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Welcome to the Archives!

Beyond the Nexus, Dragonlance fandom has produced many fine Dragonlance websites. Sometimes, though, those sites are no longer able to be maintained on the web.

The Dragonlance Archives seeks to preserve those old sites, so that fans can continue to enjoy them. These are among the best that fandom has created, and we present them here for Dragonlance fans to enjoy for all time.

Archived Sites

An Ansalonian Gazetteer

A complete campaign guide to the Dragonlance setting, and D&D 3.0 updates to the classic Dragonlance modules by Richard Connery.

Chambers of Astinus

One of the largest Dragonlance sites on the web, the Chambers of Astinus is an immense repository of information maintained by Uziel.

Dragon's Run

One of the first Dragonlance sites to begin posting rules in the d20 format, with a focus on 5th Age material. Created by Bestiary of Krynn co-author André La Roche.

Dragonlance Fifth Age Campaign Oracle

A fantastic resource for Narrators running games using the SAGA rule set. The DLFA Campaign Oracle was created by Marcelo Sarsur and is also available online here.

Knights of Solamnia

Perhaps the finest Knights of Solamnia site on the web, Matteo Banchio has compiled an immense amount of information about the Knights from various sources, and from European medieval history and heraldry. This site can also be seen here.

Taladas: Time of the Dragon Lords

Created by James O'Rance, Time of the Dragon Lords is one of the primary resources on the web about Taladas. The original version of this web site can also be seen here.

The Tobril: An Unofficial Dragonlance Magazine

Created by Luis De Pippo, Neil Burton, and Richard Connery, the Tobril is a high quality Dragonlance gaming e-zine. You can find the original version of the site here.

If you are a Dragonlance site owner who is considering closing his or her site down and would like to archive it on the Nexus, please contact Dragonhelm.