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Chambers of Astinus

The Godlings

While the gods of Krynn are known by practically all the inhabitants of Krynn, of far less repute are the godlings who serve the deities. These beings are not anywhere near as powerful as the gods themselves, but they are far more powerful than most mortals. Each of the known godlings is individual in their own way, and have considerable abilities that set them apart from the common man.


Artha was the daughter of Takhisis and Hiddukel. It was originally believed that she was the daughter of Chemosh, however it was later discovered that Hiddukel was only wearing the guise of Chemosh, in order to lure Takhisis to his bed. Artha was the result of this liaison. She is sometimes referred to as the goddess of greed, however she lacks the power of a god. Hiddukel disowned Artha straight away, however initially Takhisis was interested in her. After she realised that Artha was not interested in her conquest of Krynn, or dreams of power, Takhisis cast her out as well. Artha has the mantle of immortality, but not the power of a god, thus she is best classes as a demigod, even though her parents were both gods. Artha was obsessed with wealth and treasure, and was a sluggish, lazy creature. She appeared as an obese woman shrouded in dark fog, and reeked of decaying meat. She had a cadre of loyal followers, chiefly eyewings and black dragons. However she finally met her end at the hands of the Astral Dragon, when she attempted to disable the dragon for her mother, Takhisis. Her mantle of immortality was removed by the Astral Dragon, and the godling was no more.


Astinus has long been known as the Lorekeeper of Krynn and has often been assumed to be the avatar of the god Gilean, an astral dragon or one of many other speculations. It is a well known fact that Astinus has recorded history since the early ages of Krynn, and appears as a middle aged human male. Astinus appeared in Palanthas one day, and founded the Library of Palanthas. From here he setup the Order of Aesthetics and these scholars work to record history for Astinus. Astinus himself is in actuality the son of Gilean. Part of his demigod gifts are that he is immortal, and can knows all that has happened in the past, and that is happening in the present. Astinus vanished with the gods during the Summer of Chaos, and is expected to return to Palanthas now that the War of Souls is over.


At the dawn of time, the Highgod created animals to populate the world of Krynn. When he created these animals, he also created leaders to preside over these animals. Most of these leaders either live in seclusion and are unknown, or have long since perished. One known leader who has survived the many ages is Bast, Lord of the cats. He can appear as either a cat or a human, and interchanges between each frequently. His human form is that of a dark-skinned man, extremely handsome and muscular. He is agile and able to leap great distances, as well as inhumanly fast and strong. Bast has the ability to walk unseen in shadows by all but the gods, and his wounds heal at a rapid rate. He can read the minds of any cat, but must not take a very active role in the world of Krynn. Like the gods, he is sworn to act in a very passive manner. Bast is quite mischievious and will accept bribes from the gods, and will work for any god in their schemings against the other gods. In the past he has worked for all three alignments, and is considered a useful pawn by all. The Mantle of Immortality granted to Bast has a curious feature. He is ageless and extremely powerful, however if he dies nine times, then he loses the mantle and become mortal. Bast chiefly resides within the town of Mereklar, which he is inextricably tied to.


When the Highgod created powerful animal spirits to preside over the animals, Canus, Lord of the Wolves was born. This powerful creature served as lord, until he encountered Takhisis in the earliest times of Krynn. He chose to serve her and a rift formed between the wolves. Some chose to follow their master Canus, those of which later formed the wulfbunde, and others chose to follow the new lord, Greymir. Canus is a massive black wolf, immensely powerful and fearsome. He can assume the form of wolf or man, but prefers that of a wolf. In the post War of Souls era, he and his wulfbunde are now allied with Mishakal, after the demise and betrayal of Takhisis.


Ezu is not a servant of the gods, nor is he a demigod or godling of Krynn. He is truly a powerful tanuki spirit and outsider to the world of Krynn. Ezu is a shapeshifter and powerful adept of magic, who travels worlds as easily as one turns the page of a book. This powerful spirit is more of an observer than anything else, however he will occasionally intervene for those whose company he enjoys.


When Canus forsook his duties as Lord of the Wolves near the dawn of Krynn, the gods chose another wolf to assume the mantle of leadership over the wolves. The huge and powerful wolf called Greymir, assumed the title and led the pack from that moment onwards. Over time, Greymir has sworn undying loyalty to Habbakuk and is closely allied with the gods of good. His often spends time running with the wolves and Habbakuk himself. Greymir has the appearance of a monstrously large wolf, about the size of a horse and his fur is smooth and silver. He is placid until provoked, but will rarely involve himself in the affairs of humans. Greymir has the ability to talk and converse with any sentient creature, having full grasp of many languages. However Greymir will usually only involve himself with mortals, at the behest of his lord Habbakuk.


Jiathuli was once a handmaiden of Takhisis. She served in her court, and through power and cunning, rose to become the chief handmaiden. Takhisis gave her the title of 'Princess of the Abyss', and granted her the power of a demigod. Jiathuli was always scheming, and in her mind she desired to become a god and have her constellation of a spider in the sky. She created a demi-dimension, called the Deathdark, and created spider dragons and other fell creatures there. Takhisis soon learned of Jiathuli's plans and exiled her to her own demi-dimension. Jiathuli made an attempt to escape her demi-dimension, however this last attempt was thwarted and she still remains there to this day. Her avatar is that of either an extremely beautiful elf, or of a giant spider. Her followers are few, since she is imprisoned and very few even know of her existence. Her chief few followers are ogres and evil-aligned elves.


Malfesus is the son of Hiddukel and Takhisis. A great demonic brute that inherited the strength of his mother and the schemings of his father. Malfesus however, is not an overly intelligent creature. Due to his parentage, he has the mantle of immortality, and the abilities of a demigod, but he was cast from the heavens long ago, to dwell upon the mortal world. Malfesus uses brute force as well as telepathic abilities to twist the minds and bodies of his foes. He tends to keep himself away from the world, to keep away from the eyes and wrath of the gods. Malfesus is but an instrument of his mother, that is used sparingly.


Sebastius is the second son of Gilean, and brother to Astinus. Sebastius is head of a acting troupe whom roam across Ansalon playing for all. 'The Travelling Players of Gilean' have played throughout every single age of Krynn. Where Astinus is lawful and neutral in all things, Sebastius is neutral, yet far more chaotic and troublesome. He is gifted with immortality and has the power to grant the 'Mark of the Lotus'. This mark grants limited immortality to the bearer. Sebastius did not vanish with the gods during the Summer of Chaos, but chose to remain with his troupe and continue entertaining the people of Krynn.

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