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Heroes of the Heart

The Heroes of the Heart, were the group of adventurers gathered by Goldmoon to combat against the power of the Dragon Overlords. These heroes were instrumental in stopping Malys' rise to power and her attempt to ascend to godhood.

Dhamon Grimwulf

At a young age, Dhamon joined the Knights of Takhisis where he distinguished himself as a mighty warrior. He was teamed up with a blue dragon, Gallinthus, who became his trusted friend. After several years of service, he encountered a Solamnic Knight whilst injured who cared for him and taught him the ideals of compassion. He then became disillusioned with his order as he saw that his fellows had forgotten the ideals of honor. He chose to abandon knighthood, guilty over all the deaths he had caused during his service. He then journeyed to the Tomb of the Last Heroes and encountered a vision of Goldmoon. Seeking guidance, he travelled to Schallsea and met Goldmoon. She advised the young warrior to forge a mighty band with which to oppose the Dragon Overlords. Dhamon also encountered his old comrade Gallinthus, again, whom he fought and blinded. Later he was captured by Malys and used as her tool. Dhamon was cast out from his friends and left alone. He later rejoined his companions briefly to fight against the overlords again. Victorious, he promptly left, guilty over his crimes. As self-punishment he returned to the streets alone, to eke out some meagre existence. Dhamon fell into a life of crime and travelled with some companions of dubious nature. He later fought through Sable's domain and transformed into a shadow dragon. Eventually the warrior found some peace within himself, and redeemed his former sins.

Ferilleeagh Dawnsprinter

A young Kagonesti female who roamed amongst the animals and ran with the wolf pack in Southern Ergoth. At the rise of the overlords her world was turned upside down. Gellidus overran Southern Ergoth, turning it into a huge glacier and wiping out most of the animals. In fury, Feril tried to hunt the great white in vengeance, however could not catch him. She later met with Dhamon and his companions and joined them. She fought bravely against the overlords and distinguished herself as one of the Heroes of the Heart. Feril dearly loves Dhamon and wishes to be with him, however she and Dhamon are both so aloof with everyone, that it's likely their love may never be.

Jasper Fireforge

Jasper is the nephew of the legendary Flint Fireforge and a devout cleric of Reorx. Jasper fought in the War of the Lance and went north to Abanasinia to do missionary work. After the Chaos War, his uncle told him in a dream to go to the Inn of the Last Home and meet Goldmoon. Upon travelling there he was injured and fatally wounded. Goldmoon came to his rescue and first discovered the powers of the heart, by which she saved his life. Jasper then became one of Goldmoon's first pupils in mysticism and aided her in setting up her Citadel of Light in Schallsea. Jasper also assisted Dhamon and the heroes in their adventures against the overlords. In the final fight against the five dragons, Jasper was slain by Onysablet the black overlord.

Rig Mer-Krel

A fierce mariner, Rig was drawn into the fight against the dragon overlords almost unwittingly. Despite the fact that he and Dhamon are companions, the two have never seen eye to eye and have been often come to near blows. Rig established himself during the fight against the dragon overlords and formed a close bond with Fiona Quinti. After stopping Malys from ascending to godhood, Rig caught up with Dhamon and journeyed with him for a short period as a favor for Fiona. Rig was cut down by Sable's minions whilst he, Fiona and Dhamon's gang were infiltrating the overlord's domain.

Fiona Quinti

A late addition to these heroes was Fiona, a Knight of Solamnia rescued by the heroes from the clutches of the dragon overlords. Highly skilled, she fought to right the wrongs of the world and overthrow the overlords. After stopping Malys' ascension, she fought to free her brother from Sable's domain, and enlisted Rig Mer-Krel and Dhamon Grimwulf's aid. She saw her love Rig, cut down whilst they were in Sable's domain and descended into madness. Dhamon took Fiona to her Solamnic base in Southern Ergoth, where her fellow knights could treat her as best as possible. In later adventures, Fiona was claimed by the shadow dragon and finally earnt her rest.

Groller Dagmar

This half-ogre lost his family in a dragon raid on his village. He heard the screams of the injured and the dying, and called out to someone to stop it. Someone or something heard him and he lost his hearing. Fiercely loyal with his 'wolf' companion Fury, Groller is a gentle giant. He has journeyed since Malys' failed ascension attempt, and is known across the land as a benevolent soul willing to help others.

Blister Nimblefingers

Long ago, Blister was the typical kender: curious and fearless. After an incident with a wizard's magic-locked chest that left her hands scarred, however, Blister changed. She started to wear gloves, forsook her name of Verae and took up the nickname Blister as her true name. She grew more serious, but it was not until the events in Kendermore that she truly became one of the afflicted. Blister was the kender envoy, sent from Kendermore to warn the Solamnic Knights of the coming of Malys. She fled Kendermore as thousands of kender were being killed and joined the refugees who went to Hylo. She later joined the Heroes of the Heart and was instrumental in thwarting the plans of the dragon overlords. Her whereabouts are unknown during the War of Souls period however.

Ulin Majere

The son of Palin and Usha, Ulin is even more ambitious than his father when it comes to magic. The characteristics of his great-uncle Raistlin run in his veins: his ambition and his desire for power. After helping to bring the dragons back to Ansalon to fight the dragon purge, Ulin went to study magic with Sunrise, a gold dragon. He since became the first of a new breed of mages, known as dragon mages. Ulin then went to aid his father at the Academy of Sorcery, and unwittingly led to it's demise. His first wife also died early, leaving him two children. He now has a new love interest in the form of the mage Lucy, with whom he adventures on a frequent basis during the Age of Mortals.

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