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Magical Weapons & Items

The world of Krynn is rife with magical power, both arcane and divine. This power is often made manifest in items and weapons, bestowed upon folk by powerful gods or mighty rulers. A champion with the right weapon can topple a kingdom, or bring about great destruction. Following is an encyclopedia on the great magical treasures of Krynn. (Letters not listed do not have any artifacts.)

Adria's Mercy
Abyssal Lance
Aesthetic's Desk of Scrying
All-Seeing Eye
Amulet of Healing Hands
Amulet of Non-Detection
Amulet of Takhisis
Amulet of the Ice Tyrant
Amulet of Shapechanging
Ancient Tome of the Dragon's Eye
Argon's Weapon
Axe of Brotherhood
Axe of Gonnas
Axe of Kaganos
Axe of the Emperors
Balcombe's Wand
Balm of Sirrion
Belize's Mirror
Bindings of Kiri-Jolith
Black Shards
Blade of Betrayal
Bloodstone of Fistandantilus
Blue Crystal Staff (Staff of Mishakal)
Boots of the South
Bracelet of Foresight
Bracelet of Foreseeing
Bracelet of Protection
Bracelet of Magic Resistance
Bracers of Solinari
Bram's Staff
Branchala's Paints
Broken Graygem
Brooch of Concealment
Brooch of Imog
Bupu's Emerald
Cael's Sword
Candles of Zivilyn
Censur of Eternal Flame
Charm of Animal Transformation
Chot's Axe
Cinder Gems
Cloak of Night
Cloak of Protection
Coi Tasabo (Heathen's Jaw)
Coin of Luck (Coin of Greed)
Collar of Hounds
Conch Shell of Light
Coral Dragonlance
Crown of Tides
Cry of Chislev
Crystal Ball
Crystal Keys
Cursed Coins of Fistandantilus
Dagger of Jealousy (Dagger of Righteous Vengeance)
Dagger of Magius
Dagger of Vengeance
Dagger of Venom/Snik
Dalamar's Bracelet
Dalamar's Ring of Regeneration
Dalamar's Silver Ring
Dalamar's Wand of Lightning
Dargonesti Breathing Shells
Deamon's Ring of Teleportation
Device of Time Journeying
Diamond Dragon
Dimorian's Ring
Disks of Mishakal
Diviner of Life
Dragon Figurine of Polymorph
Dragon Necklaces
Dragon Orbs
Dragon Stones
Dragonbane Weapons
Dragonbreath Sword
Dragonlance, Footman
Dragonlance, Mounted
Dragonlance, True
Dread Axe of Antioth
Drishurocol's Mechanical Men
Dust of Appearance
Dust of Disappearance
Dust of Tracelessness
Eagle Bow of Justin Hughes
Earring of Communication
Elethia's Arrow
Enchanted Fish Necklace
Encyclopedia of Magical Devices
Esme's Armband
Eye of Chemosh
Eye of Sorlis
Feather Whistle
Firebrand's crown
Fist of E'li
Fang of Orm
Flame of the Storm
Flute of Wind Dancing
Foundation Stone (Berem's Green Gemstone)
Gauntlet of Ventyr
Gem of Power
Gems of Synchronicity
Ghost Blade
Gilded Box
Girdle of Giant Strength
Glasses of Arcanist
Globe of Present Time Passing
Globe of Revealing Light
Gloves of Magic
Gloves of Miscasting
Gnash's Fire Staff
Golden Circlet
Golden Ring of Healing
Godseye opals
Grallen's Helm
Grayfen Ember-eye's Ruby Eyes
Gryendel (Reorx's Grin)
Hammer of Kharas
Hand of Habbakuk
Hands of the Healing Spirit
Haversack of Order
Heart of Dracart
Heart of the Irda
Hellfire Lash
Helm of Griffon Mane (Flint's Helm)
Helm of the Titans
Helm of Tongues
Honor's Face
Horn of Kaganos
Horn of Kiri-Jolith
Horn of the Wind
Huma's Lance
Icon of Truth
Journal of Abraim's Tempest
Justin's Icon of Truth
Kani Dolls (benevolent charms)
Kender Spoon of Turning
Key of Quinari
Keys of Quinarost
Kingpriest's Khas Board
Kitlin Fishtaker's Fish Spear
Kundor's Book of Many Things
Larken's Lyre
Lost Star
Mace of the Kingpriest
Maldred's Map
Mantooth (Darkstar, Magefool, Magekiller, Spellcleaver)
Maynus Globe
Medallions of Faith
Medallion of Mind Reading
Medallion of the One God
Message Bottle
Miceram (Crown of Power)
Mina's Kiss
Mirror of Belize
Mirror of Seeing
Mirror of Dreams
Mishakal's Healing Balm
Mythandrus (Sacred Fury)
Nuitari's Shroud
Obsidian Chest
Ogre Sword of the Swamplands
Oil of Luin
Onyx Talisman
Orb of Dragon's Eye
Orb of Galan Dracos
Orb of the Moons
Pearls of Calm Water
Pendant of Tongues
Phoenix Web
Piper's Flute
Plate of Solamnus
Platinum Chain
Portal to the Abyss
Raistlin's Cursed Money
Raistlin's Frog
Rena Garden Stones
Ring of Alteration
Ring of Befriending Animals
Ring of Blinking
Ring of Branding
Ring of the Chameleon
Ring of Clumsiness
Ring of Contrariness
Ring of Controlling Animals
Ring of Feather Falling
Ring of Fire Resistance
Ring of Flying
Ring of Free Movement
Ring of Grace
Ring of Heart's Path
Ring of High Sorcery
Ring of Invisibility
Ring of Leaping
Ring of Mental Shielding
Ring of Nature's Love
Ring of Presence
Ring of Projection
Ring of Protection
Ring of Psychokenesis
Ring of Regeneration
Ring of Shapechanging
Ring of Shocks
Ring of Sparks and Stars
Ring of Spell Reflection
Ring of Strength
Ring of Summoning
Ring of Sustenance
Ring of Swimming
Ring of Telekenesis
Ring of Transformation
Ring of Transportation
Ring of Truthfulness
Ring of Warmth
Ring of Water Walking
Ring of Whispers
Risen Phoenix
Road Block
Robes of High Sorcery
Robes of Shadow
Rod of Beguiling
Rod of Convenient Furnishings
Rod of Destruction
Rod of Flailing
Rod of Insect Swarms
Rod of Magic Destruction
Rod of Security
Rod of Smiting
Rod of Sovereignty
Rod of Spell Absorbtion
Rod of Splendor
Rod of Terror
Rod of Valkyn
Rod of Vigilance
Rose of Sorrow
Sabar's Gazing Globe
Sea Serpent Clock
Seeds of Dispelling
Scaled Necklace
Scroll of Acid Protection
Scroll of Cold Protection
Scroll of Electromantic Protection
Scroll of Elemental Protection
Scroll of Fire Protection
Scroll of Gas Protection
Scroll of Griffon Taming
Scroll of Magic Protection
Scroll of Petrification Protection
Scroll of Poison Protection
Scroll of Possession Protection
Scroll of the Stellar Path
Scroll of Undead Protection
Scroll of Water Protection
Serpent Staff
Shard of Light
Sheath of Concealment
Shield of Huma
Shield of Lunitari
Shield of Dwarven Kings
Shield of the Scarlet Eye
Shield Tree
Shepherd's Pipe
Silver Arm of Ergoth
Silver Hourglass
Silver Staff of the Eagle
Singing Statue
Skull Totems
Staff of Bones
Staff of Commanding
Staff of Healing
Staff of High Sorcery
Staff of Magius
Staff of Striking
Staff of Striking & Curing
Staff of Wasting
Statue of E'li
Staves of the Gods of Magic
Stone of Illumination
Suzine's Mirror
Sword of Balif
Sword of Betrayal
Sword of Change
Sword of Elven Glory
Sword of Friendship
Sword of Honor
Sword of Nine Lives Stealing
Sword of Tears
Tasslehoff's Magic Mouse Ring
Tear of Reorx (Paxalios)
Tears of Mishakal
Tharkan Axe (Axe of Brotherhood)
Thieves Bane Pouch
Thon Tanjan Standing Stone Fragment
Tika's Ring
Time Journeying Device
Tome of Lunitari
Tome of Nuitari
Tome of Solinari
Tooth of Zeboim
Trueheart's Warding
Truth's Guardian
Turban of the Magi
Valkyn's Manacles (2 types)
Valkyn's Wand
Vorpal Sword
Wand of Aeromancy
Wand of Alteration
Wand of Cryomancy
Wand of Discerning Enemies
Wand of Discerning Hidden Portals & Traps
Wand of Electromancy
Wand of Fright
Wand of Geomancy
Wand of Hydromancy
Wand of Magical Divining
Wand of Magical Suppression
Wand of Missile Hurling
Wand of Paralysis
Wand of Phantoms
Wand of Pyromancy
Wand of Spectramancy
Wand of Summoning
Wheel of Rondor
Wyrmsbane (Redeemer)
War Chest

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