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Duana Teralshall

by Carteeg Struve

Female Gildanesti
Classes: Mystic 1
Alignment: CN

Duana Teralshall (Doo'-ahn-ah Teh-rahl-shahl') (2/11/378 AD – current) is the niece of Aynal Teralshall, head of the White Branch of the Tashrama, and daughter of Aynal's brother Poul.

Duana has no memory of her immediate family beyond herself and her father. After the Days of Darkness she and her father realized their home was much to large for just themselves, and there were several bedrooms filled with things for children both boys and girls of varying ages. They could also feel the loss. When they began to hear the tales about the shadow wights did they come to understand what happened.

Duana grew up knowing very little of her aunt. But when news came from her other aunt Clamora of Aynal position of power in the Tashrama in Breenaak, she wanted to know more. However her father had much anger directed towards Aynal for abandoning the family so soon after his own mother's death. He wanted nothing to do with Aynal and kept Duana away from news about her.

Withholding her from news about Aynal and the Tashrama only made her interest grow. Upon being of age, she secretly began to gather what information she could when not in her father's eyesight. In 417 AD, upon a trip to Unadesum she was even able to contact a few of the supporters of the church and began to become involved in their activities. Growing up away from most villages and cities, she had little opportunity to do more than study the few texts on the faith she was able to get and keep secret from Poul.

It is her plan at some point to escape her father's grip and venture to Breenaak on her own. She hopes to find her aunt and follow in her footsteps.

Duana has dark eyes and long black hair, both she presumes she got from her unknown mother. She is also a beauty who has caught the attentions of several men who have laid eyes on her. Although she quietly likes to flirt when her father is not around, she keep her own attentions on her swiftly approaching excursion to Breenaak.