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The Dragon Highlords

The First Highlords

Duulket Ariakas, the Dragon Emperor

Ariakas grew up in the harsh lands of Khur and in his early years developed his warrior skills as a mercenary. He led several campaigns against the neighbouring ogres of Blode for the warlords of Khur before journeying to Sanction. He soon discovered Takhisis and put his fighting career aside as he eagerly entered into her worship. Ariakas became her chosen warrior and favorite, enjoying magical power bestowed directly from her, making him something of a renegade dark wizard, who was often mistaken as a cleric because of the origins of his power. Ariakas, one of the first five chosen highlords, was also the leader and the one responsible for building the Dragonarmies. As the first chosen leader of the Red Dragonarmy, Ariakas built his power base, and after being recognised by Takhisis as the true power in her forces, he was elevated to ruler of all of her armies, and he delegated the role of Highlord of the Red Dragonarmy to Phair Caron. A superb warrior and devout follower of Takhisis, Ariakas was destined to be crowned the Emperor of the Dragon Empire and was further favored by the dark gods, with Zeboim visiting him and making love to him. By Zeboim he had a child, who he named Ariakan, who later grew into a fierce warrior. Ariakas almost brought Takhisis into the world, however his plans were foiled by Raistlin Majere and Tanis Half-Elven. At the close of the war in the Temple of Neraka, Tanis struck down Ariakas and took from him the Crown of Power. This led to the undoing of the Dragonarmies and Takhisis was denied entry into Krynn. With Ariakas' death, evil was undone once more.

Maldeev, Dragon Highlord of the Black Dragonarmy

Maldeev was a young warrior who served as a captain in the dragonarmies when they were first being raised. In the early days of his service in Neraka, he was summoned by Takhisis to her temple. She commanded him to found the Black Wing and to rule as one of her Dragon Highlords, alongside her other first Highlords Ariakas, Feal-Thas and Merinsaard. Maldeev built his army at Salimsha Tower, deep in the Ogrelands north of Khur. He was dragon-bonded to the black dragon Jahet, with whom he commanded the Black Wing. After numerous battles with Solamnic forces over Lamesh, Maldeev was thrown from Jahet, when his dragon was slain and was saved by another black dragon, Khisanth. Maldeev and Khisanth were then bonded, however during the ritual it was clear to Khisanth that her highlord was responsible for Jahet's death. Enraged by the death of her friend, Khisanth slew her soul-mate. Maldeev's career had been ended several years before the War of the Lance begun. He was succeeded by Lucien of Takar.

Feal-Thas, Dragon Highlord of the White Dragonarmy

Feal-Thas grew up in the lovely city of Silvanesti amidst the forces of good. However all these surroundings could not dampen the evil that gripped his black heart. Soon he left his homeland and developed his magic and fighting skills further. Feal-Thas met Ariakas in his travelling, and the latter promised him wealth and power if he would join him. Feal-Thas eagerly agreed and was rewarded with command of the White Dragonarmy. The dark elf then assumed control of Icewall Castle and setup his fortress. Whilst his forces engaged the Solamnic armies to the north, a small group of adventurers penetrated his castle defenses. He battled against the forces singlehandedly, much like his fellow highlord Verminaard, and met with similar results. His army was leaderless for a time, until Toede was given the role of acting Highlord of the White Dragonarmy.

Merinsaard, Dragon Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy

Merinsaard, like Maldeev, was one of the first Highlords ever recruited. His career was rather brief, so brief in fact, that he never even saw the war. Merinsaard commanded the Blue Dragonarmy and his forces entrenched themselves in some of the less active regions of Solamnia, where they claimed the ruins of Castle Brightblade. Several years before the War broke out, Sturm Brightblade was journeying with Kitiara Uth Matar, in search of his family. He came across the castle and challenged Merinsaard, who he believed had killed his father. Merinsaard eagerly took on the young warrior and nearly bested him, Kitiara however, saved young Sturm and took out Merinsaard in the process. She then vanished into the night to work for her new employer, and rise through the ranks of the Dragonarmies herself. The warlord was replaced shortly after by the warrior-woman Kartilann of Khur.

Phair Caron, Dragon Highlord of the Red Dragonarmy

A fearsome warrior and strategist, Phair rose to the notice of Highlord Ariakas in the formative years of the Dragonarmies. When he was elevated to rule all of the Dragonarmies, she was chosen to replace him as Highlord of the Red Dragonarmy. She rode upon the fearsome red dragon, Blood Gem, and was given command of the forces in the conquest of Silvanesti. However the disastrous Silvanesti campaign, led to her death and she soon became a forgotten name as greater and more powerful warlords came to take her place amongst the highlord ranks, such as her successor Verminaard.

Highlords of the War of the Lance

Since Phair and Maldeev were killed in some of the first campaigns, and Merinsaard was killed before the war even began, soon it was discovered that replacement generals were necessary. The original Green Highlord was killed in the early campaign in Khur and his name was stricken from all records, and Ariakas found himself and Feal-Thas were the only original Highlords remaining. He set about recruiting four new generals to head each army, whilst he himself ruled over them all. The names of his initial recruits at this time were Verminaard, Lucien, Salah-Khan, and Kartilann.

Verminaard of Nidus, Dragon Highlord of the Red Dragonarmy

Verminaard grew up in the small province of Nidus in the dark region of Taman Busuk. His childhood years were a fierce struggle to survive, as the unwanted child of a brutal father. Verminaard grew strong under his father's yolk and emerged a mighty warrior, alongside his brother Aglaca. Where Aglaca followed a path of light, Verminaard turned to darkness. He was tutored by the mage Cerestes, who was actually the red dragon Ember in disguise and claimed the enchanted mace Nightbringer, which allowed Takhisis to control him. Soon after he became the Lord of Nidus, succeeding his father and aiding Ember in the murder of his brother. Verminaard then left Nidus with his new ally, the red dragon Ember. Ember was sent from Takhisis to this promising young warrior, to watch over him and guide him towards the dark path. Verminaard soon became one of Takhisis' first clerics in the Fourth Age, after most people had forgotten the 'old gods'. He rose to become a major power and joined the armies that Ariakas was mustering under Takhisis' banner. After the failure of Phair Caron in Silvanesti, Verminaard assumed command of the Red Dragonarmy and governed the mines of Pax Tharkas. His army conquered wherever they trod and always returned victorious to the mines. Unfortunately for Verminaard his reign of terror did not last. The Heroes of the Lance infiltrated the mines, freeing the prisoners and the crazy red dragon Flamestrike. Flamestrike attacked Ember and left Verminaard vulnerable. He then fought against the Heroes of the Lance singlehandedly, but was overcome by their superior numbers. The mighty conqueror was defeated.

Lucien of Takar, Dragon Highlord of the Black Dragonarmy

Lucien grew up in the area of Takar. A fierce and cunning fighter, he was quick to ally himself with Ariakas, seeing him as his ticket to power. Lucien was a quiet individual whose emotionless face was a mask to the turbid rage that strove for power and domination over others. Lucien rose to power under Ariakas' wing, bringing the forces of ogres along with him into the Dragonarmies, as well as the capable mercenaries he served with. Soon Lucien found himself in command of the Black Dragonarmy. His cautious and well planned attacks proved to be devastating against the Whitestone forces. In the devastating defeat of the Dragonarmies at the end of the war, he maintained his forces and escaped, however three years after the war he was assassinated by the lackeys of one of his own highmasters. He was succeeded by his loyal highmaster Marcus Cadrio, however in respect to his former master, Cadrio never assumed the title of Dragon Highlord.

Salah-Khan, Dragon Highlord of the Green Dragonarmy

Salah-Khan was a cunning and dark individual who originally hailed from the Khurish tribes. When the Dragonarmies set foot in Khur, he was quick to convince his people to ally with the Dragonarmies. Ariakas was so pleased with the warrior, that he placed Salah-Khan in charge of the Green Dragonarmy. Salah-Khan was an expert with poisons, but also had an inherent fear of being poisoned himself. He escaped death in the Temple of Neraka at the close of the war, and maintained the remnant Green Dragonarmy forces until 356 AC, when he was slain in battle against the Solamnic Knight Morgan di Kyre. The remnant forces were then taken over by the half-ogre Hullek Skullsmasher, former rival of Salah-Khan's.

Kartilann of Khur, Dragon Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy

With the fall of Merinsaard, the warrior-woman Kartilann was chosen by Ariakas as the new Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy. Having risen to notice in several early campaigns, distinguishing herself in battle atop the blue dragon Skie, Kartilann was highly respected by her own army. With her rise to Highlord, she elevated one of her regimental commanders, Kitiara Uth Matar, to the rank of highmaster. Her time as highlord was only short-lived however. In the battle over the New Sea and Schallsea region, Kartilann was killed by an arrow fired by enemy snipers. Similarly Kitiara's dragon mount Zephyr (Skie's daughter) was also killed. Skie chose to become Kitiara's mount, and the new highmaster soon became the new Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy.

Kitiara Uth Matar, Dragon Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy

Kitiara was the daughter of the mercenary Gregor Uth Matar and Rosamun of Solace. She idolised her father, and was devastated when he left for a campaign and never returned. In her teens she raised her half-brothers Caramon and Raistlin and left to find some trace of her father. Her adventures led her into the midst of a mercenary band where she developed a taste for fighting and the mercenary life. On returning she journeyed with the Companions for several years and had various misadventures. During this time, she also fell in love with Tanis Half-Elven and had a tempestuous relationship with him. She departed Solace with Sturm Brightblade upon which adventure she seduced him and had a child, Steel Brightblade, by him. She never let Sturm know of the child and left the babe in the care of a nursemaid, Sara Dunstan. Also during the same adventure she rescued Sturm and assassinated the current Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy, Merinsaard. Kit met up with Ariakas and with dreams of power and conquest in her head, joined the warlord and his great army. Kitiara excelled as a warrior in his army, first becoming Highmaster in the Blue Dragonarmy under Highlord Kartilann, and then head of the Blue Dragonarmy itself. Her mount was a fierce blue dragon called Skie who was wholly loyal to her. During the war years, Kit was known as the 'Blue Lady', and distinguished herself as a brilliant tactician and one of the most powerful Dragon Highlords, second only to Ariakas. With powerful allies, like Skie and Lord Soth at her side, she was also practically invincible. When the Dragonarmies were shattered by the Whitestone forces at the temple of Neraka, Kitiara was the only Dragon Highlord to retain complete control of her army and fight free of the chaos. As her entire army marched off, the other Highlords struggled to maintain order and barely escaped with their lives and some remnant forces. She then strengthened her army over the next couple of years and led them in a conquest known as the 'Blue Lady's War' against Palanthas. Her forces beseiged Palanthas and she entered the Tower of Palanthas, with the intent of aiding her brother Raistlin defeat Takhisis. During the final battle in the Tower, Dalamar cut down Kitiara, and Soth briefly claimed her soul. However her soul was released and escaped into the Gray. Skie searched long for his beloved Kitiara but did not find her, nor did the equally infatuated Lord Soth. Both hoped to claim their Dark Lady, however her soul was forever more lost in the mists.

Toede, Dragon Highlord of the White Dragonarmy

Toede was a cowardly hobgoblin who rose in command simply by knowing when to flee, and surviving when his superiors didn't. He allied himself with Verminaard and won himself a minor command as a Fewmaster under the Highlord. Through survival instincts and sheer dumb luck he rose above his commanding officers and soon found himself in charge of Balifor, serving as Highmaster in the Black Dragonarmy. Shortly after this, Toede was reassigned to Highlord of the White Dragonarmy, where he proved to be an inept commander and left his own army at the first sign of danger. Whilst on a hunting trip in Balifor, Toede chased some kender. The kender tricked the hobgoblin into wandering inside a green dragon's lair, in which he was slain. Few mourned the passing of this treacherous coward, his second Groag, then assumed control of Balifor. Six months later Toede was resurrected, after he became the target of a bet between two abishai of the Abyss. Toede returned to Flotsam, capital of the Goodlund/Balifor province, and slew his draconian advisor Gildentongue. After several misadventures he also slew his treacherous dragon mount Hopsloth and aided his former enemy, the kender Kronin Thistleknot, in saving Flotsam from a necromancer and his undead hordes. The lieutenant of Takhisis acknowledged that Toede had learnt honor and allowed him to remain alive and in charge of Flotsam. There is still much speculation over whether this is the original Toede, however it truly is. Toede seems to have vanished again sometime during the Chaos War and was presumed dead, however he later resurfaced time and again, and is even now ruling Flotsam in the post War of Souls period.

Highlords of the Remnant Dragonarmy Forces

The end of the War of the Lance saw the death of Ariakas, the defeat of the Dragonarmies and the rise of the Whitestone forces. The Blue Dragonarmy, under the command of Lady Kitiara escaped intact, however the other armies did not fare as well. Those who weren't killed in the closing stages of the war, either fled from the armies or stayed under their existing Highlords in fragmented forces. From the end of the war in 352 AC, until 357 AC, remnant forces were scattered across Ansalon, attempting to rebuild and fight again. In 357 AC, the final death knell sounded for the Dragonarmies with the defeat of the last army, the Blue Dragonarmy, under Kitiara Uth Matar. Until this time though, several new Highlords rose from amongst the remnant forces, to try and claim power.

Rugoheras, Dragon Highlord of the Red Dragonarmy

In the wake of Lord Ariakas' death and the defeat of the Dragonarmies in Neraka, the Red Dragonarmy was one of the worst affected following the war. A fragmented and nearly broken army, it took a powerful and charismatic warrior to ensure the army did not dissolve completely. Highmaster Rugoheras was the man to ensure the Red Dragonarmy did not fall apart in 352 AC. Re-establishing his base along the northern coastline of Estwilde, the army dug their heels in to rebuild, whilst Rugoheras himself plotted a way in which to try and bring Takhisis into Krynn once more. With the aid of a cleric of Takhisis and a black-robed mage, the highlord was almost successful, however the intrusion of several adventurers led to the highlord's death. So soon after the defeat at Neraka, the death of Rugoheras had a devastating effect on the army. The Red Dragonarmy fell into internal fighting between dragons and warriors, and also led to factions rising and falling within the ranks. Several years of fighting went by, and the army almost collapsed completely several times, before the warrior Karalas pulled them together once more in 357 AC.

Barbarossa, Dragon Highlord of the White Dragonarmy

The White Dragonarmy was another force which suffered greatly from the defeat in Neraka. The remnant forces fled back to the Icewall Glacier where fierce warrior Barbarossa forced his way into the role of Highlord. Over the next few years, the White Dragonarmy was harried by the Whitestone forces, losing ground and being pushed further south. Not only was Barbarossa fighting a losing battle on the ground, but constant rumors filtered in of the rise of Toede from the dead. Barbarossa finds himself challenged several times during 352-357 AC, as well as trying to maintain power over the Ice Folk, and alliances with the thanoi. Eventually in 357 AC, the remaining parts of the army collapse against the Whitestone forces, as Barbarossa, the last Highlord of the White Dragonarmy, suffers his final defeat.

Hullek Skullsmasher, Dragon Highlord of the Green Dragonarmy

For the duration of the War of the Lance, Highlord Salah-Khan kept the powerful half-ogre Hullek Skullsmasher in a far-off post north of Khur. Fearing that the popular Highmaster would seek his position, Hullek was punished and kept isolated from most of the Green Dragonarmy. However with the death of Salah-Khan in 356 AC, Hullek is quickly called on by the remnant forces to represent them as Highlord of the Green Dragonarmy. The half-ogre eagerly agrees and mobilises the Green Dragonarmy back into a fighting force, quickly allying his forces with the more powerful Blue Dragonarmy under Highlord Kitiara. Highlord Hullek maintains his force until the Blue Lady's War in 357 AC, in which both the Green and Blue Dragonarmies are crushed and utterly defeated.

Karalas, Dragon Highlord of the Red Dragonarmy

After the defeat of several Highlords, including the fearsome Rugoheras shortly after the War of the Lance, the Red Dragonarmy was leaderless and suffered from internal fighting for quite some time. The remnant Red Dragonarmy forces are finally pulled together by the warrior Karalas in 357 AC. Karalas, a loyal worshipper of Sargonnas, sets up the Red Dragonarmy base in Kern. However the tenuous hold he maintains over his own army, as well that of the local ogres only lasts for so long. Several months later the remnant Red Dragonarmy forces (including Highlord Karalas) are wiped out completely, as a combination of internal fighting, marauding ogres and the Whitestone forces smashes any hope of the army ever being a threat in Ansalon again.

Dragon Highmasters

Often during the war, when a replacement highlord was necessary, they sprang from the ranks of the existing Dragon Highmasters within an army. These highmasters were the generals and aides of the Highlords themselves, and were all masterful warriors and tacticians. Several notable highmasters served during the war who didn't rise to the rank of Highlord, however still earned their names in the annals of history.

Finion Pel, Dragon Highmaster of the Black Dragonarmy

Finion was formerly a mercenary, and a boon companion of Lucien of Takar. When Lucien became the Highlord of the Black Dragonarmy, Finion followed him, along with their own fighting Marcus Cadrio and Zanark Kreiss. All three warriors became the generals and Highmasters directly under Lucien, and all swore completely loyalty to him. Like his comrades, Finion loyally served in the Black Dragonarmy throughout the war. Following the war in 354 AC, Finion was recruited by the powerful being Artha, and led a portion of the remnant Black Dragonarmy forces with him. With his black dragon mount Nightclaw, Finion led an assault on the mysterious cloud city of Cirulon. During the fighting, the forces of Artha were defeated by the metallic dragons and some adventurers. Finion and Nightclaw both fell during the assault.

Marcus Cadrio, Dragon Highmaster of the Black Dragonarmy

Marcus Cadrio was formerly a mercenary, who was elevated to the rank of Highmaster, upon entering the Dragonarmies with his companions Lucien of Takar, Zanark Kreiss and Finion Pel. Cadrio was often considered Lucien's right-hand man and the obvious successor, should Lucien ever fall. With the defeat of the Dragonarmies in Neraka, Lucien led his fragmented forces clear, along with some of his key officers. The death of Zanark Kreiss, and disappearance of Finion Pel, led to the promotion of officers to the role of Highmaster, that Lucien did not trust as much as his former comrades. Ambitious minds plotted and under the leadership of Golias killed Lucien. In retribution, his loyal Highmaster Cadrio then killed Golias and mustered the Black Dragonarmy under his own rule. In deference and respect to his former master, Marcus Cadrio never claimed the title of Highlord. Instead he ruled as the sole Highmaster from 355 AC until 357 AC, until the Highmaster plunged to his death from a flying citadel. With the death of Cadrio, the surviving forces of the Black Dragonarmy fell apart and disbanded permanently.

Zanark Kreiss, Dragon Highmaster of the Black Dragonarmy

Zanark Kreiss, a former mercenary and respected warrior, was elevated to the position of Highmaster, partly because of his former friendship with Lucien before the war, and partly because of his great fighting and tactical skills. During the war, he distinguished himself in several battles atop the black dragon Curor Bonebreak. As the war in the air escalates in 352 AC, both Zanark and Curor are slain by the bronze dragon Tariskatt and his rider Lyndruss.

Golias, Dragon Highmaster of the Black Dragonarmy

Late in the War of the Lance, with the death of Highmaster Kreiss, the ambitious General Golias was given his opportunity and promoted to the role of Highmaster. With the defeat of the Dragonarmies in Neraka, Golias increasingly became vocal about Lucien's failures and questioned his ability to lead. Not daring to openly attack or challenge the Highlord, instead Golias formed a faction within the Black Dragonarmy, of those loyal to him who would stand against Lucien. Golias then had the Highlord murdered and prepared to take his place. However Highmaster Cadrio, enraged with the death of his friend and master, had his own loyal soldiers openly attack and kill Golias. With the death of the traitor, his loyalists vanished and Cadrio assumed full control of the army.

Jinag Reth, Dragon Highmaster of the Black Dragonarmy

Jinag Reth was the governor of Flotsam, and a Highmaster of the Black Dragonarmy for the early part of the war. A powerful fighter and wise tactician, Jinag found his forces constantly harried and undermined by the resistance fighters of the Silver Fox, and was himself killed in 351 AC. He was replaced briefly by the hobgoblin Toede, who claimed both the role of Highmaster in the Black Dragonarmy, and also governor of Flotsam for a while.

Bakaris, Dragon Highmaster of the Blue Dragonarmy

A former resident of Estwilde, he was forced to leave after killing the son of a nobleman in a duel. Shortly thereafter, Bakaris became a mercenary, and signed himself into the Dragonarmies. As well as being recognised for his skill in battle, he was soon noted for his great cruelty. Bakaris was elevated through the ranks, and soon was chief Highmaster in the Blue Dragonarmy, and right-hand of Highlord Kitiara. A cunning individual, many victories won throughout the war, were due in part to Bakaris' strategems. He was ultimately defeated and killed by several Heroes of the Lance when he attempted to rape the elf Laurana, Golden General of the Whitestone Forces.

Topus, Dragon Highmaster of the Blue Dragonarmy

In the formative years of the Dragonarmies, the young fighter Topus was recognised for his talents in battle and also a strategist. The fighter rose through the ranks of the Blue Dragonarmy and was made Highmaster of the Blue Wing. Topus was assigned to lead the Blue Wing in the Silvanesti Campaign in 349 AC. Alongside the forces of Highlord Phair Caron and Highlord Salah-Khan, Topus and his dragon Kindledoom lead their forces against the elves. Shortly into the campaign, Phair Caron ordered his forces to attach themselves to the larger Green Wing. Topus and Salah-Khan's forces first saw Phair Caron and the Red Wing destroyed, and were then faced by horrors themselves as Lorac's Nightmare spread. Topus and the Blue Wing were overrun, whilst Salah-Khan and his Green Wing escaped with heavy losses.

Ettel Rense, Dragon Highmaster of the Blue Dragonarmy

Ettel Rense was first and foremost a powerful fighter, who distinguished himself on the field of battle and was recognised by Highlord Kitiara. He soon also proved his value in the air, serving as Kitiara's wingman and also as her aide and Highmaster in battle. The powerful warrior usually flew on his blue dragon Stroak, to the left of Skie and Kitiara in battle, and served loyally through many campaigns before his final defeat in the air.

Beyla Donth, Dragon Highmaster of the Blue Dragonarmy

Like Ettel, Beyla was noticed by Highlord Kitiara in her rise to power. A cleric of Takhisis, aggressive and sadistic in battle, Kitiara appointed the cleric as her Highmaster and tail rider, in her personal squadron. Beyla always rode her blue dragon Rumbler into battle throughout the war, until her defeat.

Kadagh, Dragon Highmaster of the Green Dragonarmy

The powerful ogre Kadagh joined the Dragonarmies when the war had already begun, and rose to some minor prominence in the Green Dragonarmy. In 352 AC, his skills were formally recognised when he was given charge of the Green Wing in the Vingaard Campaign. Kadagh had his forces stationed in Throtl, and won a minor victory over the Whitestone griffon units early in the campaign. At this point, Highlord command were considering Kadagh for the role of White Highlord, however his fortunes drastically changed soon after. The Whitestone forces attacked the Green Wing in Throtl, crushing the army and capturing Highmaster Kadagh. The ogre was sent back to Laurana as a prisoner of war, and is believed to have been executed, as he was not heard of beyond this campaign.

Orek Narreff, Dragon Highmaster of the Green Dragonarmy

With the rise of Salah-Khan, similarly came the rise of Orek Narreff. A Khurish fighter and a loyalist of Salah-Khan's, Orek was made regional governor of Ak-Khurman. During the war, Orek's chief role was to ensure that the Mikku tribe of Ak-Khurman were kept in place, and to ensure that rebellions did not arise in the lands of Khur. He vanished during the War and is believed to have been defeated in the lands of Khur.

Kansaldi Fire-Eyes, Dragon Highmaster of the Red Dragonarmy

Kansaldi Fire-Eyes (also known as Flame-Eyes) was a fearsome and imposing woman, who was a cleric of Takhisis. Recognised for her talents by Highlord Verminaard, she became one of his only Highmasters. With his death, and the later appointment of Rugoheras as Highlord of the Red Dragonarmy, Kansaldi swore her loyalty to him. To prove her worth, Rugoheras sent Kansaldi on a mission to reclaim some captured Sivaks. However she and her army were undone by Solamnic forces in Stormhead, south-east of Kalaman and defeated.

Rivven Cairn, Dragon Highmaster of the Red Dragonarmy

The half-elf Rivven Cairn rose to power early in the formation of the Dragonarmies, and claimed the title of Highmaster through brutal tactics. Even with her part elven heritage, she was considered valuable by Ariakas as a fighter and a wizard, a rising star in the Red Dragonarmy. With her dragon Cear, Rivven governed the Nordmaar town of Wulfgur, which she held for the better part of the war, before being defeated by the warriors of Nordmaar.

Kolanda Darkmoor, Dragon Highmaster of the Red Dragonarmy

Kolanda was a respected warrior, who was infamous for her temerity and victories in early campaigns. Assigned as a Highmaster of the Red Dragonarmy in 339 AC, she was one of the first recognised generals during these formative years. Assigned the role of claiming the lands surrounding Pax Tharkas with her gobin and ogre legions, Kolanda was fairly successful for a time. Through use of dark magic by her undead ally Caliban, the warrior succeeded in harrying the people around the surrounding areas and camped her army near Skullcap. She was cut down and killed by an arrow fired by the elf Garon in her camp, and her army dissolved soon after.

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