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Dark Dragons


Borac was a mighty black dragon who served in the Dragonarmies during the War of the Lance. He was assigned to a company of humans, whom he found disgusting and cowardly. During a skirmish, Borac was struck with a dragonlance and badly wounded. He morphed into a human form and was rescued by Solamnic knights. He was greatly impressed with their honorable treatment of him and their actions in general. He even went so far as to save the lead knight from being shot in the back by a Nerakan soldier. His identity was later discovered by a cleric of Mishakal, who offered to heal him if he were to join the forces of good. He was warned that if he didn't he would lose his eye. Borac, disgusted with what he saw as being blackmail, slew the cleric and lost his left eye. He escaped the camp and survived the war. Borac then hid out in the Great Moors of Nordmaar for several years following the war when he was believed to have perished, however these rumours appeared to be false. Borac later reappeared in the Taman Busuk region. During this time he worked for Malafiche, a cleric of Takhisis. Borac also took on two apprentices, Gray and Black, and worked as a mercenary/assassin. However Malefiche betrayed Borac and sold him out to dragon hunters. The hunters tracked down the mercenary trio, and Borac had his apprentices kill the hunters. Borac then confronted Malefiche and dealt with him and vanished again during the Chaos War period. The black has rejoined the shadows again until he chooses the most opportune time to resurface.


Crematia was the one of the firstborn dragons of Krynn. She followed in the footsteps of her magically created forbear Furyion, and dominated the other chromatic dragons during the dawn of Krynn in 8500 PC. Over the next few millenia Crematia grew to a large size and became the favorite of Takhisis. She was charged with destroying the first metallic wyrmlings of Paladine and almost succeeded. Through the use of the dragonstones was she and her forces thwarted. Crematia roamed free when all of the other dragons were imprisoned. She set about freeing her dragons over the next few years and returned with her son, Deathfyre, to begin a new reign of terror upon the children of Paladine. The great red was eventually struck down by the gold Aurican and succeeded by her son in 2693 PC. The Crimson Daughter of Takhisis was dead.

Cyan Bloodbane

Cyan Bloodbane was a powerful green dragon born during the latter part of the Age of Dreams. At a young age he came across Galan Dracos and studied under him in the ways of magic. With such a great master, it is no small surprise that Cyan grew to become one of the mightiest chromatic dragons under Takhisis' banner. After the Third Dragon War, Cyan went to ground and it was unknown for a long time whether he survived or not. During the War of the Lance, it was discovered that Cyan had been manipulating Lorac, leader of the Silvanesti, and twisting his mind and the Silvanesti forests through the dragon orb. He was driven off by the Heroes of the Lance and returned to serve under the Dragonarmies banner. He became known as the most powerful green dragon in the Dragonarmies, however he later chose to serve under Raistlin Majere. Cyan served Raistlin in return for studying the archmage and learning new magic. He later left the archmage and his whereabouts became unknown from this point onwards. During the Age of Mortals the Silvanesti raised a magical shield over their home, which meant that no beings could go in or out of Silvanesti. This shield had been raised under the advisement on an elf known as Glaucous. This Glaucous was in actual fact none other than Cyan, in elven form. When the Dragon Purge began, Cyan fled to the Silvanesti forests in order to escape Beryl and the other overlords, he decided to manipulate the elves into raising the shield in order to protect himself and also to exact his revenge on the Silvanesti people. He implanted himself as an advisor to Military Governor Konnal. Using a pawn, Rillion Dawnbringer, Cyan manipulated Konnal into leading the Silvanesti as he saw fit. Eventually Dawnbringer became too much to handle, since he was the only elf who knew of Cyan's true nature, and Dawnbringer was eliminated. Cyan then led Konnal and had the elves completely fooled until Mina entered Silvanesti and revealed his true form. Thus revealed as the longtime foe of the elves, they turned on the great green and slew him.

Dnestr of the Black Wing

Dnestr was the third ranked dragon of the Black Wing and was dragon-bonded to Dimitras, third in command of the Black Dragonarmy. Dnestr was a young and ambitious dragon who had seen some combat upon joining the Wing. After some time she allied herself closely with two other Black Wing dragons, Khoal and Neetra. With her cohorts, she sold war secrets to the Solamnics in exchange for land. Khisanth convinced Dnestr and Neetra to take flight before she confronted Khoal over the betrayal. Jahet, the ranking dragon of the Wing, hunted Dnestr down and slew her for her treachery shortly afterwards.

Pyros (Ember)

Pyros was a mighty red dragon who was one of Takhisis' most favoured servants. When most other dragons had still not returned to Ansalon, Pyros was wandering the lands in human guise. He created the disguise of Cerestes, a powerful human wizard and travelled to Nidus, as Takhisis' ordered him to. Pyros organised the murder of Speratus, the current archmage of Nidus and then claimed his position. Over the following years he tutored Verminaard and became his close ally, as per the Dark Queen's instructions. Pyros murdered Verminaard's brother, Aglaca, when his young pupil was almost swayed from evil and then re-established his hold over the young lord. When Verminaard became a Dragon Highlord, Pyros served as his mount and comrade. However secretly Pyros ruled Verminaard like a puppetmaster over a marionette. He reported directly to the Dark Queen. Ember's secret mission, which he didn't relate to Verminaard, was to locate the Everman in order to free Takhisis from the Abyss. Pyros ruled Pax Tharkas with Verminaard and they used another ancient befuddled red dragon, Flamestrike, as a warden of the prisoners. When the slaves revolted in Pax Tharkas, Verminaard and Pyros rose to stop them. A confused Flamestrike, thinking her children were in danger, attacked Pyros. Pyros easily killed Flamestrike, but in the final moments of the battle he was driven into a large tower and was killed by the force of the impact.

Flame Searclaw

Flame was a large and powerful red dragon who served in the Red Wing of the dragonarmies. He fought fiercely during the war, was highly ambitious, and not above murdering his own comrades to rise through the ranks. At one point in the war, the red abandoned a green comrade, Verden Leafglow. Verden swore to avenge himself on the red, and Flame readily accepted Verden's challenge. The green conquered the red, avenging the earlier betrayal.


Hopsloth was an amphidragon who joined the dragonarmies in hopes of glory. He was assigned as mount to Highlord Toede and predominantly resided in Flotsam. When Toede was killed, Hopsloth allied himself with the draconian Gildentongue and started the Water Prophet religion. The two ruled Flotsam for a short time until the newly-resurrected Toede returned. Toede then led a juggernaut demon to Hopsloth. The juggernaut then slew Hopsloth and accidentally claimed Toede as well.

Jahet of the Black Wing

Jahet was a young female black dragon who had some combat experience when she joined the Black Wing. She was singled out as Highlord Maldeev's personal dragon and the two were dragon-bonded. Jahet then was classed as the ranking dragon of the Black Wing and served the Highlord faithfully. During the early years of the Black Wing, Jahet befriended a fellow black, Khisanth, and the two grew quite close. During a battle over Lamesh, Maldeev and Jahet attacked the Solamnic knight Tate Sekforde and his griffon mount. In the middle of the fight Jahet was struck down by magical means and perished. Khisanth attempted to investigate how Jahet died and only discovered that it was by treacherous means and was either Maldeev or Salah-Kahn. Khisanth then became ranking dragon, replacing the mighty Jahet.

Khisanth (Onyx)

Khisanth was a fierce black dragon whose early life was predominantly spent in 'The Sleep'. During this period she was cared for and watched over by Bakali. Several years before the War of the Lance she was awakened by a pair of nyphids who sought her aid. Khisanth learnt how to shapechange from her new companions and later joined the Black Wing as it was being started by Highlord Maldeev and Jahet the black dragon. Khisanth served in the Wing loyally for several years until her friend Jahet was killed under suspicious circumstances. Suspecting Maldeev for her death, Khisanth turned on the Highlord and slew him. Takhisis cast Khisanth out of the Black Dragonarmy and commanded her to guard the Disks of Mishakal in Xak Tsaroth. Over the next couple of years, Khisanth languished in boredom in the bowels of Xak Tsaroth. This boredom was briefly lifted when Riverwind the Plainsman infiltrated the fallen city and recovered the Blue Crystal Staff. Shortly later he returned with the Heroes of the Lance who confronted Khisanth. In the depths of Xak Tsaroth, Goldmoon faced the black dragon and destroyed her with the Blue Crystal Staff. The mighty black was no more.

Khoal of the Black Wing

Khoal was an ancient black male dragon who fought in the last stages of the Third Dragon War. Khoal then grew to immense size and power during 'The Sleep' and was awakened by Takhisis during the Age of Despair. He then joined the Black Wing and became the second ranked dragon under Jahet. He was dragon-bonded to Wakar, second in command of the Black Dragonarmy. Khoal exchanged secrets with the Solamnics to secure land for himself and his cronies after the war was over. He was greedy and self-serving. Khisanth, another black, discovered Khoal's treachery and confronted him. Khoal attacked his accuser and was slain in the attempt. The 'Judas' of the Black Wing was undone.

Lhode of the Black Wing

Lhode was a young black dragon who joined the Black Wing shortly after Khoal's betrayal. Jahet, the head dragon of the Wing, sought out replacements at the time and found Lhode. Lhode was dragon-bonded to the ogre warrior Volg and fought fiercely for the Wing. Over the next several years Lhode distinguished himself in battle. Near the latter end of the War of the Lance, Lhode vanished and is presumed to have perished.

Matafleur (Flamestrike)

Matafleur was a relatively benevolent red who watched her children perish in various wars while she survived. She was a considerable age and size during the Age of Despair and was given an honored position in the Red Wing as guardian of the prisoners in Pax Tharkas. She was quite befuddled by this time and considered the human prisoners to be her own children. When the slave revolt began in Pax Tharkas, the red dragon Ember rose up to stop the prisoners escaping. Matafleur, thinking her children were in danger, attacked Ember. Ember killed the befuddled dragon, but was in turn driven into one of Pax Tharkas' towers by the force of the dead dragon's body and was killed himself.

Neetra of the Black Wing

Neetra was the fourth ranked dragon in the Black Wing. He was a young male black who joined the Wing with his comrade Dnestr. The two young blacks quickly allied themselves with the ancient black Khoal, whom was far more powerful. Neetra also joined Khoal's plan of betrayal and took to flight with Dnestr at Khisanth's insistence. Neetra survived Khoal by mere hours after he was slain by Khisanth. Neetra was then hunted down and destroyed alongside Dnestr by Highlord Maldeev and his mount Jahet.


Pteros was an ancient black male dragon whose early years were spent during the Third Dragon War. Pteros distinguished himself in this war before going into the great Sleep upon Takhisis' banishment into the Abyss. Pteros slept for many centuries until he was awoken by Takhisis during the Age of Despair. He went into seclusion for many years until another black, Khisanth, coaxed him out of hiding. The two dragons trained together and journeyed to the Plane of Lightning on an adventure. Upon their return to Ansalon they were ambushed by two other black dragons. Khisanth tackled both dragons whilst Pteros attempted to flee. Khisanth and Pteros eventually proved to be victorious, however the elder dragon was injured in the fight. For his treachery during the battle, Khisanth turned on her former mentor and slew him.

Shadow of the Black Wing

Shadow was a young dragon who eagerly joined the Black Wing with dreams of glory but no combat experience after Khoal's betrayal. Shadow was dragon-bonded to the human commander Horak and the two were in charge of the draconian contingent of the Wing. During her first battle at Lamesh, humans threw grappling hooks at Shadow and dragged her to the ground. Then archers and lancers repeatedly attacked the grounded dragon and after scores of Solamnics had been slain, they eventually slew the young wyrm.


Talon was an ancient black dragon who fought in the Third Dragon War and who grew in power and size during 'The Sleep'. When he awakened during the early stages of the Age of Despair, Talon began to dominate the region around the Ogrelands. He pursued other blacks and stole their treasure. Talon was the bane of fellow black dragon, Pteros' existence. Several years before the War of the Lance, Talon and another black attacked Pteros and Khisanth. Khisanth and Talon engaged in a short battle which resulted in the elder black falling to the ferocity of the younger Khisanth's attacks.

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