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Dragons of Light

The first dragons were created by the hands of the gods. During the Age of Starbirth, the gods Paladine and Takhisis (with assistance from the Astral Dragon) created five dragons. These dragons were soon corrupted by Takhisis and altered into the first five chromatic dragons. Paladine entreatied Reorx to aid him in the creation of five dragon statues. Paladine then breathed life into the statues and crafted the first five metallic dragons. Battles raged in the skies, and the world of Krynn was forever changed. The dragons, mightiest of the gods' creatures, had been unleashed upon the world.

The Daughters of Paladine

The five daughters of Paladine, were the first five metallic dragons created who remained uncorrupted. These dragons were the first metallics to walk upon Krynn, and the mightiest of Paladine's servants. All present-day Krynn metallic dragons are descent from these five.


Aurora was the first gold dragon and she chose the highest peak in the High Kharolis Mountains as her nest. Aurora was the most powerful amongst the Daughters of Paladine, and she also had a fierce command of the arcane arts. A common myth that is told is that she consorted with a platinum hummingbird (believed to be Paladine) to propogate gold dragon species. It was Aurora's duty to guard the metallic dragon eggs, and when the Sons of Takhisis slaughtered her sister's, the survival of the metallic dragon race also became her duty. Through resourcefulness, Aurora slew the four lesser sons and fought directly with Furyion, the mightiest of the chromatics. The two battled each other to the death, and neither rose from the battle. However Aurora's eggs survived, and the metallic dragon race was allowed to continue.


Haraineer was the first bronze dragon created by the gods. She dwelt on the south-western coast of Ansalon where she dwelt in sea caves and delighted in the waters. In the early days she supposedly encountered a silvery fish (believed to be Paladine) with whom she had a clutch of eggs. These eggs were given to Aurora in the High Kharolis Mountains for safekeeping. Haraineer was in bliss amongst the water, which also proved to be her downfall. When the Sons of Takhisis rose against the good dragons, they ambushed Haraineer as she frolicked in the surf. She was badly wounded and fled to her sea cave, where she was cut down by the cunning Corrozus, whom had spread acid around the watery entrace of her lair.


Querrasian was the first copper dragon. The copper dwelt in the desert in the far reaches of southern Ansalon. A common tale is that she consorted with a great platinum snake (again believed to be Paladine) in her cave and her eggs were delivered to Aurora in the High Kharolis Mountains. Querrasian was an aggressive dragon with a fierce temper. She was tricked into fighting the mighty Arkan, however when she flew to confront the blue, his brothers swarmed over her and easily overwhelmed the copper.


Sheeranar was the first brass dragon, whom dwelt in the hot regions in northern Ansalon. Sheeranar was a carefree and curious dragon who the most innocent of the five. She was chosen as the easiest prey by the chromatics and targeted first. Furyion created an illusory rainbow, which the young brass chased after. The five chromatics broke the illusion, as Furyion and two of his brothers blasted the brass into a blackened corpse.

Tianaran (Argyn)

Tianaran was the first silver dragon, and in power was almost a match for the great Aurora. She made her lair in ice caves within the great glaciers around Icewall. The fiendish white Akis was the dragon chosen to invade her realm, since he was most at home amongst the ice. His brothers flew with him in hiding. Tianaran boldly confronted Akis, knowing him to be much weaker than herself. She was cut down quickly when his mightier brothers revealed themselves and all five attacked in unison.

The First Hatchlings

The first hatchlings, were the direct offspring of the daughters of Paladine. There were originally twenty dragoneggs in the original clutch. However seven of these eggs did not survive the passage of time, and only thirteen dragons were originally born into the world of Krynn. They were first raised by the scion, Bard Patersmith, and were the first great adventurers and heroes as they travelled amongst the other races of Krynn.


Aurican was the first male gold dragon born on Krynn. Aurican was the leader of the first brood of metallic dragons. With his kin, he fought epic battles against the chromatics and distinguished himself as a mighty warrior during the First Dragon War. Aurican was the first metallic dragon to befriend the elves, and he later became an advisor and close friend to Silvanos, founder of the Silvanesti nation. He also had a passion for magic and dedicated himself to restoring magic to Krynn. This dream came to fruition when during the Second Dragon War, he journeyed to the realm of the gods with three elven mages. The three gods of magic offered to aid Aurican and the mages, and provided them with the means to return magic to the world. During the later stages of the Second Dragon War, the chromatics mounted a surprise attack on the metallic dragons home. Aurican led the defense of his home and perished, but he ensured that some of his kin flew to safety.


Blayze was the first male copper dragon born on Krynn. Blayze was hot-tempered and isolationist. He had a lust for treasure and liked to hide it in a hidden lair. Blayze had trouble socialising with other creatures, even his kin-dragons, and preferred to stay in his hidden lair. After much convincing, Blayze agreed to aid his kin-dragons in the First Dragon War. He proved to be a loyal companion and warrior, but was killed by Crematia during the same ambush that claimed his cousins Smelt and Burll.


Burll was the first male bronze dragon born on Krynn. Burll was the strongest of the metallic dragons, although a little thick-headed. He was a ferocious fighter and treated with respect by most of the other metallic dragons. Burll fought in the First Dragon War, however he was ambushed and slain early in the war by Crematia.


Darlantan was the first male silver dragon born on Krynn. Darlantan was the strongest flier of the first dragons and a mighty warrior. He was a constant companion of Aurican, and was introduced to the elves by his nestbrother. Where Aurican loved the Silvanesti, Darlantan favoured the Kagonesti. He was close friends with Kaganos, founder of the Kagonesti nation, and presented him with a ram's horn, which forged a strong bond between the Kagonesti and the silver dragons. Whenever one race needed the other, all they had to do was blow on the horn. Darlantan kept another horn for his own race. He fought in the First Dragon War and proved to be the bane of the ogre and chromatic forces. Darlantan was instrumental in the capture of the black, green, and white dragons in magic gems, which caused them to be imprisoned for almost a thousand years. He fought against the blue dragon forces during the war, against impossible odds. During this skirmish Darlantan was defeated and died soon after.

Smeltithraxian (Smelt)

Smelt was the first male brass dragon born on Krynn. Smelt was the most sociable of the metallic dragons, and soon befriended the humans of Ansalon. Smelt became the human protector and would perform deeds for them, to ensure their safety and his popularity. He was much beloved by many of the humanoid races of Krynn. Smelt took part in the First Dragon War but was tragically slain during an ambush early in the war.


Oro was one of the first female gold dragon of the original nestlings. She was inquisitive and intelligent and later became the mate of the great gold Aurican. Like her sisters, Oro remained around in High Kharolis Mountains for most of her life, right up until she passed away.


Mydass was the only other female gold dragon in the first clutch. Mydass was every bit as intelligent and curious as her sister Oro. Mydass never took a mate, and dwelt around the High Kharolis Mountains, guarding her sisters and the dragoneggs, as her male counterparts warred against the chromatics.


Hyaniss was the only known female copper dragon to be born in the first clutch. She was quick-tempered, however unlike Blayze she was not isolationist and preferred to stay in the company of her metallic sisters. She later took Blayze as a mate, but he did not stay with her, preferring to roam free in the desert caves. Hyaniss passed away after several millenia of guarding her eggs and the metallic wyrmlings.


Sheranak was the first brass female dragon and every bit as sociable as her male counterpart Smelt. Where Smelt desired the company of humans, Sheranak preferred the company of her sisters. Her and Smelt became mates and she bore the later clutches of brass eggs. Sheranak lived a peaceful existence in the High Kharolis Mountains, long after her mate had perished.


Aysalliar, or Aysa as she was commonly known, was the long-lived female bronze of the first hatchlings. She was far less bull-headed than her mate Burll, and treated all the metallic wyrmlings like her own children. She lived to a great old age, and taught the second hatchlings along with the gold Aurican. She passed away shortly before Aurican of old age.


Kenta was a mighty female silver, strong in magic and powerful in battle. She was not quick to anger and preferred to stay with her sisters more than enter the heat of battle. She lived a long-life and passed away of old age after several millenia in the High Kharolis Mountains.


Turq was a bold silver dragon, and one of the strongest fliers of the female metallics. Like the rest of her sisters, she led a quiet life, never taking a mate, but assuming the role of guard of the dragoneggs and their nest within the High Kharolis Mountains. Turq quietly passed away of old age within the mountains with her sisters.

The Second Hatchlings


Callak was the mightiest of the silver dragons and the son of Darlantan and Kenta. The silver was the most physically powerful amongst all of the second hatchlings. He was tutored by the great Aurican and close friends with his golden nestmate Auricus. When the chromatics destroyed the metallics lair in the High Kharolis Mountains, Callak and Auricus led the flight to safety. Callak was one of only ten metallics to escape the massacre and with Daria, he propogated the species of silvers and ensured their survival. Callak was the sire of Heart, Saytica, Silvara and Lectral. He passed away of old age shortly before the Third Dragon War, passing the Ram's Horn to his son Lectral.

The Third Hatchlings


Arumnus is the leader of the gold dragon clan and is known to have a great love for knowledge and the humanoid races. Arumnus took part in the Third Dragon War to protect his beloved humans and distinguished himself as a mighty warrior alongside Lectral. He later led the retreat of the metallic dragons to the Dragon Isles and rules over his clan from the City of Gold.


Bolt, son of the great Tharn and a mighty bronze dragon who had a quick temper and was the fastest of all the dragons during the Third Dragon War. He was one of the twenty dragons who flew with the dragonlances against the evil dragons. Bolt was ridden by Kaziganthi de-Orilg, and both fought fiercely and survived the war. The bronze retreated with the others to the Dragon Isles where he eked out a peaceful existence.


Cymbol is the leader of the copper dragons and a fierce warrior. Cymbol has a fiery temper and a deep hatred of the chromatic dragons. He fought in the Third Dragon War, simply to be able to slay the evil dragons. He then left with all the other dragons during the great migration to the Dragon Isles. During this time existence went by very slowly for the angry copper. When the War of the Lance came about, Cymbol relished the opportunity to go to war, and quickly led his clan into the fight. Cymbol ravaged the evil dragons and proved himself once again, to be one of the deadliest flyers amongst the metallic forces.

Dargent (Silvara)

Silvara, sister to Heart (the dragon who fell in love with Huma) took up residence with the Kagonesti elves in the guise of an elf maid. She saw their plight when the self-exiled Silvanesti and Qualinesti started dividing up their lands for themselves and worked hard to keep things civil. Her skills as a healer were recognised by the three races and as such she was called upon to help Gilthanas when a Silvanesti guard accused him of spying. It was then she realized that the fate that befell her sister was to be hers as well. She had fallen in love with a mortal. When Laurana planned to escape from Quali-mori, she offered her services as a guide through the wilderness of Southern Ergoth. In fact, she planned to lead them to Huma's Tomb and hopefully to the dragonlances. It was there that she revealed to the Companions her true form and in doing so, lost her love. She gave Theros Ironfeld the power to forge the dragonlances and with the help of Gilthanas and an unnamed source, exposed the Dark Queen's treachery of perverting the good dragon eggs into the abominations that razed Ansalon. After the War of the Lance, it was thought that she had disappeared, but the Age of Mortals found her in the service of the Knights of Solamnia in human form and with a new name.

Heart (Gwyneth)

Heart was a female silver dragon who was a nestmate of the great Lectral. As a silver dragon she was closely linked to the human races and freely wandered amongst them in the guise of the elven maiden Gwyneth. During this time, she served the Solamnic forces as a healer, as they fought against the armies of General Crynus and Galan Dracos. Heart soon became enamoured of the Solamnic Knight Huma Dragonbane. The two later fell in love, and she revealed her true form to Huma. Huma accepted her near the end of the Third Dragon War. In the closing stages of the war, Huma and Heart battled against Takhisis herself, and drove her back into the Abyss. Their victory cost them both their lives.


Kord was the leader of the brass dragons who fought in the Third Dragon War and proved himself to be a valiant warrior. He led his clan to the Dragon Isles after the war and lived a relatively peaceful existence. During this time he sired Khirsah, who later became a hero during the War of the Lance. Kord himself, stayed on the Dragon Isles during the War of the Lance, to live his final years in peace.


Lectral was a fierce male silver dragon who led the good dragons against the evil dragons during the Third Dragon War. He was horribly wounded during the war and was cared for by the Kagonesti elves. Later he left with the other metallic dragons and went to reside on the Dragon Isles. Here he recovered from his wounds and lived in peace for many centuries. At the onset of the War of the Lance, Lectral once again proved himself to be a mighty foe of the dragonarmies. In the closing battle over Neraka, Lectral slew Tombfyre, the mount of Emperor Ariakas, but was also slain himself. His sons, Dargentan and Darlant, mourned his death and carried his body to a final resting place in the High Kharolis Mountains.


Fizban often has an ancient gold dragon known as Pyrite as his companion. Deaf, half-blind, irascible and senile, the gold dragon spends most of his time sleeping in the sun. The dragon's great days were during the time of Huma (which he remembers much more clearly than recent times). Consequently he will fight when called upon, but only if he can be convinced he is going to Huma's rescue. Pyrite has all the spell-casting powers of an ancient gold dragon, and on a good day can remember most of them. It is unknown what happened to the old gold after the War of the Lance, but it is believed that he now resides in the Dome of Creation with Paladine.


Saytica was a female silver dragon who was nestmate to Silvara and Heart. Saytica was one of the first dragons to choose to join Heart in her fight against the evil dragons during the Third Dragon War. She proved herself to be a deadly opponent and survived the war. She took the migration to the Dragon Isles quite hard, since her interaction with her beloved humanoid races had been severed. Her final days were spent in restlessness, as like all the other dragons, she was forbidden to leave the Isles and was forced to circle the area in boredom. Saytica died peacefully just prior to the War of the Lance.


Dargentan & Darlant (Gentan & Lant)

Dargentan and Darlant are the twin sons of the great silver Lectral. The two silvers took part in the War of the Lance, and proved to be a devastating duo against all their chromatic opponents. At the end of the war they retrieved the body of their fallen sire and returned to the metallic dragon's original home in the High Kharolis Mountains. Dargentan bears the Ram's Horn of the Elderwild and is considered to be the clan patriarch of the silvers.

Khirsah (Fireflash)

Khirsah is a brass dragon who began his fighting career during the War of the Lance. He was the mount of Flint Fireforge and Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and distinguished himself as a powerful warrior during the war. After the war, he became the leader of the brass dragon clan and led the brasses to resume interaction with mankind after their long absence from Ansalon. Khirsah fought in the Blue Lady's War and aided the Solamnic forces against the Blue Dragonarmy. After the war, Khirsah vanished and is believed to have returned to the Dragon Isles.


Quallathan was a studious young gold dragon who was raised and tutored by the great gold Regia. His younger life was peaceful and he did not involve himself in any of the skirmishes between the metallics and chromatics. When he grew to adult size, the War of the Lance was beginning to rage. Quallathan, like many other metallic dragons, was enraged at the chromatic dragons' treachery during the war and flocked to the Golden General's banner. A fierce warrior, Quallathan soon became the Golden General's personal mount, and loyally served throughout the entire war. It is believed that Quallathan returned to the Dragon Isles after the war, and his current whereabouts are unknown.


Tiberia was a young silver dragon who awoke from slumber during the Age of Dreams. At the close of the Third Dragon War, chromatic dragons were forced to leave Ansalon with Takhisis, and metallics were forced to withdraw from Ansalon to the Dragon Isles. However, during this time Tiberia's sire was injured and accidently lost her egg. Tiberia was born on Ansalon, not understanding her powers and thinking herself human. Her presence also allowed a chromatic to dwell upon Krynn, the red Infernus. Infernus captured Tiberia and imprisoned her, in the hope that she would serve him. Tiberia escaped with the aid of Kaz Dragonslayer, and slew Infernus. Upon his defeat she was visited by Gilean, who led her to the Dragon Isles where she could dwell in peace.

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