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Heroes of the Lance

In the Age of Despair, the Dragonarmies were formed by evil warlords, and these foul armies were poised to conquer all of Ansalon. A small band of adventurers rose against these force and proved instrumental in the defeat of these vast armies. These heroes later become known as the Heroes of the Lance, and were given the highest accolades of the land for their efforts. They are heralded in song as some of the greatest adventurers ever seen upon Krynn.

Tanthalas Quisif nan-Pah (Tanis Half-Elven)

Tanis was a half-elf, the product of his mother being raped by a human mercenary. His mother's husband was a brother to the Speaker, and since he was also slain during the incident, Tanis was taken in by the Speaker Solostaran as his ward. During his upbringing in Qualinesti, Tanis was treated as an outsider among the elves for his human heritage. He was brought up with Gilthanas, Porthios and Laurana, but only close to Laurana who was infatuated with him. In his teenage years, a dwarf by the name Flint Fireforge came to the Qualinesti court and Tanis befriended him. During this time Tanis uncovered a plot against the Speaker and Porthios, by the Speaker's brother Arelas, whom everyone thought dead. It was uncovered that Arelas was responsible for Tanis' mother's death and that of her husband. Tanis left Qualinesti with Flint and lived with him in Solace, assisting him in his workshop. Five years before the War of the Lance, Tanis went up into the mountains near Solace and undertook a mysterious quest. He returned years later and would not tell a soul what he encountered. Tanis was the leader of the Heroes of the Lance and received the highest accolades from many different races for his triumphs during the war. Near the end of the war, Tanis confronted and slew Ariakas, the chief of the Dragonarmies and brought about an end to the war. He later married Laurana and had a son Gilthas. Tanis aided the Solamnics during the Chaos War in defending the High Clerist's Tower against the Knights of Takhisis. The Knights of Takhisis took the Tower, and Tanis was slain in it's defense.

Sturm Brightblade, Knight of the Crown

Sturm was born in Solamnia in his father's castle. Angriff Brightblade's castle was besieged several years later by a peasant army. Angriff sent his son and wife away in order that they be protected. The castle fell and Angriff was slain. His wife and son escaped to Solace. Sturm grew up with the Majere twins, instantly befriending Caramon. He was later introduced to the rest of the Companions and became part of the group. Prior to the War of the Lance, Sturm travelled back to Solamnia to discover his lost heritage and learn what happened to his father. He learnt that his father was betrayed by a fellow knight, and with the aid of some unusual companions, Sturm brought the man to justice. He later travelled with Kitiara and met up with some gnomes in a flying ship. Their adventures took them to Lunitari the red moon, where they had some misadventures. During this time, Sturm became infatuated with Kitiara and had a son by her. She soon left him and disappeared. Sturm returned to Solace and joined his companions in the War of the Lance. Sturm wore his father's armor, even though he was not a Solamnic knight. He was honorable and a virtuous warrior, and during the War defended the princess of the Silvanesti, Alhana Starbreeze. He fell in love with her, and eventually won her heart. She gave him a Starjewel, an elven artifact that one lover gives another. Sturm bravely fought in the war and later became a knight. At the mid-point of the War of the Lance, Sturm was slain by Kitiara Uth Matar, whilst defending the High Clerist's Tower.

Flint Fireforge

Flint Fireforge was a hill dwarf who was born and raised in the Kharolis Mountains. At an early age, his father died of a hereditary heart condition, so young Flint took up the trade of metalsmithing to support his family. Soon after, Flint left his home and began his travels throughout Ansalon, he finally bought a house in Solace and setup a shop from which he could sell his wares. Flint's fine work was noticed by Solostaran, Speaker of the Suns, and he was promptly invited to the Qualinesti court, which he accepted. During the time, Flint stayed at the court he met Tanthalas and they became friends. Flint was the founder of the Companions and took most of them, one by one, under his wing as his adopted children. Five years prior to the War of the Lance, Flint returned home to Hillhome and uncovered a plot of the Theiwar to ship weapons to the dragonarmies. With his fellow Neidar dwarves, he repelled the Theiwar army and saved Hillhome. Flint was a prominent figure during the War of the Lance, distinguishing himself as a hero. Near the end of the war, Flint died from his heart condition in Godshome. Paladine himself escorted the brave dwarf to the afterlife.

Kalin "Tasslehoff" Burrfoot

Kalin (or Tasslehoff as he is better known) was born and raised in Kendermore. At an early age he was affected by the kender wanderlust and soon began his travels across Ansalon. He was an avid map collector, as well as a traveller. Tas' travels soon brought him to Solace, where he wandered through the marketplace one day. He went by Flint's stall and noticed his fine work. A copper bracelet caught his eye and it somehow fell into his pouches. Flint discovered the thief and became outraged, Tanis calmed him down, and befriended Tas. The three then travelled together, becoming friends, aided a Dargonesti princess and foiled the schemes of an evil wizard. Tas travelled with the companions and proved himself a loyal friend during the War of the Lance. Tas later travelled with Caramon back in time to Istar, and on returning joined with the Solamnics in the Blue Lady's War. Tas lived peacefully for many years and later befriended Usha during the Summer of Chaos. Tas travelled to the Abyss with Palin, Usha and Steel and confronted Chaos. It was Tas who stabbed Chaos' toe, ensuring his defeat. Chaos attempted to crush Tas during the battle, and he was believed dead for many years. It was later revealed that Tas activated the time-travelling device just before being crushed. Tas then appeared in Solace just prior to the start of the War of Souls. The kender again proved himself to be instrumental in bringing down the plans of Takhisis and then returned to the time during the Summer of Chaos, accepting his final fate.

Caramon Majere

Caramon Majere was born and raised in Solace. Caramon is twin brother to Raistlin, he is the brawn and more good-natured of the twins. His mother was sickly and his father was often too busy, so his upbringing was left to his half-sister Kitiara. She trained her brother in the arts of the warrior, which he later excelled at. He befriended Sturm Brightblade during this time, and later became friends with the rest of his companions. He was always by his twin's side, and got Raistlin involved with the rest of the companions as well. In early years the twins travelled to the town of Mereklar, where they assisted Bast the Lord of Cats in saving the town from a demon horde led by a powerful lich. In later years the twins then rejoined the rest of the companions and stopped a plot by the minotaurs to bring Sargonnas into the world. Caramon journeyed with his brother when he took the Test. Caramon witnessed his brother kill an illusory 'Caramon'. He was devastated and grew far more serious during these years. Caramon fought in the War of the Lance and distinguished himself as a hero. During the war, Raistlin vanished and left his brother. Caramon married Tika, but fell into a depressed drunken state with the loss of his twin. He journeyed back in time to Istar with Tasslehoff to prevent his brother's dreams of becoming a god. Caramon fought in the Istarian arena, where he got back in shape and honed his battle skills even more. He fought in the Dwarfgate war as Raistlin's general, and then returned to present-day Krynn. Caramon convinced his brother to not fight the gods and destroy Krynn, and then assisted in sealing him in the Abyss. Caramon had five children with his wife Tika and rebuilt the Inn of the Last Home, which he ran for many years. Raistlin re-appeared during the Summer of Chaos, and his brother travelled with him for a brief time. Raistlin vanished again, and Caramon returned to his peaceful life at the inn. He later came to the aid of the centaurs of Darken Wood with his daughter Dezra. Caramon and Dezra fought the Chaos creatures and saved the centaurs and the Forestmaster from annihilation. Caramon also came to the aid of Sara Dunstan when she was founding the Legion of Steel, by providing a safe haven for her. During the fifth age, Caramon briefly assisted the Heroes of the Heart, before returning to retirement at his inn. During the War of Souls, Caramon was startled by Tasslehoff, and died from a heart attack.

Raistlin Majere, Master of Past and Present

Raistlin is twin to Caramon and was born and raised in Solace. Raistlin is the brains of the two, and generally more sarcastic and ill-natured. During his early years Raistlin was always very studious and picked on by the other children. At a young age he proved quite adept at magic and soon dedicated himself to the art. In later years he travelled with his twin (see above) through several adventures. Prior to the War of the Lance, Raistlin took the Test, to prove his magical skills and distinguish himself as a wizard of the magical orders. During the Test he was fatally wounded, and the spirit of Fistandantilus claimed his body, restoring it to life. Also during the Test, Raistlin was confronted with an image of his brother, and in a fit of rage slew the image. Par-Salian was concerned by the young wizard's attitude, concerned that he would abuse his magical powers. In order to remind Raistlin of mercy and compassion he cursed him with hourglass eyes, that only showed him aging and death. Everything he sees turns to dust before his eyes. Raistlin fought a constant war for his soul against Fistandantilus. He rejoined the companions during the War of the Lance and fought the dragonarmies. He was instrumental in their defeat, as he lowered Ariakas' magical shield, so that Tanis could attack the Dragon Highlord. Raistlin later claimed the Tower of Palanthas as his, and was named the Master of Past and Present. He then travelled back in time, to confront Fistandantilus. He did this and destroyed the mage, thereby winning the war for his soul. Raistlin then studied the great archmage's spellbooks and increased his power. He formed an army with his twin and led them in the Dwarfgate War. Raistlin then travelled back to the present and sought to challenge Takhisis. He knew he could win and destroy all of the gods and rule Krynn, however he was later informed that all of the inhabitants would be wiped out, and he would basically rule over a dead world. Shown this truth, Raistlin decided to seal himself in the Abyss, with his brother and the cleric Crysania's help. For his sacrifice Raistlin was granted peace by Paladine and stayed in the Abyss for many years. During the Summer of Chaos, Raistlin left the Abyss but at the price of his magic. Left without magic, he aided Palin during the Chaos War. With the defeat of Chaos, Raistlin left with the gods, however rumors are abound that he is somehow tied into events surrounding the War of Souls. These rumors proved to be somewhat accurate. Raistlin returned with the gods during the War of Souls and aided them in their plans to thwart Takhisis. Again the mage aided Krynn and then he joined his brother as they progressed together into the afterlife.

Tika Waylan Majere

Tika was born and raised in Solace, where she left an orphan. She was initially a thief until Otik Sandath, the owner of the Inn of the Last Home, took her in and adopted her. Tika served there as a barmaid for several years until aiding the companions in escaping the Seekers during the beginning of the War of the Lance. Tika then became one of the companions and distinguished herself as a hero. She married Caramon Majere and had three boys: Palin, Sturm and Tanin, and two girls: Laura and Dezra, with him. In later years Tika became part owner of the Inn with her husband and ran it for many years. She lived a relatively peaceful life with her husband during this period, and passed away just prior to the War of Souls.

Goldmoon of the Que-Shu

Goldmoon was born in the plains of Abanasinia, and raised amongst the Que-Shu tribe as the daughter of Arrowthorn, chief of the tribe. She lived a sheltered life, until her father fell ill and she had to assume the responsibility of leading the tribe. During this time, she became enamoured with Riverwind, who fought to win her hand. Riverwind left the tribe and later returned with the Staff of Mishakal which he gave to Goldmoon. She was convinced of the return of the true gods and set out on a quest to inform the people of Ansalon with Riverwind. She travelled to Solace and met the companions after outraging the head of the Seekers with her heresy about the "false gods". She fled with the companions and began her quest for the Disks of Mishakal in Xak Tsaroth, in order to bring the knowledge of the old gods to the people of Krynn. They recovered the Disks and revived the faith in the old gods. Goldmoon was distinguished as a Hero of the Lance for her efforts. She married Riverwind and had two daughters, Moonsong and Brightdawn, and one son, Wanderer, by him. With the vanishing of the gods during the Summer of Chaos, Goldmoon set about to find magic and healing in the world. She was taught mysticism by a strange sage when a dwarf was mortally wounded during a dragon attack. Goldmoon healed the dwarf, Jasper Fireforge, with the new magic. Goldmoon then travelled to Schallsea where she built a school, near the Silver Stair, to teach the new magic to students. She later formed the Heroes of the Heart to combat the Dragon Overlords, and prevented Malys' ascension to godhood. Goldmoon has also been worried by events during the War of Souls, and is looking for answers. During this sojourn, Goldmoon was affected by a magical storm and returned to youth. As a young cleric again, Goldmoon prepared to fight against evil once more, and confronted her young pupil Mina as the War of Souls was building. The One God revealed herself to Goldmoon and requested that she join Mina. Goldmoon steadfastly refused to join the evil tide and was struck down for her insolence.

Riverwind of the Que-Shu

Riverwind was born and raised on the plains of Abanasinia. Riverwind was born into a lowly family, which was considered heathens by the rest of the clan for worshipping the true gods. Riverwind was infatuated with Goldmoon and sought to marry her. He won the contest for her hand, and Arrowthorn gave him the sacred quest he must complete to marry his daughter. Since he did not approve of Riverwind, he told him to prove the existence of the true gods, thinking it impossible. Riverwind began his quest and accidentally discovered the Hestite elves. He joined a group of rebels and overthrew the evil rulers of the Hestite nation. He then journeyed to Xak Tsaroth in search of proof. What he found was a draconian force, a super-draconian and a black dragon. He bested the draconians and encountered Mishakal in her temple. She gave Riverwind the Blue Crystal Staff, which he then returned to his tribe and presented to Goldmoon. The two then met the companions and journeyed with them to bring news of the old gods to the world. During the War of the Lance, Riverwind distinguished himself as a hero. He later married Goldmoon and had three children with her. In the early years of the fifth age, Riverwind was requested to aid the kender who were being attacked by Malystryx, the Red Dragon Overlord. He agreed to aid them and journeyed to Kendermore where he raised a kender army. Riverwind and his army defeated the attacking ogre forces but were then wiped out by Malystryx. The surviving kender then fled the destroyed city.

Lauralanthalasa, the Golden General (Laurana)

Laurana was born and raised in the Qualinesti court. As daughter of the Speaker of the Suns, Laurana was pampered and raised in luxury. She grew up with Tanis and was soon besotted with him. When he left Qualinesti, she wanted to leave with him but couldn't. During the War of the Lance, when the companions returned to Qualinesti, she was joyous to see her love again. When they left, she secretly followed them and later joined up with them. Laurana soon became one of the companions and distinguished herself in battle several times. She later commanded Solamnic forces and was nicknamed 'the Golden General'. Laurana proved to be a skillful leader and led her forces to victory after victory, astride her golden dragon Quallathan. Laurana was captured during the later stages of the war and imprisoned in the Temple of Takhisis in Neraka. She was rescued by Tanis, after he slew Ariakas, and escaped with him. Laurana later married Tanis and had a son, Gilthas, with him. In later years, Gilthas was manipulated to rule in Qualinesti and Laurana fought to get her son back. Laurana stayed in contact with her son, attempting to help him govern Qualinesti as best she could. She led the attack against Beryl, the Green Dragon Overlord, with Marshal Medan, and perished with him taking Beryl into death with her.

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