished under the might of his second son.

Markham, Knight of the Crown

Sir Markham was a most trusted and dashing knight of the Rose who was one of the leaders of the Knights of Solamnia in a great many years. He was a wealthy young nobleman, handsome, goodnatured, carefree and easy-going. Laurana found his bravery nonchalant and totally undependable and she thought that he fought in the war because there wasn't anything more interesting to do. His deeds far surpassed most knights and he fought valiantly at the High Clerist's tower, and many other battles. He led the knightly forces in the defense of Palanthas when Lord Soth attacked and because of his effort many people lived to see the next morning. Sir Markham himself was among the first to fall, after a number of terrible wounds. Prior to the battle his advice was to drink lots of brandy, because there was not much use in meeting a death knight sober.

Owen Glendower, Knight of the Rose

Owen was a Solamnic Knight who was famed for being the first person to wield a dragonlance against a dragon during the War of the Lance. At the start of the war he was under orders to locate Derek Crownguard. During his search, Owen became lost near Silver Dragon Mountain and soon found himself before Huma's Tomb. He entered to pay homage to the great knight and encountered Fizban and Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Through some misadventures they acquired a dragonlance and encountered a white dragon. Tasslehoff helped Owen realise that the true magic lay not in the lances themselves but in the faith of their wielder. With true faith in the lance, Owen slew the white dragon and went on to protect his village against a draconian raid. He was heralded by the Solamnics as a true hero at the war's end.

Pirvan of Tirabot, Knight of the Rose

During the time of the Kingpriest, Pirvan was a thief based in Palanthas. A respected member of the Thieves' Guild, he often employed the use of magic. After one intrepid encounter, he was captured by warriors and found himself involved in a fight against a powerful mage, a dragon and a bandit army. In time, Pirvan learnt the ways of the sword and fought bravely and honorably. Surprisingly, the Knights of Solamnia, who were willing to forgive past indiscretions, approached him offering a position in their ranks. Later years, and many adventures later, found him moving up the ranks until he was finally a Knight of the Rose. He lived until old age with his wife Haimya and served the Knights of Solamnia loyally until the end.

Robert, Seneschal of Nidus

Robert was a proud Solamnic knight who distinguished himself in Daeghrefn's service and was promoted to the role of seneschal of Nidus. He served his lord loyally until he encountered the druidess, L'Indasha Yman. Robert fell in love with her and met L'Indasha in secret. During one adventure, in which Robert, Daeghrefn and his men were being attacked by ogres, Robert fell from his horse and begged for his lord's aid. Daeghrefn abandoned his loyal servant and earnt his hatred. Seriously wounded, Robert was nursed back to health by the druidess. After Nidus Castle was destroyed, Robert left the province of Nidus with L'Indasha, so they could live a peaceful and happy existence together for their remaining years.

Tate Sekforde, Knight of the Crown

Tate was a young Solamnic who grew up in Castle DeHodge, deep in Solamnian territory. However the young warrior grew tired of an idyllic existence in the castle and left to seek adventure. Tate joined the company of Sir Harald Stippling on their journey to found an outpost in the Ogrelands. During the trek to Lamesh in the Ogrelands, the party was ambushed. Tate was attacked by the human witch Onyx, who was actually the black dragon Khisanth in disguise. Tate was the sole survivor of the ambush and he journeyed to Lamesh. Tate then founded the Solamnic outpost and developed it over several years. Shortly after, the Black Dragonarmy assaulted Lamesh and overran the outpost. Tate faced Khisanth again, in dragon form, however this time the black dragon annihilated her opponent.

Vinas Solamnus, Founder of the Knights of Solamnia

Vinas was a headstrong Ergothian youth that constantly tried to enter in the armed service of the nation, even at a young age. At a very early age he was given a minor command over experienced troops due to his noble lineage. Vinas quickly saw the injustices that were abundant under certain officers of the army and attempted to aid the peasants in Solanthus. He was severely reprimanded for his actions and stripped of his rank. Vinas was then forced into a clerical role, in which he uncovered an assassination plot. Vinas' father was killed by the assassins, but Vinas did manage to save the emperor. He was then promoted to commander-in-chief of the Ergothian army, reporting only to the emperor and empress. Emperor Emann Quisling commanded Vinas to quell a rebellion in Vingaard. Vinas led his army to Vingaard where he met with the rebels. He soon realised that the emperor was a dictator and that the rebels were the victims in this campaign. Vinas chose to side with the rebels and turned on the emperor and his forces. He fought all the way to the Ergothian capital Daltigoth, where he succeeded in conquering the city. Vinas then carved his own state of Solamnia out of the Ergoth Empire and founded the Knights of Solamnia, based upon a vision from Paladine, Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk. A new just nation sprung from the heart of treachery.

Wolter Heding, Knight of the Rose

Wolter was a venerable Solamnic warrior who through countless acts of valor and honor, rose to the position of Rose knight. He was responsible for sponsoring the squire Tate Sekforde, who also proved to be an honorable knight. Wolter joined Tate's outpost in Lamesh and offered his services as Tate's advisor and as one of the outpost's defenders. When the Solamnics marched on the Black Dragonarmy's headquarters at Salimsha Tower, against Wolter's advice, thousands of men on both sides fell. Wolter attacked the black dragon Khisanth during the siege and was killed in the attempt.

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